Coffee Maker Buying Guide – How to Buy the Right Coffee Maker

N eed a new coffee maker, but not sure which one to buy. Here this guide will help you to find the right coffee maker, according to your coffee habits. We buy a coffee maker in years and its stays with us for a long time and surely you do not want to regret for such a long time regarding your coffee maker. So just give a little time in these steps of buying guide and I assure you that after reading this guide you will be out of the confusions related to your coffee maker search and will know which coffee maker is perfectly designed for you according to your requirement and budget.

Following with the step one, in this guide we will take you to list out your requirements and advise you what type of coffee maker is good for you. Then in step 2, we will tell you more about the options you have for your type of coffee maker, then in step 3, will list out all features which can make your brewing more easily. After three step you will be clear about your preferred coffee machine, Then we will List out best Coffee Maker options so that you can compare them to select the perfect coffee machine for you.

Now let’s just start our tour for hunting down best coffee maker of your type that also suits your persona and other needs.


Step 1 –  Define your type – Know your Requirement

            Defining your type will help you to know what to look for in a coffee machine. In this step we have tried to find out different essential needs of the different people and have listed them to help you in finding coffee maker of your type.

Type of Personality


A. Don’t have time to brew your own coffee.

Love coffee but Busy

Leaving quarter a population everyone needs coffee whether it is in the morning, afternoon or at the night. And we understand that you seriously have no time to brew your own coffee manually. SO, no need to worry more as now you have an open way to choose Single serves pod coffee maker which needs no maintenance.

This type of coffee maker uses less than a minute to brew you a perfect coffee using either pod/capsule/K cups coffee and have auto descale options which cleans the coffee machine from inside. Single serve coffee maker serves a variety as according to your preferred beverage.

B. Want to brew fresh coffee but feel sluggish to grind.

love coffee no grind

It’s said that “a perfect cup of coffee needs to have freshly grounded coffee beans” and we all want perfect coffee every time which means to grind coffee bean every time before brewing your cup of coffee and that is not possible for all of us.

So what you need to do now is to choose a coffee maker which provides feature of bean to cup meaning coffee beans are placed in the bean hopper of the coffee maker that grinds the bean and then you just need to press a button to fulfill your crave of drinking a freshly brewed coffee. Generally bean to cup feature comes in fully automatic espresso and Drip coffee maker. Note: Such coffee machine are little expensive to buy but will always brew fresh coffee at low cost with almost no manual work, So it’s like one time investment.


C. Love Coffee and can give proper time in brewing

If you love coffee and can invest good time in brewing, then you have loads of GOOD options. Even If your budget is low, you are not bound with just Quick coffee makers like Pod coffee makers. You can even buy Automated Drip coffee Makers or Espresso Coffee Machines with separate Grinder, so you can ground fresh coffee beans and get a perfect cup of coffee.  As these coffee Makers may takes some time to brew but they always deliver great coffee.


D. Is Coffee not just your drink but also a medicine?

I need caffineCoffee is a caffeine drink which helps the metabolism of the body to increase its influence in the body which makes us active and vigorous. Dark coffee means sediments and some extracts which stays in brewed coffee, making it high in caffeine and such type can be brewed by using French press and percolators because when the coffee brews in such coffee makers the grounded bean stays in hot water for a few minutes which create more contact with water resulting in a high caffeine brew.

Note: Such Manual machines need good manual work and require time to brew.


E. Please! I just need a cup of coffee!

If you just need a coffee and have no interest in brewing technique or procedure, then there is no need to spend on any coffee maker, because the market is now also equipped with an instant coffee package. You just need to boil water and Add milk, sugar and instant coffee; making a quick cup of hot coffee.


Other Important Points


1. I have big family

If you live in a nuclear family, then Single Serve has enough potential to delight you all, but if you lives in joint family then you need a coffee machine which can serve more than single cup., In Market drip home Coffee makers with 4-12 cup capacity is available for such situations, you can choose and select a perfect coffee maker according to your quantity and style.

Drinking Frequency – Capacity of coffee machine also depends upon your frequency of drinking coffee i.e. 4 cups a day or 10 cups. If you drink more cups and cannot brew again and again than you can look over coffee makers with Thermal Carafe, which keep your brewed coffee hot and Fresh for 5-6 hours.


2. Budget

Coffee Maker BudgetFor a Good taste of Coffee, no need to spend hundreds of Dollars, Tasty Coffee Brewing Manual Machine Starts with as low as $25 (Like Percolators, French Press, Aero press, etc.). But if you are after Automated low cost machine then you can get Pod coffee Makers in same price.

 NOTE: Price per Coffee – Remember, doesn’t just check Coffee Makers buying price, also checks its Price per coffee Brewing. Sometimes cheap coffee makers have more expenses than the pricey coffee makers. The cheapest Automated coffee makers like Single serve coffee maker use pod which could get your daily cup in 70 cents where as Coffee Maker which use ground coffee only costs 15 cents per cup and suppose if you drink 8-10 cups in a day which could make around $1000 difference in a year so if you can’t spend more better to look each and every side to get a perfect coffee maker for yourself.


3. Cannot clean – Maintanance

If you are too busy to clean your machine and the mess happened every time you brew coffee, then you can choose single serve/ pod coffee maker, which create no mess you just need to put the pod and also doesn’t need any clean up , you just need to trash out the old pod when you want to brew again.

Descale is a feature present in almost every coffee maker. It helps in de-scaling the molds created by water in the inner walls of the coffee machine, so if you are too busy or too lazy to clean up your machine then I think you are in need of this feature.

Note– Every coffee machine needs to get de-scaled in every week so as to get perfect coffee every time.


4. Temperature 

The perfect Coffee optimal temperature stays between 195°- 205°F and many coffee machines brew either at low temperature or sometimes at  high; resulting in bitterness or loss of taste. So always remember precise and powerful 1400W heater maintains the ideal temperature of coffee.


So Now, with the help of step 1; You must have recognized your type of coffee maker according to your requirement, which is appropriate and match your personality, now let’s move further to Step 2 to merge all your options and know more about them for selecting a perfect coffee machine before considering all your preferences first.

Next Step 2 – Coffee Maker Options

Buying Guide Steps

Step 1 – Know Your Requirement

Step 2Know more about coffee Maker Options

Step 3 Important Coffee Maker Features