10 Best Espresso machines You can find right now

Do you feel like to have a hot shot of espresso every morning? Are you looking for an extra jump in the morning? Or you love to brew beverages brewed using a shot of espresso. Well, in all of these cases you are looking for a perfect espresso machine.

Espresso machines are widely available in market matching various budgets and features, which made home espresso brewers increasingly popular among the coffee aficionados. Many coffee fanatics believed that after home espresso brewer, their life went pretty easy, as most of the morning many people wait in a long line which waste their time and make them to pay more at the high priced coffee shops just for a perfect shot.

Seriously, espresso brewer has changed yesterday’s simple kitchen counter tops into today’s new modern home coffee Barista.

Why to choose espresso maker?
Well the main reason to choose espresso maker is that, it gives you a high level of control and helps you in perfectly customizing your shot, according to your preference, so that every shot you brew could be perfect and as according to your needs.
So, when you start looking for an espresso machine; you firstly see your budget, as there are many machines available in the market with many different prices, but before you polish out your budget, there is one more factor which you need to know.

Which type of machine do you want Manual, Automatic, Semi-automatic, Super-automatic?
If you have time and you love to brew your shot of espresso, then you can choose manual espresso machines; which are cheap, but if you do not want to brew and want all of it to be automatically brewed by the machine itself, so that you can just have your perfect shot every morning; then automatic coffee brewers are perfect for you.(Semi-automatics and Super-automatics just have more Programmable features to help you in brew but also increases the price of the coffee machine.)

This factor plays important role to set your budget, according to the type of machine you choose. So, after deciding your budget, you might want to opt a coffee maker with well known brand or which can brew you different beverages like cappuccino and lattes too. So, here we found out top 10 espresso machines of well known brand which can brew perfect espresso and related beverages.





1. De Longhi EC 155 (Top Rated Home Espresso Machine):

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De Longhi EC 155 Programming Features

The De Longhi EC155 is a low cost foremost semi automatic espresso machine. It is compact, durable and the reason for its first place is that it is top rated and most selling espresso machine from many years. This brewer is simple to use and is compatible with both fresh ground coffee and E.S.E. pods, so that you can brew the way you like. This espresso cappuccino machine produces an amazing shot of espresso and great tasting cappuccino and Lattes. It has swivel jet frother which is easy to use and is constructed with stainless steel body.

This espresso brewer is the perfect way to brew your everyday coffee, as it brews espresso at the perfect temperature with the help of its two different thermostats to control the pressure of water and steam separately, so that you can have trouble free brewing experience for many years with the same quality of taste each time.

Key features :

  • Patented Dual function filter holder: Mr. coffee always provide a convenience to our customers by including options. This machine has a dual function filter holder which helps you to brew your shot either by using pre-grounded coffee beans or by using E.S.E.( Easy Serving Espresso) pods available in the market.
  • Brew two shots at a time: With its dual spout porta-holder, you can easily brew 2 shots of espresso at a time.
  • Durable: It’s body is constructed with stainless steel which makes it durable and strong from outside, and it’s boiler is made up of high quality stainless steel to guarantee many years of tasty coffee.
  • Straight forward controls: With the straight forward control, this machine is easy to use. Controls carry a knob which you need to turn for selecting the specific function such as for brewing espresso, using jet frother or selecting hot water for your other beverage and attached tamper for pressing the coffee in the porta-holder.
  • Water reservoir: It carries 32 ounces of water tank which is sufficient enough to brew you multiple shots of espresso. It is a removable tank so that you can easily fill the water and can place it back easily.
  • Stainless steel frother: Swivel jet frothier is capable in creating a rich and creamy froth for your espresso beverages. Very well efficient in preparing cappuccinos and lattes.
Overall rating: 10 Stars (10 / 10)
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2. Mr coffee ECM 160 – (Cheapest Espresso Machine Under $40)

Do you have all of your family members drinking espresso or your friends usually drop down at your place and you need to brew out shots each time for each one well then you need this 4 cup espresso maker. Mr. Coffee ECM160 is capable to brew excellent 4 cups of espresso at least time in its own easy-to-pour glass decanter.

