Best Ever Single Serve coffee maker Top Picks & Reviews

Coffee in my terms is an addictive drink which is good for health and boost our whole day by givinga kick start morning. For many of us, coffee is a dose that helps them to keep their body active and having a cup which is brewed in the morning, may not give you the same fresh taste; as after some time brewed coffee starts losing its taste making it bitter which may not give you the same boost that you needed. In such situation when you are a core coffee lover and drink coffee n number of times in a day you need single serve coffee maker as switching in this category will not save you from the brewing process but will surely help you to drink all time a fresh cup of coffee.

single cup coffee brewer owns the market because they are capable of brewing different coffee beverages such as Cafe latte, Espresso, Cappuccino, Ice tea and a lot other with these beverages they can also brew you a fresh cup of coffee whenever you want.
Other categories of coffee maker throw up features which dazzle our mind when we have a straight look over the convenience, but what if with that convenience you can also get a different beverage out of it. Well to gain such comfort station at your place you got to look for one cup coffee makers or K cup brewers.

These single brew coffee makers are of differnt types; they can be founded as manual single serves and automatic single serves.

Manual single serves such as ROK, Aeropress and Hario need some practice and manual work to do, but are a great brewer as brewing with these opens up the gateway of brewing coffee in your style and also by considering your coffee strength which is not adjustable in automatic coffee machines only if it doesn’t have such feature.

When we focus the flash upon automatic single serve we have category to select if you love to twist your coffee flavors and fond of switching coffee beverages time to time, then K cup coffee makers are perfect for you, but if you just need a cup of coffee quick with freshly grounded coffee beans then single serving drip coffee maker is your peer.

So, what is the best single cup coffee maker?

After understanding and picking your category in single cup brewer picking the perfect machine is not a hard task. Coffee maker companies have tried to figure out all the user needs and beautifully designed many coffee machines out which are some amazingly tearing up the heights of the coffee world. So let’s enroll our eyes in finding the perfect one out of the top single serve coffee makers.

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Top-notch Single serve brewers


1. Mr coffee BVMC-KG6-001 – A Stainless Steel K-Cup coffee maker

Mr coffee is a hefty brand in the market famous for its kitchen wares, and when we talk about its single serve coffee maker, than it’s not the same coffee machine, you use to see, this coffeemaker is a combination of two popular company Keurig and Mr coffee.

KG6-001 is a K Cup coffee maker that uses K cup for brewing your different beverages of coffee through a single coffee machine. Some other coffee machines may welcome you by showing off their starred and glittering features, but if you just need the convenience and great coffee then this is the ideal coffee maker you can get.

With the feature of using K cups for delivering plenty of different beverages this coffee machine also favors some important features to make your brewing experience more convenient.
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bvmc features
mr-coffee options
mr-coffee KG6-001 kcups

Key features :

  • One cup One minute: Hot cocoa, cappuccino, Americano, Flavored coffee whatever you want it will be delivered within one minute. So no need to wait for your cup to brew just insert the pod and your coffee is ready in less than a minute along with your favorite taste.
  • Easy and Durable: This brewer provides an easy brewing procedure which creates no mess, so no need to worry about the brewing procedure or the mess that other coffee brewers make. With the ease to operate; this coffee machine is also strong as it is constructed with the stainless steel body for longer life.
  • Big water tank : Filling the tank again and again for brewing your cup each time is not a worthy point. So to erase such work and to provide you more convenience, this machine has 40oz water tank proficient enough to brew 6 cups of coffee.
  • User friendly Control panel : Before using any machine you need to understand the control panel switches, this machine, therefore provide straight forward controls so that anyone can brew a cup of coffee easily.
  • 3 Brew sizes : Choose your perfect size from 6oz, 8oz or 10oz according to your preference. If you want more coffee then, simply press 10oz button. You can also brew coffee in any travel mug of 10oz; if you want coffee on a go, With this K Cup brewer.
Overall rating: 9 Stars (9 / 10)
Price of Mr coffee BVMC-KG6-001


2. Cuisinart SS-700 Programmable Single Cup Coffee Maker

This Programmable brewer comes with features such as programmable clock(timer), K-cup, the ability to brew different beverages, auto on/off, digital clock, brews hot and cold beverages and ability to choose cup sizes – are almost every necessary feature which make your brewing experience easy, well Cuisinart SS 700 have all these classic features along with some more to so that you can have a delightful coffee experience.

This coffee brewer is again a joint product of Keurig currently a havoc in the market as it has an innovative one touch brew technology which makes it easy to use. You can also adjust the temperature of your coffee and also pour out hot water just by pressing the button.

As you know all brewer brew same coffee only the integrated features develop the cost of the coffee machine, and this single serve machine as you now know has a list of features has a comparatively low price and is durable to adjust on your counter for a long time.


  • Easy to use.
  • Brew different beverages.
  • Built according to American electrical standards.
  • 80 oz water tank eliminates frequent water fill.
  • Brews hot and cold.

  • Can get the same taste in low price.
  • Brewing Time may not be same every time.
  • Bit Noisy.
Overall rating: 8 Stars (8 / 10) Price of Cuisinart SS-700


3. Hamilton Beach 49981A scoop coffee maker – for Pre Grounded Coffee lovers

Along with the perfect flex brew series of coffee maker this brand has also stepped in single serving coffee maker. This ultimate designed, durable one cup coffee maker is considered as the fresh coffeemaker. This stainless steel coffee machine uses your pre-grounded coffee beans to brew you every time fresh cup of coffee.

