Best Cheap Coffee makers in the world right now

Last Updated: 18 Oct 2016

low price coffee makers

It’s true that Good coffee makers brew perfect optimized temperature of coffee and they cost more too, but not always. Market along with those expensive coffee makers, is also equipped with some budget coffee makers that can be owned as they brew the same quality as you get in high budget coffee maker.

Wishing for a coffee machine which can brew efficient coffee every time with perfect taste and aroma and in low budget, will no longer be just a wish for you as we have deeply searched, analyzed and tested many machine and voted out some of the amazing machines which costs you very low and brew you an amazing coffee even not just for you but also for your family.

It’s always hard to choose a best coffee machine when you decide to start brewing coffee for yourself. It could stand up like a challenge when you start hunting the coffee machines suitable for you on the internet, you will find many coffee machines with many pros and cons with unique features but which one brew well, can only be tested by analyzing some of the deeper points which distinguish such coffee makers from another being at the same price.


Points to take care before choosing a cheap coffee maker for you.

Choosing a affordable coffee maker brings forward many important factors to look upon, you have to see each and every detail to pick the best. As some low price coffee makers may look good, but can cost you more money in brewing or may not brew the quality of coffee that you needed so before entering into the world of best cheap coffee maker, let’s look upon these important points first:

Use pre-grounded coffee: Always prefer a machine which has an ability to use pre grounded coffee. Machines with pod system may cost you more than using ground coffee as cost per cup is more in pods or capsule coffee maker.

Durable: Check if the machine is durable generally, stainless steel is preferred by the people because of its long lasting durability, but the main concern for increasing durability of any coffee maker is by taking good care of it.

Brew within optimal temperature: Coffee taste depends upon many factors and in that one important factor is temperature. Coffee taste depends at the temperature coffee brewed and served. The main requirement of coffee to get brewed perfectly in water is between 195-205°F.

Auto off: This is a smart option to save your power usage and to protect your coffee machine from excess heating. It helps you to turn off the machine automatically within 4 hours of its idle time.

7 Best Affordable Machines List


Coffee MakerMachine TypePrice(USD)Rating (out of 5)More Info
Mr. Coffee BVMC SJX 33GT
Mr. Coffee BVMC SJX
Programmable Drip under $404.0View More
Melitta 46893A
Melitta 46893A
Drip Machineunder $303.7View More
Hamilton Beach 49981A
Hamilton Beach 49981A
Single Serve/Pod under $504.1View More
Nissan Thermos 34 ounces
Nissan Thermos 34 ounces
French Press under $504.3View More
Cuisinart DGB 625 BC
Cuisinart DGB 625 BC
With Inbuilt Grinderunder $1004.1View More

#1 Selling – Mr. Coffee BVMC SJX 33GT – Programmable coffee maker under $40

This best elected product of the year 2011 according to the consumer research magazine is an easy, cheap and efficient way to brew coffee. This coffee maker design is unique in its own category again a modern design coffee machine which looks great in the kitchen.

This coffee maker has features such as 2 hour auto shut off, brew n pause and easy to remove filter basket which helps you to remove the fillings and to clean it easily for your brewing next cup. It also has a special cleaning descale technique, which helps you to clean coffee maker automatically to offer you the same flavor again and again.

Mr. Coffee BVMC SJX 33GT FeaturesClick to View Large

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  • Excellent brew.
  • Easy to control.
  • Auto off.
  • Easy to clean.

  • Need Good space.
  • Doesn’t brew at optimal temperature.
  • Little noisy.

Amazon’s Customer Rating :
4.0 Star Rating 4 Stars (4,896 Customer Reviews)

Price of Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX-33GT


2. Melitta 46893A – drip coffee maker under $30

You go late for office because of the long queue outside the coffee house, no need to worry more as you can now buy a low price coffee maker which can automatically brew your cup of coffee early every morning.

Melitta 12 cup drip coffee maker is an intelligent design quick brew coffee maker, constructed with stainless steel body to give you more durability. The most amazing thing to notice about this smart coffee maker is that it is a low priced coffee maker, which brews amazing coffee with splendid aroma and great taste.