This budget friendly coffee maker is a great solution for those people who love coffee and need to brew espresso for large batch at once. It is constructed with stainless steel for more durability and contains frother for frothing milk to prepare espresso related drinks. Compared to other, this brewer has least number of features, but when it comes to brewing it brews an amazing shot at the perfect temperature. It has removable frothier and drip tray for easy cleaning and measure marking on decanter to help you pour out the perfect shot in perfect quantity.


  • Easy to brew
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Strong frothier
  • Compact
  • Inexpensive

  • No alarm
  • Does not have tamper included
  • Steams slowly
Overall rating: 10 Stars (10 / 10) Todays deal on Mr coffee ECM 160


3. Breville Barista 870XL (Espresso Machine With Grinder):

This is a complete solution of coffee brewing, which means you can brew any type of coffee beverage you like. This is actually a professional home espresso machine which is well built and surprisingly easy to use. This machine can fulfill any demand of coffee aficionados with the satisfactory results. Well, let talk about machine now – this stainless steel constructed a heavy looking machine is a complete Cafe in itself, as it gives you bean to cup experience, it has built in Conical Burr grinder with dosing control which deliver perfect quantity of grounded bean and brew your shot of espresso in less than a minute.

With this brewer you can brew out espresso using ground coffee as well as pods and has a stainless steel steam frother for preparing cappuccinos and Lattes. Along with all these remedies, this coffee maker also has a feature known as Purge function which helps the machine to automatically adjust the temperature of the water soon after the froth, for extracting espresso at optimum temperature.

Well, this is a bit pricy machine, but if you have your budget matching this machine, then it is a perfect espresso with inbuilt grind and brew feature you can have. This machine is something which satisfies any coffee connoisseur needs just in a minute.

Key features :

  • Adjustable filter size: The filter size is adjusted by just pressing a button which indicate whether you are using a double walled filter basket or single wall, and will automatically adjust the machine’s required amount of ground coffee.
  • Built in Conical burr grinder with attached bean hopper: It has stainless steel conical burr grinder, which extract optimum flavor from the beans and also have attached half pound bean hopper with locking system and both are easy to remove.
  • Indicators: The machine has indicators for many reasons. When your drip tray gets full the machine indicates, when the machine needs cleaning it indicates and when the brewing process is done it indicates.
  • Removable water tank: It has 67 ounces of water tank perfect for brewing multiple times without refilling the reservoir. The water tank is easy to fill and doesn’t need any extra efforts; it also has a water filter to clean your water for perfect taste.
  • Pressure gauge: The machine has a pressure gauge right at the middle. This gauge shows and controls the pressure for extracting the perfect shot of espresso.
  • Thermos-coil heating system: It has an integrated stainless steel water coil, which is smart to accurately control the water temperature, so that you can have espresso at the perfect temperature.
  • Adjustable ground size and amount: Along with these features machine also have controls to adjust the ground size from coarse to fine by its grind selector dials and also have controls to set the volume of the cup, reprogrammable shots and manual override by its Volumetric controller.
  • 360 degree swivel action steam wand: It’s stainless steel frothier can move in any direction providing you comfort in frothing and also brings out the rich froth out of the milk.
Overall rating: 9 Stars (9 / 10)
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4. De Longhi Magnifica ESAM 3300 – Super Automatic Espresso Machine for Home:

De Longhi always serves well to its customers. This espresso brewer is one of the top programmable espresso machine which deliver shots after shots without bringing any change in taste and temperature. This stainless steel fully programmable espresso machine has a digital control panel for easy access; from grinding to brewing, to frothing, to serve; this brewer is a complete set to perform all of these functions in an easy and in the most efficient way.

