Two more famous Coffee Machine brands linked up LAVAZZA

Lavazza bought  Douwe Egberts & Mondelez international

Lavazza the largest retailer of Italy rubbed out the border for adjoining two more brands of Netherlands and US on 8th January 2015 to stiffen up the grip of revenue, additional to its own domestic market. The outlay is going around 600 million Euros and it profound to be completed by the end of the current year.

Lavazza the 7th ranking Italian company tried and is now successfully bonding with Douwe Egberts of US and Mondelez international coffee ltd of Netherland.

Both of these companies merged together and sold its each brands to Lavazza at a highest bidding price. It’s said that other equity firms were also at hand but Lavazza last the night. This Italian retailer is running its non Italian revenues at a profit of 46% and is trying to increase it to 70% by gaining the L’or (of Douwe Egbert) and Grand Mere’ (of Mondolez) both brands at approx. 600Milliom Euros.

The deal was started in October to expand the funds, but it’s seen that European Commission and other unions of France is on a urge to approve it, knowing the Lavazza total cash of above 400 million Euros compiled at the end of 2014 and is also not procuring the financial details.