10 Best Coffee Grinders with Ratings and Reviews

Coffee is famous all around the world and every different part carries a unique variety of coffee beverage. To obtain any of the varieties you need grounded coffee. Pre packed coffee might help you to endeavor some of the coffee drinks, but to prepare other beverages such as French press and Turkish coffee you need to help yourself by grounding the coffee beans.

Each coffee beverage has a different flavor because each beverage needs different type of grounded coffee bean size. So, to prepare different beverage you need to have a particular size of grounded coffee beans. Coffee beans are grinded through Coffee grinder and in this big world of coffee, to find the best coffee bean grinder, you must first look upon the important factors such as type of grinder, type of use and more as each factor carry a very important role in contributing to the taste and the strength of the coffee.

So, what is the best coffee grinder?
We here will help you know your perfect coffee bean grinder to wind up your coffee life and to bring your coffee melodies back. But before you jump forward to select the perfect, there are a few consideration and factors that are important to know before choosing any coffee grinder.


Important factors to consider
These important factors will help you clear out the type of coffee grinder; you need to have for obtaining the best results from the coffee grounds.

Consider the type of coffee you brew:  As mentioned above coffee needs particular ground size for any particular drink so, firstly you need to know your type of coffee drink. Freshly grounded coffee beans helps to bring out the richer taste of coffee and correct size of bean produce the tastiest coffee.

Like: If you love brewing coffee with a French press then you need coarser ground to brew a perfect coffee similarly espresso needs fine ground for brewing bold and dark cup of Joe.

Choosing the type:  Single use or multiple use: You need to clarify your needs before looking forward to choose, if you already have a coffee maker, then you need single purpose grinder and, if you are always flexible about your coffee drinking styles and love to experiment new drinks from coffee then you need multi-purpose coffee grinder.

Choosing manual or electric coffee grinder:  Manual coffee grinders are for those who love brewing coffee manually and have time. The big difference between electric and manual coffee grinder is that in manual you can only grind coarse and medium coffee sizes and they also need manual power to grind. So,If you want freshly grounded coffee for your espresso, then better choose electric grinders.

Choosing the crusher type:  Blade, Flat burr and Conical burr are the three main types of crusher present inside the coffee grinders. They all have their different properties. Coffee might look hard and strong, but to extract the same kind of taste needs soft and accurate process. Coffee expels its taste when get in contact with water, air and heat. It needs perfection to save those flavors and aroma. Excess of everything can make coffee bitter and can lose its essentials.

Choosing the grinder size:  It is always important to consider the size of the coffee grinding machine that fits in your kitchen counter top. So, look upon the space available in your kitchen space before selecting any coffee grinder.

Choosing features you need:  As in coffee maker features help you to brew the coffee easily same in coffee grinder features will help you to grind the coffee beans easily. Features such as programmed clock, ground size, auto off, etc. can help you to get the awesome taste of coffee daily with an ease.


Difference Between Blade Grinder, Flat Burr Grinder and Conical Grinder


  • Price
  • Consistency
  • Motor speed
  • Extract flavor
  • Noise
  • Blade grinder
  • Blade grinder
  • Cheap
  • Inconsistent
  • Fast
  • No
  • More
  • Flat burr Grinder
  • burr grinder
  • Average
  • consistent
  • Medium
  • Yes
  • Less
  • Conical grinder
  • Conical grinder
  • Little expensive
  • Marks accuracy
  • Slow
  • Yes
  • Very less



The List

From the above considerations you must have now cleared your mind in selecting the type of coffee grinder according to your need now let’s fall in for selecting the best coffee grinder for you. All the coffee grinders mentioned below are the best and the most preferred coffee grinders. In order to match your selection we have prepared this list after the analyzing and researching of many coffee grinders and then have selected the best for you also. For an ease, with every grinder; we have mentioned their specialty, so you can easily pick them according to your requirement.

Note: The size of coffee particles are measured in microns Espresso needs 250 – 300 microns where as French press uses 900 – 1000 microns of particle.


1. Baratza encore – Most selling coffee grinder

Baratza encore is a great conical burr grinder and is one of the top rated in its category. This coffee grinder is top rated because it cuts out all the barriers by its combination of versatility which helps to grind all the sizes of grounds.

It is equipped with high torque motor which slowly grinds the coffee bean without creating friction resulting in quiet and less heat build-up while grinding. It is also equipped with features such as automatic reset, auto off, which will help you to grind your coffee bean at an ease. An innovative burr calibration system which ensures that each bean has the full range of grind helps in maintaining the consistency. This grinder has in all 40 different settings ranging from 250-1200 microns which makes it versatile. This coffee grinder is a great solution for enhancing your home coffee barista experience.

