Coffee in Easter Egg- Is It a New Craze in the Coffee World?

As the season of Easter festival has arrived with full fervor and galore, the coffee world has taken upon a new and crazy trend as well. Many coffee shops and baristas are serving coffee in easter eggs. The eggs are made out of chocolate and the coffee is poured within. While some of the coffee drinkers think this idea to be ridiculous, after Rainbow lattes this new trend seems like a much awaited combination for chocolate and coffee fans.

coffee in Easter eggs


The trend began from a small café in Ireland, where they put a chocolate easter egg in a hot cup of coffee, and poured more coffee over it. They also serve coffee inside the egg at some places. While coffee fanatics prefer the chocolate and coffee combination, others have also tried out pouring hot chocolate into the easter egg.

The new craze has been spreading widely throughout Europe and has also taken places in some parts of Australia and New Zealand. People who have tried this crazy combination in cafes have also tried preparing this simple recipe at home as well. All you need is some eggs, chocolate and coffee, and you are good to go.

These easter eggs are also termed as drinking vessels in some cafes. They are gaining huge popularity on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. The latest trend before these chocolate easter eggs were chocolate lined waffle cones, in which hot coffee was served in waffle cones.

People are going head over heels for these chocolate easter eggs and the creamy, foamy cappuccino which is poured within it. This is also a great tribute to the festival of Easter and serves as a medium of remembering the roots of the tradition and keeping it alive as well. Apart from milk chocolate, the easter eggs are also molded with dark chocolate and white chocolate, for those who want to try out varieties.

Chocolate and coffee is the most sought after combination for caffeine seekers. This trend has also made mocha quite sought after. The chocolate from the eggs and the poured coffee work quite well together. The trick to achieve this combination at home is simple. Just temper the chocolate and set it on an egg to get the shape. Place it in a buffer vessel like a mug because the heat from the coffee would melt the chocolate. Pour the prepared coffee and enjoy the blissful experience. Many out goers have also turned this trend into a game. Those who can stand the hit of the coffee without having the eggs melted win. Also, the fun part is that they get to chew the eggs away at the end.

Many cafes try to make the chocolate shells more and more heat resistant, so that they could carry the coffee for a longer time. But customers like the chocolate eggs melted as they taste better with the coffee. While we are still waiting for crazier trends, this new thing in town will surely hold on to people for a long time.

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