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If you are looking for world’s best coffee maker, then you’re landed on a right shore. Here, we have done flawless hard work for you and tied up top coffee brewers.  As we know, there are hundreds of coffee makers out there from assorted brands and everyone claim that they’re best which baffle up our mind to choose. So, this is what makes us unique and matchless; our team is entirely dedicated in investing and researching till the bottom by testing many coffee machines and making a list by rating them on different criterion.

Also, we do not sell any coffee maker here, so we are not biased with coffeemakers; we just provide links from where you can get the reliable home coffee maker on lowest price.

Top Rated and Best Selling Home Coffee Makers

Top 10 Coffee Machines in the world (Reviews and Ratings)

Model NameCapacityType, Body and PartsKey featuresRating and Deal
Bonavita BV 1900TS
Bonavita BV 1900TS – Top Rated
8 CupsDrip Coffee Maker
Stainless Steel Body
Steel Thermal Carafe
Plastic is BPA-free
6.1 lbs
Top Rated Coffee machine
Amazing Delicious Coffee
Optimal temperature
One Touch Brew
Programmable- Auto off
Powerful and precise 1500-watt heater
4.1 Star Rating

4.1 (502 Customer Reviews)

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Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT
Mr Coffee BVMC SJX33GT – Best Selling - Cheapest
12 CupsDrip Coffee Maker
Chrome color
blended with black
Glass Carafe
4 lbs
Amazon #1 Selling
Best Home Coffee Maker
Cheapest & Programmable
Brew Strength Selector
Grab-A-Cup Auto Pause
Easy Cleaning
4.0 Star Rating

4.0 (5,346 Customer Reviews)

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Breville BES870XL Barista
Breville BES870XL Barista Express – Best Rated Espresso
1-2 CupsEspresso Machine
Inbuilt Stainless steel conical burr grinder
Milk frother & portafilter
28 lbs
Best Rated Programmable
Espresso & cappuccino Machine
SCAA Winner 2013
15 Bar Italian Pump
Grind Size/amount Setting
digital temperature control
dual and single wall filter
4.5 Star Rating

4.5 (660 Customer Reviews)

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Keurig K45
Keurig K45 Elite – Top Selling Single Serve
Single Cup
6 oz., 8 oz., and 10 oz
Single Serve Coffee Maker
Water Reservoir 48 oz.
12 lbs
Top selling Espresso
One Min Brewing
Easy to brew
Tea, hot Cocoa, Iced beverage
500 k-cup Flavors
Auto on/off
Indicator Lights
4.5 Star Rating

4.5 (3,130 Customer Reviews)

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Mr. Coffee DRX5
Mr. Coffee DRX5 – Super Cheap
4 cup
5oz / cup
Drip coffee maker
Glass Carafe
2.8 lbs
Classic Taste, Simple brew
Programmable Small coffee maker
Super Cheap
Delay Brew timer
Pause and Serve
Auto shut off
Easy to clean
4.2 Star Rating

4.2 (2,680 Customer Reviews)

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Hamilton 2 way Brewer
Hamilton Beach  2 way – FlexBrew (49983A)
12 cups
Single cup to 12 cup Coffee Brewer
Glass Carafe
8.4 lbs
Brew a single cup or a full pot
Compatible with kcups and ground coffee
Programmable Timer
Brew strength adjuster
Auto Pause and serve
3.5 Star Rating

3.5 (2,490 Customer Reviews)

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Cuisinart DCC-3200
Cuisinart DCC-3200 – Best Drip Coffee maker
14 cups
Drip Coffee Maker
Stainless Steel body
Glass Carafe
8.4 lbs
Hot Perfect Temp coffee
Fully Automatic domestic machine
Coffee Strength Control
Cup Settings, Brew Pause, Auto off
Gold tone coffee Filter
Self Clean
4.4 Star Rating

4.4 (430 Customer Reviews)

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SterlingPro French Press
SterlingPro French Coffee Press
8 cups
Coffee Press
Heat-resistant borosilicate glass
Stylish Design
1.8 lbs
Brew Best tasting Coffee
#1 Best Selling French Press
Double Screens System- For smooth Coffee
Also Brew Tea
Reliable and Dishwasher safe
4.6 Star Rating

4.6 (6,620 Customer Reviews)

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Divisive factors of our study and reviews

The first point which comes into your mind after reading us must be:
Q. What points do we include in our research when we are finding a correct coffee machine for you?

In our Coffee Maker Reviews, Our main aim and concerns are Taste, Brewing time, Ease of use, Beverages concoct ability and Price which mostly matters while opting a coffee maker. There are many other Secondary points we take in consideration like.

Body / Process

  •  Water Tank Capacity
  • Technology of brewing
  • Type of Filter
  • Thermal Carafe
  • Integrated Grinder
  • Many More..