As we know each of us have different-different needs, some prefer espresso, some cappuccino and some latte or other espresso beverages; this complete coffee gourmet is capable of fulfilling all the needs without any fails. Important features such as a big water tank, auto on/off, programmable clock and many other features are included in the machine. These features help you to make your brewing experience easy and professional. This machine brew amazing shot of espresso with full bodied taste and amazing aroma.

Key features :

  • Integrated Burr Grinder: Magnifica is truly amazing design, as it has integrated burr grinder inside it saves the space, making the machine compact to fit in any space. You can set the different grinding size according to your taste with its steel burr grinder, which help in maintaining the accuracy for providing you tantalizing taste and aroma.
  • Removable Water Tank and Bean Container: With the space to store 7.10 ounces of bean, it can also store 60 ounces of water. The reason for giving the big storage is to save your time of refilling and to give you back to back great performance without touching or moving the machine.
  • Programmable control panel: Its front head contains a control panel for operating various processes, such as – Programmable clock, auto on/off, rotatory push buttons for controlling the bean and the espresso shot capacity, and espresso shot and frother selector.
  • Hot Tray: Hot tray is the same tray, we use to see in the cafe’s. They help to keep the cup, hot so that coffee doesn’t lose its temperature after pouring.
  • Adjustable Frothier and Spigot: It has 180 rotatable frothier helping you to froth your milk in any container and also has adjustable spigot for adjusting it according to your cup size.
  • High performing boiler: It has a high performance boiler system so that you can have the perfect temperature every time. De Longhi has its patent compact boiler system in it which distributes perfectly the heat to guarantee proper extraction and ideal temperature.
Overall rating: 9 Stars (9 / 10)


5. Nespresso Inissia – Small Pod Espresso Maker

Are you finding a compact espresso machine which can brew you a bold and hard shot of espresso within a perfect time or are you looking for a colorful, stylish and latest technology brewer for brewing you a quick shot of espresso and related beverages. Well then this espresso home coffee maker can be just perfect your you. This small super compact, fully automatic pod espresso machine is a small dynamite which brews amazing hot coffee every time you brew. It brews a single cup at a time and requires minimum counter top storage simply perfect for any place whether it’s your office or home.

Brewing with Nespresso Inissia is really easy and quick, you just need to pop in the patent Nespresso pod, fill in the water and place your favorite mug or cup and start the machine. The machine will take around 25 seconds to brew out hot shot of espresso and the spent capsule will automatically get ejected into its spent capsule container and the machine will again be ready to brew you another shot without any disappointment.


  • Auto off
  • Removable water tank
  • Great tasting each time
  • Stores spent capsules.
  • Compact size
  • Low price
  • Foldable drip tray

  • Uses capsule which may cost more than brewing in grounded coffee bean coffee maker, but still its less than the coffee shop rates.
  • Uses only patent Nespresso capsule available in 16 flavors.
  • Bit Noisy
Overall rating: 8 Stars (8 / 10)


6. Mr Coffee cafe Barista BVMC ECMP1000 (steam espresso machine under $300)

This coffee maker is a perfect Barista machine for brewing espresso, Cappuccino or Latte at home. Mr coffee has always been supplying efficient brewers and with this espresso machine they have simply brought down for letting you have your own coffee shop Barista on your kitchen counter tops. This machine is made simple to use as with the touch of just one button you can set your cup size and machine will brew it for you.

The machine has 15 bar pressure pump driven steam system for maintaining the accurate temperature, it also has an automatic frothing system, which means – it automatically froths the milk and make cappuccinos and Lattes for you. Many a times we think about drinking something other than normal shot of espresso, which are generally available at coffee shops. So, with this Barista package you can have any drink you like; just you need to do is to add your favorite grounded beans and place the portafilter, also add milk in the milk container. Select your preferred size and the machine performs the rest. It is quick, durable and excellent brewer with removable drip tray and water reservoir (55ounces).

