New Coffee Trend – Rainbow lattes take Melbourne by Storm

Rainbow coffee latte

The city of Melbourne is popularly referred to as Australia’s coffee capital but it is becoming popular for another reason. Of late, Melbourne has started experimenting with coffee comforts as the rainbow coffee becomes the in thing. Just a week ago, deconstructed coffee found its way into restaurants, causing anger among coffee lovers. The rainbow coffee is the latest entrant in the coffee market. This design has confused coffee takers who prefer the conventional latte.


Unlike ordinary lattes where contrasting colors of milk and coffee are used to generate designs, rainbow lattes are created using food dyes. The rainbow coffee latte craze started with Mason Sailsbury, a worker at the Sambalatte coffee shop in Las Vegas. Sailsbury created dreamy designs on coffee by adding food color to steamed milk before it is poured in coffee. One needs to have a steady focus and hand on the lines that form from the frothy milk. This is not easy to achieve, that is why great training is required.


There is no doubt that the rainbow coffee latte creation drives coffee art to a totally different level with its blue, green and red swirls spreading all round the mug. However, the taste is acquired and it is not exactly the coffee you get. A creation of Too Many Chiefs in Melbourne, rainbow coffee is said to provide vitamin C, boost immunity, fight flu and offer anti-inflammatory benefits. These health benefits make it a better alternative for health conscious coffee drinkers. 


Rainbow coffee does not contain caffeine; it is made from a green tea crop known as matcha, beetroot, and turmeric. The beverage is available in different flavors.


The golden latte, also referred to as the turmeric latte tends to be the most popular among coffee lovers with models and footballers in the city joining the new coffee flavor drinking trend.



Though there are those who love the healthy alternative that rainbow coffee offers, caffeine addicts are pretty disappointed by the new product claiming that the rainbow coffee is pushing the hipster scene too far. Some coffee lovers wonder why real coffee is being interfered with. Even so, there are those who appreciate and even defend rainbow coffee claiming that it is more appealing and much better compared to the conventionally deconstructed coffee. There are arguments that the rainbow coffee art has not really gone overboard because there are many other cafes selling normal coffee.


Enjoyment of rainbow lattes varies from one person to another, from professional to home coffee. Some people prefer a small amount of weirdness while others opt for extremes. The difference between Melbourne’s rainbow lattes and those created by baristas in Las Vegas, US is that the Australian versopns offers healthy alternatives while the American one is a result of a simple tint of steamed milk using food color.

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