Key features :

  • Programmable design: The Programmable feature helps you to set your perfect time in machine clock so as to get automatically a perfect brewed coffee without pressing a button.
  • Strength settings: Regular, Bold and Robust these three settings will help you to choose your drink style and flavor, giving you the flexibility to choose your preference.
  • Pause and serve: Do not wait for the coffee machine to brew the whole pot first, with this coffee maker; you can pour your cup of coffee while machine brew. Giving you access to pour without waiting.
  • Drip free pouring: Worry about the ooze (drip) as soon as you pull out carafe well, no need to; as this coffee maker gives you drip free pouring ability helping you to serve neat and without seep.

Amazon’s Customer Rating :
3.7 Star Rating 3.7 Stars (3,554 Customer Reviews)

Price of Melitta 46893A


3. Hamilton Beach 49981A – Best Single serve coffee maker under $50

The Hamilton Beach the Scoop Coffee maker is awesome, brew hot, fast, brew amazing taste and at low price; this is how this machine defines itself. It’s a single serve coffee maker, which uses your preferred coffee grounds to brew at your desired strength and even in your size of cup.

This coffee maker is fast enough to brew 8oz of coffee in 90 seconds and 14 ounces in less than 3 minutes. Worry about less knowledge of the amount of coffee to be used while brewing than this coffee maker have that solution, it is equipped with measuring scoop helping you to measure each cup of coffee for the perfect brew. This is best inexpensive perfect coffee maker which will always brew amazing coffee for you.


  • Small size with ease in use.
  • More economical than pod makers.
  • Adjustable setting easy to operate.
  • Deliver hot water for tea and soup.
  • Produce rich flavor.
  • Compatible to use any size of travel mug.

  • Coffee drips for few minutes after the brew.
  • Needs more maintenance.
  • Not programmable.
  • Creates little mess.

Amazon’s Customer Rating :
4.1 Star Rating 4.1 Stars (4,012 Customer Reviews)

Price of Hamilton Beach 49981A


4. Nissan Thermos 34 ounces – Stainless Steel French press under $50

You brew Coffee manually and need a perfect and a low cost coffee maker, which will brew you a perfect standard bold and dark coffee and also keep it hot for a long time. Then you must be searching for Nissan thermos French press. This coffee maker will help you to enjoy every moment with a hot nice coffee.

Thermos vacuum insulation technology stores the temperature to save the flavor and the freshness of brewed coffee till 6 hours, which is long enough to finish 34 ounces of coffee. It is durable as constructed with stainless steel interior and exterior fit to use anytime and anywhere.

Key features :

  • Replaceable stainless steel plunger: It is a common problem of some of the French presses that they leave some plastic taste in brew causing different bitter taste. This French press is equipped with stainless steel 3 layer steel mesh and plunger giving you absolute taste and are replaceable too.
  • Vacuum insulated thermal wall: Thermal wall protects the hot and cold beverage to save the contact from the outer temperature by creating vacuum protection which maintains the temperature of the beverage with the same freshness and aroma.
  • Body: Durable body, making it possible for thermos to serve you for many year points the matchless features of this coffee maker also its handle stay cool for strong grip and easy to pour.

Amazon’s Customer Rating :
4.3 Star Rating 4.3 Stars (1,371 Customer Reviews)

Price of Nissan Thermos 34 ounces


5. Cuisinart DGB 625 BC – Best Coffee maker with grinder under $100

Were you looking for automatic machine providing you all the essential features such as a programmable clock with pause and serve option and also can grind the coffee beans to brew coffee with freshly grounded beans that too all these features in low price. Then you have landed at correct place this best coffee maker with grinder is not just cheap, but also brew coffee maintaining the standards to please you with great flavored coffee.

This coffee maker has a 24 hour programmable clock to brew your cup of coffee automatically when you wake up. It brews 12 cups of coffee in its own glass carafe. This coffee maker is equipped with burr grinder, grinding beans according to your strength preference to offer you fresh coffee always. In case you want to use your pre-grounded coffee beans, then this machine also provides you convenience for it. You can choose whether you need to grind your bean or to use pre-grounded according to your choice.

