Coffee Labors Status $500 Scholarship

Coffee Labors ScholarshipCoffee being one of the most consumed beverages in the world takes up a lot of effort and labor in its harvest. Involving a number of manual processes such as picking, sorting, pruning, weeding, fertilizing and delivering, coffee labors and farmers work really hard in producing around 80% of the world’s coffee. The disappointing thing is that the coffee labors are suffering with their earnings and not able to cope up with their average expenditure.

The labors receive only around 7- 10% of the total produce and its respective earnings and the wages drop even further during bad season. They face hardships such as hazardous use of tools, mental abuses and also child labor.

To eradicate the tough exploitation of the coffee farmers and to give them justice, the purchase of ethically developed coffee is being accepted to null the exploitation. The Fair Trade gives equal rights and pay to the coffee labors for their better living conditions. Selling and purchase of ethically developed coffee will help the farmers earn more wages.
To contribute towards the noble cause, we have developed the Coffee Labors Status scholarship to make people aware about coffee labors status and help them by using fair trade and ethically developed coffee.


General Terms of Participation

You need to research and submit a 1500- 3000 words article on the following topic:
“Coffee Labors Status and How They Can Be Helped?”
The content should include the following concepts:

  • The current status of all coffee labors and farmers in various parts of the world.
  • How they can be helped by fair trade and ethically developed coffee?

The top three reports will be awarded $500 each which can further be used for various resources and study materials.


Selection Criteria

The content has to be 100% innovative, creative and should present various perceptions regarding the topic.

The prize amount of $500 is one-time only and not renewable.
Students opting under graduation, graduate studies, high school or entering any college or university, are eligible to participate in the program.


How to Submit Your Application

The 1500-3000 word article needs to be submitted in a word .doc file. You need to include the resource with your work.
Send your application along with the details listed below:

  • Personal details (First & last name, Phone and Address).
  • School Name.
  • Area of study.
  • Any document identifying you as a student as proof.

By submitting your application, you grant us the right to publish it on our site.

The last date of submission is on 31 Aug 2017.

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Q. How will the winner be chosen?
A. The most eligible content will be unique and creative. The topic should be thoroughly studied and researched. Various perceptions and solutions given in depth will be considered and applauded.

Q. What is the deadline of the submission?
A. 31 Aug 2017.

Q. Is eligibility an important factor to win the scholarship?
A. Yes, if the applicant does not meet the eligibility criteria then the application will not be considered.

Q. Is it a renewable scholarship?
A. No, you can reapply the next year.