Canadian Airline to Serve McDonald’s Coffee on Board

Canadian Airline Launches Coffee on Board


McDonald’s has been taking huge leaps in endorsing and expanding McCafe as a popular brand to compete with others. A recent step involved collaborating with the Canadian airline, WestJet. McDonald’s will be serving around 30,000 cups of coffee on around 650 flights daily.

Encore, a regional airline of WestJet, will also serve McCafe to help their passengers have a pleasant guest experience. The coffee cups are speculated to be designed specially to celebrate the collaboration and will be bearing the symbols of both the brands, WestJet and McDonald’s.

As of now, the coffee will be served in McDonald’s popular double walled cup which will come with an optional lid to avoid spilling. The taste of the coffee will be slightly altered too to match the vivid tastes of the flying passengers and to match their sensitive taste buds at high altitudes. The changes would deliberately include a darker roast of beans and a hotter water temperature.

While other Canadian airlines, namely Air Canada and Porter Airlines, have previously and successfully collaborated with other famous brands such as Second Cup and Starbucks respectively, McDonald’s teaming up with WestJet is a new niche to look forward to.

Having been paired with WestJet for children’s charities previously, McDonald’s was chosen for this collaboration based on the fair prices and various other factors to get it on board.

westjet mcd venture

McDonald’s Canada President John Betts, when asked about the collaboration during the press release said,

We’ve always believed that the sky is the limit for McCafé and today this officially rings true.

The first coffee was poured last week, on 1st December, on the Toronto to Calgary route. The coffee will be offered as a complimentary beverage along with other drinks which are served. The next aircrafts in WestJet’s lineup, Boeing 737 and 767 will welcome the brand aboard and serve coffee to its passengers from next month.

There will be certain limitations in serving the drinks as there are no special facilities to steam milk on board, and that is the reason cappuccino and lattes will not be served. This collaboration has not been an easy win for McDonald’s. It had to fight its way and compete with other international brands such as Tim Hortons and Starbucks to fly high.

If they get their coffee right, McDonald’s can further include Chicken McNuggets and Big Macs on board for their passengers to enjoy.

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