Why should you prefer: If you are looking for an espresso maker, which is capable of brewing all the espresso related recipes with just one press well, then it is the perfect brewer for you. Though, it is a little pricey but the features and the functions with the perfect flavoring technique makes price worth. As, it is a semi-automatic brewer, so it doesn’t have in-built grinder, which may make you sad, but if we look overall then this machine is a true art in brewing your shot and beverages and also have all the necessary feature plus additional to make it more easy for you.

Overall rating: 8 Stars (8 / 10)


7. Gaggia 14101 (Espresso machine under $500)

This brushed stainless steel, silver body espresso brewer is a product of the well known Italian manufacturer “Gaggia”. Gaggia is famous in the market for delivering outrageous and good quality espresso machines for home. The Classic 14101 is compact and most amazing and simple design built specifically for brewing you shots of espresso with frother for preparing cappuccinos and lattes.

It is a smart machine, as it automatically adjusts the ideal temperature for extracting your perfect shot of espresso at optimum temperature every time. This machine also has 17 ½ pump with high voltage boiler for maintaining the temperature of both frothier and the brewer at the same time.

This machine may look simple and plain, but it always brews hard and a bold shot of espresso. But the simple looks have also defines the simple brewing experience with the taste of Barista in every shot. As the other espresso machines have stainless steel frothier but Gaggia made it different from others by adding a turbo -frother wand for faster milk frothing with 3 way solenoid valve with controls the temperature for optimum extraction and to provide you excellent brewing and your shot in just 30 seconds.


  • Big water tank (72oz)
  • Cup warmer (Holds up to 5 demitasse cups)
  • Commercial style portafilter
  • Durable
  • Great frother
  • brew great shot of espresso.

  • Bit Pricy
  • Needs accurate size of grounded coffee
  • Need to learn the basics before brewing.
Overall rating: 8 Stars (8 / 10)


8. Rancilio HSD-SILVIA (15 bar pump Automatic Commercial Espresso Machine)

The Rancilio Silvia is one of the top commercial espresso machine used in many cafes. This special machine has all the professional features to brew any beverage at an ease. This amazing looking stainless steel, durable body machine is built to last. The machine is constructed with a strong iron frame and parts are built according to the commercial grade espresso brewer for excellent control over temperature and extraction quality.

This is a popular old style model with semi automatic features of commercial grade. It has 58mm portafilter same as used in professional espresso machines for obtaining premium extraction. It may have single boiler in it, but it has the largest volume capacity of storing 12ounces of water in its chrome plated boiler helping in perfect brew and steam extraction. It has a removable water tank which is also easy to fill from the top and also has attached stainless steel steam frother that allow 360degree motion for frothing in any container and also produces great froth. You can also choose your way by choosing between pod and grounded coffee available with its additional kit.


  • Easy to use
  • Accurate price for the machines
  • Removable heating element
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Commercial grade parts.

  • No grinder attached
  • Not programmable
  • Needs little practice for obtaining perfect shot.
Overall rating: 8 Stars (8 / 10)


9. Jura ENA micro 1 (Fully Automatic espresso machine under $1000)

This ultra compact best fully automatic machine is a single shot brewer that delivers a perfect shot of espresso with its programmable 3 user designed cup sizes, that also has aroma levels to prepare an exquisite cream and full bodied taste in your shot each and every time. In the market, there are many types of single espresso serves available, but Jura ENA Micro 1 delivers fresh coffee every time by its special built-in grinder helping to deliver bean to cup experience for making it all easy for you.

This compact smart looking machine perfectly fits in any modern counter tops, even if the space is less. The controls of the machine are adjusted through its touch screen interface, which is simple to operate and allow you to select the volume and the strength setting for getting your perfectly customized flavor shot. This programmable coffee maker uses new techniques, hence each and every brew ensures that the coffee is at optimum temperature and carry cream over it.