Automated Features / Settings

  • Coffee intensity/strength
  • Auto On/Off
  • Digital Display
  • Frother
  • Anytime Cancel
  • Many More..

Brewed Coffee

  • Price per coffee
  • Crema strength
  • Temperature of coffee
  • Quantity (Ounce)
  • Pods (Flavors Variety)
  • Many More..


With these, we also converse from many Coffee Machine buyers and read Coffee makers Ratings, Reviews & Feedback’s on many portals like: Consumer Reports, Amazon, EBay, SCAA etc.  And after assembling we create a list of Best home Coffee makers completing the aim of our website.

What Type of coffee Makers do we target?

We name us limitless; as here we are researching on all types of coffee makers which are used and preferred by many people with their different choices whether it be your manual coffee maker or Automatic we here take care of each and every fields including Espresso Coffee Machines, Drip Coffee makers, Single Serve CoffeeMakers, Automated Coffee Makers, Coffee Makers for home or Office or Restaurants etc.

As in today’s quick world, we know we need everything quick and always looking for easy or Lazy way to complete any task. So by acting as a helping hand for you we wing it all up and will help in finding your best coffee machine for home, while crowning each and every need of yours to upshot the Perfect Coffee machine in your own home barista.

A brief History of Coffee makers

The idea of brewing coffee using coffee brewers started way back in 1710 in France. Infusion brewing as it was called then involved enclosing ground coffee in a bag made of linen and dipping it in hot water. The ground coffee was left to steep until a brew of desired strength was achieved. More coffee brewing innovations were made in the 18th century including the modern drip brewing method. Invention of vacuum and percolator brewers followed in the late 18th century and 19th century leading to invention of electric drip brewers.

Throughout the 19th century, major improvements have occurred in these inventions with the aim of making the quality of brew that each coffeemaker brews perfect. With time, manufacturers of top rated coffee makers have sought to enhance qualities like speed, automation, ease of cleaning among others in order to make coffee brewing convenient for users. Today, there is a wide range of functions in coffee brewers. Whether you are buying an appliance for home use, office or commercial use, you can choose which functions you want on your home coffee maker, office or commercial coffee maker.

So Let’s check which type of coffee maker is best for you

1. Auto Drip Coffee Makers

The first electric drip brew coffee maker was invented in 1954. The popularity of drip coffee brewers has grown extensively since their invention. According to the Coffee Association in the U.S., when people talk about coffee machines for home, 60% of the time they are referring to drip coffee makers, That’s why they are on top of the list. Modern day drip coffee machines are fast brewers. On average auto-drip coffee makers’ brewing process just takes 1 to 2 minutes. Check out our best Drip coffee makers list.

How Auto Drip Coffee Makers Work
Drip coffeemakers use drip brewing method to produce coffee. Drip brewing works by pouring water on ground roasted coffee beans that are placed in a filter. The water infuses the ground beans and absorbs their essences and oils as it passes to the floor of the filter. The ground coffee beans remain in the filter as the liquid drips into the carafe.

Important Features
Now days Automatic Drip coffee makers come with varying features, which you consider before buying. like durable stainless steel body and carafe, programmable clock, pause button, cup-size adjuster, brew strength adjuster and also comes coffee maker with Inbuilt grinder for brewing fresh coffee.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Fast in brewing
  • Capacity to brew 1 up to 14 cups for large families or heavy coffee drinkers
  • Have a thermal carafe that keeps coffee hot over a long time
  • They are durable & reliable
  • Pricing Starts as low as $29


  • Few coffee machine cannot support a permanent filter, you have to keep changing filters
  • Not designed for a single cup though a few models have a pause button
  • No Control over Water ration and temperature.

Who Buys Auto Drip Coffee Makers?

  • Best for Families or offices with many coffee drinkers
  • Coffee lovers who drink a lot of coffee in a day
  • Coffee drinkers who want a fast caffeine fix

Drip Coffee maker
Single Serve Coffee Maker

2. Single Serve Coffee Makers

People with busy lives love this type of coffee maker, it can brew a single cup of coffee in just a minute and with a single click, the appliance gets cleaned up. Keurig is the leading manufacturer of single serve coffee brewers. Keurig designed K-Cups come with loads of flavors so you can enjoy a different coffee flavor each day.

How Single Serve Coffee Makers Work

Single serve coffee makers have a tank at the back where water is loaded. The water is then sucked in by a pump at the bottom of the tank and pushed up to the machine where it passes through a heating element and gets heated to perfect temperature. Single serve coffee machines have a narrow needle where hot water passes to increase pressure. The hot water is then pumped through coffee grounds inside a pod to release flavor. On the floor of the pod, there is a filter paper that holds coffee grounds as the brew drips into the cup.

