Best 4 cup Coffee Makers You can Buy

Coffee makers are always considered as a part of the family there are so many people around the world who drink coffee as soon as they wake up and this addiction or habit has wrapped up the number of people making a large community of coffee drinkers. Coffee lovers love to brew their own coffee by adjusting the strength according to the preference but some people just need a coffee and for them if the coffee is brewed by the machine its best as it helps in saving their time and work is the ideal deal.

Today, we have each and every thing sorted proper packs for proper family, packed food for single human or double person same we have in coffee makers, to choose a coffee machine which brew perfect quantity of cup is the right choice. Like for a big family 12 cup coffee makers are the best machines to work, but for small family 12 cups may brew out some extra coffee therefore 4 cup coffee makers are perfect for them.

4 cup coffee makers are the same coffee machines as 12 cup, the only difference stands in, “is just the quantity of coffee cups”, there are many different brands with many styles of coffee makers and out of them only for you we have sorted some of the most authentic 4 cup coffee machines, which brew out amazing coffee for your perfect small family.
These 4 cup brewers have determined features which help in providing you easy brew experience. Companies such as Cuisinart and Mr coffee have their coffee makers destined in the market with great reviews and ratings. The company ensures the full featured and effective coffee making experience with their drip coffee makers.

4 cup category also falls in for espresso makers. Espresso is a small shot of coffee and water, which have high caffeine present in it and preparing a shot espresso, which is almost 2.5 Oz is not as easy as child’s story. Espresso needs professionalism which means anyone cannot do it perfectly without practice. Therefore, many brands started building espresso machines so that anyone can brew a perfect shot of espresso with an ease.
Many brands have their espresso makers brewing single shot and double shot, but some brands also developed some espresso machines which can brew 4 cups of perfect espresso. Brands like Capresso and Mr coffee are currently providing 4 cup espresso machine which has excellent brewing technology inside, to brew you the perfect 4 shots of espresso on a go.

Given below are the Top 4 cup coffee maker perfect for your home Barista.

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4 cup Drip coffee machines:

1. Cuisinart 4 cup DCC 450 With Stainless Steel Carafe

This is one of the top rated and the most preferred coffee maker. This coffee maker from Cuisinart provides 4 cup of drip coffee in its own stainless steel carafe. This coffee machine brew amazing cup of coffee same as you get in 12 cup coffee makers. Well, you can also say that; they are the more perfect brewer than those as the amount of coffee brew in 4 cup coffee makers is less; making the brewing procedure small and helps in better extraction of flavors.

This coffee maker is a true brewer as it contains all the necessary features which you always need beside that DCC 450 is also a recognized product of North American electrical Standards, which specifies that you are using safe appliance and also have genuine parts and details.

Key features :

  • Brew pause: Brew pause feature helps you in pouring out your coffee during the brew process which means if you cannot wait for your cup and the brewing is in process, you can simply pull out the carafe and pour your cup while the machine pause the brew and restart as soon as you put a carafe back in.
  • Auto off: Auto off feature is considered as the most important feature, this feature helps you when you forget to turn off your machine and your machine remains on carrying a danger of overheating turning to fire; this feature helps in turning off the machine after a certain idle time period to save you from such unwanted disasters.
  • Stainless steel carafe: Stainless steel carafe helps the machine and you in 2 ways first by making the carafe more durable as the glass carafe always carry a danger of cracks and breaks, therefore stainless steel carafe makes it durable and second is that it helps to maintain the temperature of brewed coffee for a long time which helps you to pour out your cup of fresh hot coffee even after an hour.
  • Uses grounded coffee: This machine uses ground coffee beans, which directly creates positive impact on your after coffee machine expenses as most of the single serve coffee makers preferred by small family uses pod which are expensive in the market and even you cannot replace them, therefore this coffee machine uses ground coffee which is cheaper then pod or K-cup and also helps in maintaining the freshness.
Overall rating: 9 Stars (9 / 10)
Price of Cuisinart DCC-450


2. Mr coffee DRX 5 NP – Automatic and programmable coffee maker with Timer

This is a small coffee maker from Mr coffee, which is one of the famous known brand of coffee machines, this brewer is a 4 cup Programmable coffee machine which brews coffee automatically at your preferred time. Generally, this option is the first need of the buyers as this feature helps you to set the time in between 24 hours and then it automatically wakes up and began the brew process so that you can have your hot cup of fresh brewed coffee just after you wake up. Other than programmable clock this coffee brewer has pause n brew feature and stores 48 ounces of water enough for brewing 4 cup of tasty coffee.You can view more coffee brewers with timer here.

DRX5 is the most selling machine in US and is still helping people to get there coffee every morning. The size of the coffee maker is small therefore it easily fits on any counter tops in addition it also has its own glass carafe which helps in drip less pouring.

Famous features :

  • Auto on/off: This feature helps you in controlling the machine timing, the machine turns itself in auto off mode when it sits idle for a particular time and turns on when it’s your time for coffee. This feature is one of the important feature which helps in preventing accidents plus also helps in breaking your every morning coffee brewing routine.
  • Brew and Pause: This feature helps you when you are craving for your coffee cup during the brewing process. By this feature you can simply pull out the carafe out of the machine without pressing any button, the machine will automatically realize your activity and will pause the brewing process. As soon as you pour out your cup fix it back in the machine and it will start the brewing process again.
  • Removable filter basket: Removable filter basket helps in better cleaning and easy to pour. By this feature you can perform your coffee operations faster than any.
  • Dual water window: This window helps you in checking out the quantity of water left in the machine. By this you can easily check as it is easily visible and also helps in accurate filling.
Overall rating: 9 Stars (9 / 10)
Price of Mr coffee DRX5


3. MR coffee TF5 – A Portable & Cheap Machine

This is another model of Mr coffee, which has boomed in the market. This small and compact switch 4 cup coffee maker is especially designed for easy to carry purpose, it takes very less space in your counter tops and has a light weight to shift easily. This coffee brewer has a removable filter basket for easy cleaning and filling; with that it also has features such as brew pause and auto off which act as an important feature for every coffee machine.

