Nescafe Giant Coffee Rube Goldbergs

Giant Coffee Rube Goldbergs


Nestle Japan has played a unique and creative fold with their new installation this Christmas. A machine, Rube Goldbergs was installed in one of the popular Japanese coffee shops, Harajuku café, which was a 3.5 m tall musical sculpture that played the favorite music of people while they waited for their coffee to get brewed. Shaped like a coffee mug, this instrument was a quasi- xylophone with a number of wooden pieces and keys.

The mechanism of the instrument worked after customers downloaded an app, Barista i, which synced with the instrument for their songs to be played. The app was related to the Nescafe Goldblend Barista I Coffee Moment campaign. Another impressive feature of this app was that you could choose your mood which made the machine roll a ball to play the keys. A soothing twinkling tune of the song would play thereafter.


The machine was placed for display since the 2nd of December till 25th December. This was the first attempt of the company to install something creative and fortunately, was quite a success. People enjoyed the new installation and hoped for the same next year.

As the machine took around 5 months to be built, it included around 180 keys and 1450 pieces of wood, along with the mind boggling craftsmanship. The whole objective behind this installation was to promote the company’s Bluetooth enabled brewing device.

There was also a huge digital display which was approached by the mood reflective cartoon bird and soon as it dropped off its cartoon ball, the keys hit together to play the song. Customers were quite intrigued with this installation and showered praises all along as they witnessed the specific effort.


The “mood” options included six of them which were happy, sad, sleepy, relaxed, laughing and filled with love, from which the customers needed to choose. The bird appears on the screen thereafter.

The overall installation was one of the first interactive efforts put forward by the company to intrigue some fun in the coffee shops and also to let their customers have an interactive and happy experience while they sip on their favorite coffee beverage.


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