Why Choose this: This machine is a complete set to fulfill your fresh coffee needs every day. It is a small and fully automatic espresso machine that also has programmable features to set your shot type and the strength with touch screen technology. This machine provides bean to cup facility but, if you are looking for beverages made from espresso, then this may not be the right machine for you as it doesn’t have frothier to froth your milk. It has burr grinder for accurate grounding size, it has an aroma preservation seal for saving aroma, it also have height adjustable spout so that you can pour your shot in any size of cup or glass plus it is energy efficient too, which automatically gets activated exactly after 5 minutes of idle time and turns itself off after 2 hours.

So if you are looking for small, compact, high quality and best serving espresso machine then this can be the perfect one for you.

Overall rating: 9 Stars (9 / 10)


10. Moka Pot (Stove top espresso machine)

Moka pot is a manual coffee machine or a stove top espresso coffee maker, which brew out rich, authentic and aromatic shot of espresso within a minute. It has an aluminum body which is curved into eight sided shape that helps in the pure extraction of aroma by diffusing the heat. This stove top espresso maker is available in 5 categories distinguished in different sizes: 1-cup, 3-cup, 6-cup, 9-cup and 12-cup which can be selected according to your need. This affordable coffee maker may take some of your time and hand work but brewing with manual machines help you in configuring your prior measurements to brew your perfect shot. Between you can view more cheapest machines on this page.

It is very easy to brew espresso using Moka pot you just need, fill water in the lower chamber with ground coffee bean and filter, then have to place the pot over the stove and boil the water till the time it diminishes from the bottom and collects at the top, as soon as, it happens remove from stove and serve.

It prepares bold, strong and dark shot of espresso and is the most loved manual espresso coffee maker of many coffee devotees. It’s cheap, durable and brew amazing shots lifelong.


  • Durable
  • Quick
  • Low fuss
  • Durable
  • Cheap.

  • Needs your attention
  • Need to practice for obtaining perfect brew
Overall rating: 10 Stars (10 / 10)


These machines are the top best espresso you can find in the current market, I hope you must have had now matched your chemistry with one of them, so without any delay, let’s look upon a short comparison table to compare all of them together, to help you in finding out your best one.



Comparison Chart

  • Body
  • Size (Inches)(WxDxH)
  • Water tank(oz)
  • No. of shots (Cups)
  • Frother
  • Beverages
  • Bean hopper
  • De Longhi EC155
  • De Longhi EC155
  • Stainless Steel
  • 7.50×9.50×11.12″
  • 35 ounces
  • 2
  • Yes
  • Almost all type with Pods
  • Not Available
  • Mr coffee ECM160
  • Mr coffee ECM160
  • Stainless Steel
  • 9.5x 10.3x 11.6″
  • 20 ounces
  • 2
  • Yes
  • Espresso, cappu. & latte
  • Not Available
  • Brevelli Barista 870 XL
  • Brevelli Barista 870 XL
  • Stainless Steel
  • 13.2×12.5× 15.8″
  • 67 ounces
  • 2
  • Yes
  • Espresso, cappu. & latte
  • 8 ounces
  • De Longhi ESAM 3300
  • De Longhi ESAM 3300
  • Stainless Steel
  • 15×11×14″
  • 60 ounces
  • 2
  • Yes
  • Espresso, cappu. & latte
  • 9 ounces
  • Nespresso Inissia
  • Nespresso Inissia
  • Metal
  • 12.6×4.7×9″
  • 24 ounces
  • 1
  • No
  • Espresso
  • Pod


After this closer look from the table I hope it would be easier to select your perfect one. Remember, every espresso maker brew almost a same flavors the only difference comes when you look for the features to ease your brewing experience.

These brewers are the top espresso machines available in the market other than these there are many more, but either they have the same features or doesn’t brew the perfect taste of espresso each time. These machines maintain the temperature of water and brew out the perfect hot shot of espresso and are also the top wanted machines in the market.