Important Features
Single serve best rated coffeemakers comes with nice features such as: programmable clock, temperature control, with pods or K-Cups few models allow to use ground coffee, coffee strength selector, Brews a specific cup size like 5oz, 8oz and so.


  • Brews coffee very fast – in a minute or less
  •  Offers a consistent quality of brew
  •  Easy to use and clean
  •  Brews ground coffee or K-Cup
  •  Can brew both cold and hot
  • Allows user to control temperature and select brew strength


  • Uses K-Cups which is aren’t environmental friendly.
  •  Costly due to price per coffee
  •  Ideal for a single user
  •  Does not produce very strong coffee

Who Buys Single Serve Coffee Brewer?

  • Best for Coffee lovers whose lives are busy and need an appliance that can fix a cup of coffee fast
  • Single users who want a personal coffee maker
  • Coffee lovers who prefer beverages that aren’t too strong

3. Espresso Coffee Machines

Espresso coffee makers are designed to produce highly concentrated thick coffee known as Espresso. The first espresso coffee maker was developed in 1884. There are varying designs of Espresso coffee machines with some sharing elements like port filter and group head. Espresso machines are fitted with a steam wand that froth and steam liquids to add milk for coffee beverages such as caffe latte and cappuccino.

Espresso machines come in 4 types namely:  Manual Espresso, Semi-automatic Espresso, Automatic Espresso, Super- automatic Espresso.  Manual Espresso machines run manually, Programmable features that make Espresso machines easy to use are added to the Semi-automatic, Automatic and Super-automatic Espresso machines.

How Espresso Coffee Makers Work

Espresso machines brew coffee by pushing pressurized near boiling point water through ground coffee. Beans used for espresso are roasted more and ground much finer. Espresso needs water heated under pressure so that it can push steam through the grinds rather than dripping hot water on them. Espresso helps to make different types of coffee like cappuccino, latte, mocha etc.

Important Features

Different Espresso machines come with varying features. These include: durable stainless steel body, An inbuilt grinder, Hot Tray. An inbuilt Frothier, They are K-Cup friendly , An auto-off feature, An auto-clean option, Strength selector etc


  •  They brew strong coffee
  •  Are easy to use
  •  Have a wide range of features
  •  They provide espresso for other beverages such as mocha, cappuccino and latte
  •  Has an inbuilt grinder


  •  They are costly to buy depending on features
  •  The port filter has to be cleaned after every brew
  •  To get a perfect brew, some practice is needed

Who Buys Espresso Coffee Machines?

  • Best for Coffee lovers who prefer a concentrated brew and have a big budget for a coffee maker
  • Coffee drinkers who prefer to grind their coffee beans

Espresso Machine
French Press Coffee maker

4. French Press Coffeemaker

If you are looking for an affordable, manual coffee maker that produces a concentrated strong coffee brew, the French Press is your best pick. Patent for the first time in 1929, the French Press is a widely used coffeemaker across the globe. This coffee brewer is also referred to as the press pot, coffee press or the plunger pot. The French Press Coffee Maker is commonly used as a camping appliance due to the fact that it’ small and uses less space. While many companies manufacture this coffee maker, the Bodum is becoming the leading seller and manufacturer of French Press Coffee Makers.

How the French Press Coffee Maker Works

The French Press Coffee Maker brews coffee through a very simple process. One has to first pour the ground coffee into the pot then add how water to the fill. The water is then stirred then the coffee is allowed to infuse it. The plunger is then pushed from the top and the coffee brew is ready.


  • Produces coffee with a strong flavor
  • Highly durable
  • Highly portable
  • Cheap coffee maker
  • Can brew other beverages like tea and other herbal infusions
  • Easy to use and clean


  •  Does not separate coffee grounds from brew hence remaining coffee tends to get more concentrated
  •  Purely manual, there are no automatic features
  •  Takes time to have the brew ready
  •  One needs practice to produce a perfect brew
  •  Does not have a carafe to keep coffee hot

Who Buys French Press Coffee Brewer Ideal?

  • Best for Coffee lovers who prefer strong flavorful coffee
  • Coffee drinkers who prefer manual coffee makers
  • Coffee lovers who like camping or other outdoor activities

Learn More:

Now that you have an idea of the coffee maker type that will meet your needs best, we welcome to explore the different coffee models and brands that fall under each of the four broad coffee machine types. As you browse our website, keep in mind the features you want on your coffee brewer and the amount you want to spend on it. You will find plenty of useful information on this website. We encourage you to browse the Top Coffee Maker List, Coffee Maker Reviews, and Buying Guides sections to find the best coffee maker that meets your needs. You can also compare the features, cost and performance of different home coffee makers by checking out our Compare Section.

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