Ever brewed a coffee out of an old light bulb, well its possible now

brew coffee with light bulb


Brewing coffee out of the coffee maker is a common experience for all of us, but brewing coffee out of self-made coffee maker is something unimaginable. Well, This YouTube guy named Rulof Maker has successfully invented a way to transform old light bulbs into fully functional manual coffee maker.

This apparatus is keenly assembled by using many different parts which are easy to collect and can be found anywhere, such as strong glue, dropper, washers, old bulbs and bulb holders. The preparation technique of the coffee machine is audio visually explained in one of the Rulof’s YouTube videos, linked below.



This coffee apparatus follows the same rule which is used in Moka pot coffee maker; the water boils when comes in contact with heat, which creates a vacuum in the lower chamber of the apparatus, which pulls up the water to the upper chamber where the hot water brew with grounded coffee beans; the upper chamber is filled with grounded coffee bean this process takes 7 minutes of boiling procedure and soon after it the heat source is removed the temperature falls and the filtered coffee comes back to the lower chamber because of gravity. The whole process needs 8 minutes to prepare your cup, but also needs some labor work to develop the apparatus.
The procedure is a little tricky and you can say a little complex too, but is very interesting to see when it actually brews, this bulb coffee maker needs fire to boil the water so that it can create a vacuum to brew with grounded coffee beans and as the fire is removed the vacuum dissolves back and you get a hot nicely brewed coffee out of the bulb. If this interesting coffee maker comes in market, it can compete other cheap coffee maker easily(Even i will surely try this one once).
It creates a great coffee as it is a manual coffee maker, you can simply adjust your coffee strength and brew a perfect tasty coffee out of it. This man used the great mind power to develop a coffee maker out of the wastewhich proves that,

There is no word as waste, it only appears when people actually mean it and throw it away without finding the other ways to use it.

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