Specific feature***– This coffee grinder considers speed at 450 RPM which is controlled by its unique combination of gear and electronic speed reduction which can also be controlled from 405-495 RPM. This slow speed grinding helps to reduce the heat while grinding and the noise with longer lasting life.

Overall rating: 10 Stars (10 / 10) Price of Baratza Encore


2. Capresso 560.01 infinity – Best conical burr grinder

It is one of the best conical burr grinder available in the market. It has a tough body with a set of options available to ease your coffee grinding style. It can grind anywhere from Turkish fine (150microns) to the French press coarse grind. It is equipped with commercial grade advanced conical grinding burr which is controlled by gear reduction motor that helps in maintaining the low speed for cutting precise size of a coffee bean. It grinds coffee beans creating low noise and no vibration.

You can get in total 16 settings to deliver different sizes of coffee grounds along with the timer which you can set anywhere from 5 – 60 seconds depending upon your needs.

Key features :

  • Durability : It has heavy duty housing constructed for better life and durability.
  • Hopper: It has an air tight hopper which keeps coffee beans fresh and holds up to 8.8oz of beans.
  • Timer : This grinding machine has programmable timer through which you can adjust your quantity of coffee grounds.
  • Easy to clean
Overall rating: 9 Stars (9 / 10)
Price of Capresso 560.01 Infinity


3. Mazzer mini – Electric coffee grinder

The Mazzer mini electric coffee grinder is a standard coffee bean grinder. It is an ideal for completing your home barista. This is an Italian designed coffee grinder, which has the best features and is compact to fit in your kitchen counter tops easily. It has a variable grind setting and ease of use function; which makes this grinder appropriate for grinding the coffee beans.

Mazzer mini is equipped with flat burr which has the capacity to grind your espresso beans to an exact standard. It also has an electric dosing control, allowing you to find the correct amount of brewing your perfect cup of coffee.

Why to choose?
This electric coffee grinder is equipped with new style keypad with electric dosing controls that helps us to measure out the perfect quantity for your perfect brewing. If you select this grinder then you need not to measure the quantity of grounded coffee before brewing because with the one touch you can extract the perfect grounded coffee exactly measured for your perfect brew of coffee.

Overall rating: 10 Stars (10 / 10)
Price of Mazzer Mini


4. Baratza vario – Ceramic coffee grinder

This is one of the top coffee grinder in its class. This grinder stands between the professional commercial grinder and the home grinders. It is a small and compact grinder that easily fits in the kitchen counter top easily. Being so easy and handy to control, this coffee grinder offers features of 230 distinct grind range size from espresso to French press.

This coffee grinder is perfect for you if you are too flexible about your coffee choices and want to switch each day for a new flavor. This machine completes the needs of espresso by grinding the perfect size of a bean for brewing espresso dark and bold. It also includes both a ground coffee collection bin and also Baratza’s exclusive Porta-Holder for hands free grinding into an espresso machine portafilter.

Main Feature — It is equipped with 54mm of the ceramic burr system which provides accurate and fast grinding experience. Ceramic burr create a very less heat and friction resulting in less friction while grinding and they also remain sharp for up to twice the time of the steel burrs.

Overall rating: 8 Stars (8 / 10) Price of Baratza Vario


5. Rancilio HSD-ROC-SS Rocky – Best espresso grinder

It is one of the popular and the best espresso grinder preferred by many people. This Italian made design is sturdy and is equipped with conical burr grinder grounding 123oz of coffee bean per hour. This is simple and fast processing grinder, which spins at the rate of 1725 RPM with the help of its low noise and extremely powerful motor.

It has simple controls for the ease of use and is made up of heavy duty aluminum body for long time support. You can change the grind settings with a simple movable lever and by spinning the bean hopper. It is versatile in nature and stores 8oz of fresh coffee beans ready to grind at your service.


  • Holds perfect quantity of beans: It holds almost 8oz (half pound) of coffee bean in its big coffee bean hopper, which helps us to grind and brew coffee without refilling it again and again.
  • Commercial grade burr quality: The burr plates attached to it are the commercial grade blades which have long life for your service.

  • Machine bit large for countertops hold more space: this machine is 18punds in weight making it heavy looking and large to fit in the counter space so do measure the size of counter space before choosing it.
  • Too much commercial grade features: This machine is equipped with too many features which are not at all useful for home brewing experience.
Overall rating: 9 Stars (9 / 10)
Price of Rancilio  Rocky


Here are some major differences between the top 5 coffee grinders.


