Award Winning Pascal Press Coffee Maker set to Launch Soon

pascal press coffee maker

Pascal Press is an invention that combines various aspects of French Press, Moka Pot, and Aeropress into one leak proof coffee maker. The invention of Pascal Press comes at a time when portable manual brewers are highly competitive. The product is currently at the pre-manufacturing stage in Canada and is set to offer a whole new experience for brewers. An innovation of a Thermofluids Engineering Master’s holder, this coffee maker comes with three important cylinders and a cup holder that makes it easy to carry.


The Pascal Press has an outer cup where the user fits a filter made of stainless steel mesh whose fineness is about 200 micron and a cylindrical rod. The convergence resembles the French Press filter system though it works in a very different way.


Simple Brewing Process

The filter in the Pascal Press goes on then settles on the floor of the vessel. The rod located at the center is made of stainless steel tube and is hollow. Once the filter rod is fitted in, coffee is added from the top, followed by water to kick off the Aeropress style immersion phase of brewing.


This coffee maker is a pressure press that derives its name from Pascal, a France physicist and mathematician of the 17th century. The Pascal Press is very similar to the AeroPress. Its inventor studied the AeroPress brewing process then turned it into a much convenient package. What makes Pascal Press different is the fact that everything is in a single unit which means that users don’t have to carry separate mugs. The Pascal Press varies from the French Press in the sense that the design of the latter is not conducive for travel since the filter does not prevent coffee from coming into contact with coffee grounds frequently. As a result, excess brewing occurs every 10 minutes. The Pascal Press separates the grounds completely, which means after brewing, the coffee that one takes has the same taste all through the day.



The Pascal Press innovator plans to run a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter to raise $50,000 starting June 21. Additional financing will be raised from other sources in addition for funds already received from Propel through the summer incubator program and the pitch that the innovation won following a successful pitch at the Seed Your Startup competition. The money raised through this campaign will help kickoff the mass production process of this coffee maker. Though the final pricing of the product hasn’t been done yet, it might retail at a cost of $40 per piece once it gets into the market.


The Pascal Press has already started receiving positive feedback on Reddit. After filing for patent, the investor posted his second prototype that was not crafted from plumbing material and could brew coffee there. It attracted a lot of attention raising it to the 6th most popular post on the Reddit coffee forum. The product has also been introduced to friends and other coffee shops like Fire Roasted Coffee where it has received valuable feedback on various variables that impact on the quality of a cup of coffee.


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