It is different from other gourmet coffee makers because of its brewing speed and perfect taste. It has all the prospects which show that it is actually bridging the gap between old style coffee machine with the new technology. This coffeemaker is a perfect solution for those who don’t like brewing with K-cup as they figure out costly too. This coffee gourmet provides you access to choose your type of coffee grounds of your favorite company and can brew out your cup easily. It also easily fits in your counter taking less space as and have features of adjusting cup size and strength from regular to bold.

Famous Features :

  • Adjustable drip tray: It has height adjustable wide drip tray to pouring coffee in different sizes of coffee mug or cup.
  • Strength settings: You can choose your coffee strength just by pressing the button. For basic coffee regular and for strong coffee bold.
  • Scoop measurement : Scoop measurement is so that you get the same and accurate taste every time. Mesh scoop along with this machine helps you to measure your grounded coffee bean perfect for brewing your fresh cup of Joe.(Available in two scoop one for single cup and another for Double cup or for travel mug.
  • Easy to brew : To brew a hot cup of coffee is with this coffee machine is a very easy work to do. You just need to fill the water and place the filled mesh scoop right in the position and its done.
  • Durable : This machine is constructed with core stainless steel body giving you better durability to serve you more.
Overall rating: 7 Stars (7 / 10)
Price of Hamilton Beach 49981A


4. Bunn MCU – All in one Coffee Machine

This is a multiple use coffee machine for multiple coffee lovers, Bunn MCU is a single brewing coffee maker, which is capable to brew almost all kinds of coffee beverage using any style, this machine has ability to brew using K cups, grounded coffee and pod with its front loading drawers which are easy to use.

Along with such brewing techniques this machine also has a stainless steel water tank and adjustable strengths for your perfect cup size from 4 to 14oz. It has a unique spray head shower system which enables better extraction of coffee flavor out of the coffee grounds, I suggest you to buy a coffee grinder and grind the beans just before brewing for tasty and refreshing coffee. You can check many bean grinder reviews here.


Specific feature – 4 interchangeable front loading drawers: The feature which makes it special is its ability to brew coffee using any source whether its your grounded coffee or pod or K cup it can brew using any of them. It has 4 front loading drawers; K-cup drawer for different beverages, Grounded coffee drawer for drip coffee, Pod drawer for flavor and Hot water drawer. These interchangeable drawers help us to brew any coffee flavor and any beverage such as hot coffee, tea or cocoa, hot water drawer help you cook soup and to brew your hot cup of tea.

Overall rating: 9 Stars (9 / 10) Price of BUNN MCU


5. Black and Decker DCM18S brew n Go personal & Affordable coffee maker

Looking for a simple ,cheap single serve coffee maker well after this your hunt will end up. This drip brew n go coffee machine is simple looking small sized machine which brew amazing coffee in no time along with the ability to adjust the strength from hard to bold, perfect for every morning. This personal coffee maker brew directly into its 15oz travel mug which is of stainless steel and thermal protected to keep your coffee hot for hours.

This machine uses ground coffee bean which is brewed in its permanent filter basket saving the cost of paper filters (paper filters can also be used). It also has an auto off feature which help to save ideal power consumption and also helps in maintaining safety. This machine has very less features compared to other makers, but brew the same quality of coffee as the other makers do, that’s why It’s about price and is perfect if you don’t want to spend more and just want a good cup of Joe.


  • Easy to operate.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Auto off.
  • No waste.
  • Great brew.
  • Brew directly in travel mug.

  • Perfect to serve only for one person.
  • Plastic body.
Overall rating: 8 Stars (8 / 10) Price of Black & Decker DCM18S Brew 'n Go


These are the best single serve coffee makers, which can serve you great coffee anytime. Now lets just take an overview of all the five single Serving together in a comparison chart, to compare them all together.


Comparison Chart

  • Body
  • Size (Inches)
  • Water tank capacity
  • Auto on/off
  • Display
  • Warranty
  • Mr coffee KG6-001
  • KG6-001
  • Stainless steel
  • 10×13×12.5
  • 40 ounces
  • NO
  • NO
  • 1 Year
  • Cuisinart SS700
  • SS700
  • Stainless steel
  • 10.2×13.5×12.1
  • 80 ounces
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • 3 Year
  • Hamilton 49981A
  • 49981A
  • Stainless steel
  • 9.8×7.6×13.5
  • 18 ounces
  • Yes
  • NO
  • 1 Year
  • Bunn MCU
  • MCU
  • Stainless steel
  • 9.2×13.5×16.5
  • 14 ounces
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • 1 Year
  • B&D DCM 18S
  • DCM 18S
  • Plastic
  • 10.2×7×6.9
  • 15 ounces
  • Yes
  • NO
  • 2 Year


Sometimes small packages may look low, but can deliver the perfection. Single serve coffee maker is always ideal for personal use though it can be used as a family coffee maker if everyone wants coffee at an alternative time with different flavors.

All these coffee machines are the best single serve are currently the talk of the town and are the top selling coffee makers from past years. Hope this list may help you to select your personal best coffee maker that can brew your amazing coffee every morning.