TF5 is specially made for easy use therefore it has dual water window shows amount of water, helping you in filling accurately and stain- resistant heater plate for keeping your brewed coffee hot for hours. This brews amazing coffee with accurate brew and temperature so that you can have the perfect of coffee every day.


  • Easy to Brew.
  • Small And Compact coffee maker.
  • Cheap.
  • Auto off featured.

  • Takes little time in brewing.
  • Glass carafe doesn’t keep coffee hot for hours.
Overall rating: 8 Stars (8 / 10) Price of MR coffee TF5

Below is the comparison table showing all the common differences together to filter your choice among them.


Four Cup Drip Coffee Makers Comparison Chart

  • Material
  • Size
  • Water tank capacity
  • Carafe
  • Auto off
  • Cuisinart DCC 450
  • DCC-450
  • Plastic
  • 10×8×5.2
  • 57 Ounces
  • Stainless Steel
  • Yes
  • Mr. Coffee DRX5
  • Mr coffee DRX5
  • Plastic
  • 9.6×7.1×10.7
  • 48 Ounces
  • Glass Carafe
  • Yes
  • MR coffee TF5
  • MR coffee TF5
  • Plastic
  • 9×7.2×10.9
  • 32 Ounces
  • Glass Carafe
  • Yes


Espresso coffee makers

4. Mr coffee ECM 160 – 4 Cup Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte Maker

This espresso and cappuccino coffee maker is the perfect espresso machine helping you to make espresso and related drink easily, this cafe espresso steam maker brews rich shot of espresso with a thick layer of creme, as other espresso maker gives you facility to brew a single shot or double shot at a time this espresso maker is developed so that you can espresso shot for all together so that you can have it together.

ECM 160 is the top brewing espresso machine which has a bestselling image in the eyes of the people, this 4 cup espresso maker just not brew espresso, but also helps in creating bold cappuccinos and amazing lattes with its heavy duty frother which efficiently mixes steam with milk for creating more froth for rich creme cappuccinos.

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Popular features :

  • Powerful steam process: it has a powerful steam process for brewing espresso bold and dark with the amazing flavor and aroma. This is a unique feature and this is what makes it different from other espresso machines.
  • Easy to pour glass carafe: Glass carafe has easy to pour handle you just need to tilt slightly for pouring; making it accurate and drip less.
  • Frothing arm: It has powerful frother which is capable enough to froth milk within no time. Perfect for making beverages out of brewed espresso shots.
  • Easy to brew: Easy to fit and remove portafilter helping you to have a great and easy brew experience. Remember press the grounded coffee in portafilter at an exact pressure for optimum extraction of flavors and taste..
Overall rating: 9 Stars (9 / 10)
Price of Mr coffee ECM 160


5. Capresso 303.01 – Affordable High Tech Espresso Machine With Frother

Grab an amazing taste of espresso and cappuccino with Capresso 4 cup espresso maker, this espresso maker, is again a 4 cup espresso maker, which also has frother to froth your milk for preparing cappuccinos and lattes, this espresso machine has an advanced technology which manages the coordination between the brewer and the frother, helping you to adjust your coffee strength according to your preferred taste.

Its frother is adjustable so that you can froth small and large quantity of milk for preparing espresso related beverages in seconds. This is completely a high tech package in small cost, if you were thinking to buy an espresso machine which serve great espresso, then this is the right and the perfect espresso maker for you.

Popular features :

  • Easy and safe to use: This espresso machine has safety valve in boiler cap making it safe to use and with that, it also has convenient filter holder with thumb guard for safe and quick easy use..
  • Powerful boiler and steam creator: It has inbuilt powerful steam/boiler of 800 watt which decreases the time of warming up, hence making 3-4 cappuccinos or other beverages in less than 5 minutes.
  • Illuminated on/off switch: The light indicator to help you know whether the machine is on/off, this will help you to save the power consumption as it glows hard for you to remember it to turn off.
  • Removable drip tray: It has easy to remove stainless drip tray which is easy to clean and also safe in dishwasher.
Overall rating: 9 Stars (9 / 10)
Price of Capresso 303.01

These 4 cup espresso brewers are only perfect for those who have family members or friends interested in espresso beverages, with this you can easily prepare your espresso beverages together without waiting for another shot to brew. Lets check them together through a comparison chart to know more and to differentiate them according to their quality features.


Espresso Machine Comparison Chart

  • Material
  • Size
  • Frother
  • Water tank capacity
  • Beverages
  • Mr coffee ECM 160
  • Mr coffee ECM 160
  • Plastic
  • 8×6.5×10.5
  • Yes
  • 20 Ounces
  • Espresso/Cappuccino/Latte
  • Capresso 303.01
  • Capresso 303.01
  • Plastic
  • 9.8×7.5×13.2
  • Yes
  • 16 Ounces
  • Espresso/Cappuccino/Latte


Choosing a coffee maker directly depends upon your needs, these coffee machines are the great brewers in the market and choosing them truly depends upon your type of choice and how much you want to invest in the Coffee machines. Although all of these shown coffee makers are less expensive and cheaper so that you can have the best at low price. Remember good thing do come in small packages. These coffee makers are proficient enough to complete your brewing process from A to Z with a smile.