  • Type of grinder
  • Grind settings
  • Size of particles
  • Adjustable RPM
  • Bean hopper capacity
  • Baratza Encore
  • Baratza Encore
  • Conical burr
  • 23
  • 250 – 1200 microns
  • Yes
  • 8 oz
  • Capresso infinity
  • Capresso infinity
  • Conical burr
  • 16
  • 150 – 1200 microns
  • Yes
  • 8.8oz
  • Mazzer mini
  • Mazzer mini
  • Flat burr
  • 6
  • 150-1350 microns
  • Yes
  • 20oz
  • Baratza vario
  • Baratza vario
  • Flat burr
  • 230
  • 200-1200 microns
  • Yes
  • 8oz
  • Rancilio rocky
  • Rancilio rocky
  • Conical burr
  • 50
  • 150 – 1100 microns
  • Yes
  • 10 oz



6. Bodum bistro – French press grinder

Bodum is a big company and is famous in its own French press patent design. This coffee grinder from Bodum has made the grinding experience so easy that you can’t even imagine, according to me this is the top reviewed coffee grinder I’ve seen. This burr grinder can grind coffee bean perfectly for any type of coffee beverage. This is a great home use coffee grinder which can make your coffee making style easy and accurate.

Why to choose?
The reasons to choose this machine are that; it has a conical burr grinder giving you perfect consistency every time you grind plus it has all the grinding sizes available according to your drink. You should choose this grinder because it creates low noise, figured compact and grinds in amazing consistency with easy cleaning. Simply perfect to delight your home barista experience.

Overall rating: 9 Stars (9 / 10)
Price of Bodum Bistro


7. DeLonghi stainless steel burr grinder – Perfect Burr grinder under $100

Worry about the price; want a coffee grinder for the money. So here is it, this coffee grinder is equipped with flat burr grinder with all the necessary features such as auto off and coffee ground size adjustment. This grinder is programmed to grind sizes from fine to coarse, also with the ability to choose the quantity needed for brewing your perfect coffee.


  • Dial in feature – Helps in selecting the quantity of cup and save it for future grinds so that every day you need not to waste time on choosing the amount of grounded coffee needed.
  • Easy grinding : This grinder easily grinds the coffee beans for espresso and drip coffee.

  • Inconsistent: Coarse grinding may sometimes result in uneven sizes marking inconsistent grinding and resulting in sediments when brewing the French press.
Overall rating: 7 Stars (7 / 10) Price of DeLonghi Stainless Steel


8. Gaggia 8002 MDF – Best commercial grinder

The Gaggia MDF is the best commercial grade burr grinder mostly found in the espresso bars and restaurants. This automatic coffee grinder allows premeasured size and quantity of ground coffee bean to drop directly into a portafilter.

This grinder use doser which extracts exact quantity of coffee by pulling the lever.
The lever is pulled once for espresso and twice for a double shot. It also has 39 different adjustable grind sizes which grind the coffee beans placed in its own 10 ounces of coffee bean hopper. This is simply the leading machine for the commercial purpose with automatic dosing system and lifelong consistency.


  • Versatile: It provides consistent grind in all different sizes.
  • Commercial grade parts: This machine is well equipped with commercial grade parts making this grinder to last for a long time.
  • Ease in grinding

  • Slow: It grinds at a slow speed which can make you to wait for little long.
  • Messy: Doser measures right quantity but spills when dosing the quantity into a filter basket due to wide outlet space.
Overall rating: 8 Stars (8 / 10) Price of Gaggia 8002 MDF


9. Hario skerton – Most Used Manual coffee grinder

Love manual brewing, maybe grinding too. The Hario skerton is one of the finest manual coffee grinders which are equipped with conical ceramic burrs making it durable and worth the investment in your coffee experience. The ceramic burr present in this manual grinder does not produce heat helping in protection of essential coffee oils and will provide consistent coffee particles. This manual coffee grinder offers the variety of ground size from fine to coarse grounds.

This is a cheap coffee grinder, which is good for drip and manual coffee makers but need much manual work.

Overall rating: 7 Stars (7 / 10)
Price of Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill


10. Krups F203 electric – Cheap Multipurpose Blade Grinder

The Krups coffee grinder is a blade grinder, which is multipurpose and price effective. This grinder is small and compact with 200 watts of motor providing fast grinding. Being versatile in nature, it can grind spices, nuts and grains too. It can grind up to 12oz of coffee from its stainless steel dual blades placed right at the center of its oval design ensuring uniform grind.

This is truly an affordable and best blade coffee grinder that is compact and looks good on the countertops and is perfect for those who use drip coffee makers.

Overall rating: 7 Stars (7 / 10)
Price of KRUPS F203

These coffee grinders are for those who have coffee makers, but want fresh grounded beans for brewing a good cup of coffee and the one who is looking for both coffee maker and coffee grinder and also want fresh brewed coffee all time can also choose an option of “bean to cup” means coffee maker with attached grinder. That machines grind the coffee bean according to the coffee beverage of your type and will directly serve your brewed perfect cup of Joe. You can view selected list of grind and brew machines here.
one of the best machine is DeLongi Magnificia, which provide bean to cup facility equipped with conical burr grinder to perfectly satisfy your needs.