Key features :

  • Grind and brew in a press: 12-cup coffee maker grinds the beans before brewing, making your every cup fresh and flavored. Integrated burr grinder helps to brew coffee bean with less heat, helping to extract more flavor from the coffee bean.
  • Programmable clock: 24-hour fully programmable to set your time of drinking coffee without getting close to the machine. This feature is very common and is very necessary to bring relief in your everyday busy modern life.
  • Pause n serve: Brew Pause lets you enjoy a cup before brewing is done. Means you do not have to wait for the coffee machine to fill the dialed cup quantity, you just need to pull out the carafe pour from it and keep it back the brewing process will co-ordinate along with your activities.
  • Auto off: This feature helps you when you forget to turn the coffee machine off, creating more power usage and leads to accidents too. Auto off feature helps you to turn off the machine automatically within 4 hours of its idle time.

Amazon’s Customer Rating :
4.1 Star Rating 4.1 Stars (908 Customer Reviews)

Price of Cuisinart DGB-625 BC


6. DeLonghi EC155 – Espresso and Cappuccino coffee maker under $100

This coffee maker is for you to enjoy a delicious cup of espresso every day. This is a pump espresso machine which delivers espresso and ways to create drinks from shot of espresso. This coffee maker is capable to brew using E.S.E. pods and grounded coffee as well with its patent dual filter holder.

You can enjoy an espresso or Latte and cappuccino at a perfect temperature and can froth milk easily by using the easy to use jet frother, helping you to brew the perfect cup of coffee every time. It has a stainless steel body, making it durable and at cut -rate prices.

Specific feature***– Its specific feature is actually is patent feature which helps you to brew your espresso demitasse cup in your own flavor. This feature helps you to in dual ways; first by using an E.S.E. pod holder which brew quickly an amazing shot of espresso and another by using own grounded coffee bean holder in this you can use your own roasted and grounded beans and can adjust strength according to your taste.

Amazon’s Customer Rating :
3.8 Star Rating 3.8 Stars (3,962 Customer Reviews)

Price of DeLonghi EC155


7. Cuisinart DCC 450BK – Small coffee maker under $40

This small and compact coffee maker will easily fit in any corner of your kitchen. It brews 4 cups of coffee in its own stainless steel carafe which has comfortable handle for firm grip and drip less pouring. This is the consumer’s best small size coffee maker, which costs low and delivers barista flavored coffee.

Features which make this coffee maker best in its category are common features which you will find in other coffee makers also but the difference will be they will be big and this coffee maker crossing dimensions of 10 x 8 x 5.2 inches have features such as brew pause and auto off helping you to access coffee easily without using more power.

Why to choose?
If you are looking for a machine which doesn’t look big in your kitchen counter space and brew amazing coffee, then this is the appliance you were waiting for. This amazing small design will brew you an amazing flavor every time you brew. The main reason for its consideration is that this machine is built according to the standards of North American Electrical resulting in optimized brew with perfect temperature at an affordable price.

Amazon’s Customer Rating :
4.1 Star Rating 4.1 Stars (1,334 Customer Reviews)

Price of Cuisinart DCC-450BK


These coffee makers are in top to fall in-their own category when it comes in a selection of the best machine for the money. These above coffee makers are all modern looking and are equipped with various features and of different sizes but the common thing in between them is there an inexpensive price.

Now, if anyone says you cannot get great coffee maker in low price, then you know what to do! Just tell them it’s false. Above coffee makers are truly cheap and brew quality coffee within few minutes. Even its Single Serve, Espresso machine, Coffee maker with grinder or fully programmable/Automatic machine. We listed all above, Thanks to many famous manufacturers and there sales competition, they are regularly developing new machines with many features to makes our life easier without playing with prices much.

So, it’s no more impossible to buy a cheap coffee maker with quality brew and features you just need to pick according to your best choice and buy it cheaply.