Bodum Introduces e- PEBO Coffee Maker

The reliable name in coffee making mainly due to its famous Chambord french press, Bodum has introduced a new coffee maker named as e- PEBO which possesses the latest technology of vacuum insertion and makes the process of coffee making quite simple. This technology of vacuum allows the maximum oils to be extracted from the coffee beans and grounds, which lets the maximum aroma and flavor to remain intact within the coffee beans, which helps you achieve the most flavorful coffee.

bodum e-pebo

Along with the impressive new technology of vacuum brewing, the coffee maker also possesses the feature of fast brewing. Within a short span of just 5 to 11 minutes, the coffee maker brews around 4 to 8 cups of fresh coffee. Another feature of the new coffee maker is that the temperature and brewing time are both coordinated to make the coffee brewing process quite desirable.

The structure and design of the e- PEBO coffee maker consists of an upper funnel and a lower bowl for the main body and a handle at the side. The materials used for the same are borosilicate glass, 100% BPA- free Tritan plastic and soft rubber respectively. The handle is attached to the lower portion of the coffee maker.


Science Behind E-Pebo vaccume System

The mechanism or science behind this coffee maker is the principle of expanding and contracting gases. The water turns into vapor when the lower compartment is heated on the stove. The liquid water is forced to reach the upper compartment through the spout when the vapor keeps on expanding. When the water reaches the upper compartment, it saturates the coffee grounds. As soon as the vapor begins to cool, it is unable to exert pressure and hold the water in the upper compartment and thus the coffee water comes down in the lower chamber due to gravity.



The upper unit bowl is used to hold the coffee grounds which are to be used during the brewing process. The process starts when the water is heated up to 201.4° F. Steam is produced thereafter which created pressure and allows the water to flow through the funnel. It then reached the upper bowl and the brewing of the coffee begins. Within a short span of 4 to 5 minutes, the brewed coffee will reach the lower bowl which is ready to be consumed.

The coffee maker is priced at an average of $80, making it worth the money invested. The vacuum technology has made coffee brewing quite simple, and customers seem quite satisfied with the mechanism as well. They achieve a cup of fresh, flavorful and aromatic coffee each time with this new coffee maker.

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