How to make coffee with grind and brew coffee maker

Grind and Brew coffee brewing

Preparing a cup of coffee has a lot of steps and a long process. It involves roasting, grinding and brewing. Each step needs to be processed with perfection to achieve the perfect taste and aroma.

All the steps are processed separately using different devices and techniques. A coffee maker brews coffee to perfection using ground coffee. But to make things easier in this modern era, we can buy coffee makers which have an inbuilt grinder. There are a lot of benefits in using an inbuilt grinder type of machine.

Benefits of Using a Coffee Maker with an Inbuilt Grinder

  1. The secret to a perfectly brewed cup of coffee lies in the freshness of the ground coffee which is used. Before brewing coffee, it requires freshly ground coffee for the perfect taste and aroma. Having an inbuilt grinder in the machine itself will give you a very fresh batch of ground coffee right before brewing. What could be fresher, isn’t it?
  2. Purchasing a brewing machine and a grinder separately will go heavy on your pocket. Buying a coffee machine with grinder helps you save more than half of the amount when both are purchased together.
  3. Buying an inbuilt type of machine helps you save time too. While you do not have the time to grind coffee separately, the machine will take care of it with making the process quite simple.

One of the best coffee makers with an inbuilt grinder is the Cuisinart 900bc machine. Let us talk about the features and specifications in this particular type of machine.


Cuisinart 900bc machine Features and Specifications

This device grinds as well as brews your coffee giving the flavorful cup of coffee as desired. It makes sure that the flavor of the coffee has not been ruined while grinding, keeping the strength and the aroma intact.

  • The inbuilt grinder grinds coffee finely immediately before brewing to attain a fresh cup of coffee.
  • The program button lets you choose between the number of cups you want to brew.
  • The hopper has a sealed lid which does not allow air or water to enter, keeping the coffee fresh.
  • The strength selector button lets you choose between the type of strength you want for your coffee, ranging from mild, medium and strong.
  • The filter is composed of charcoal water which filters out all the impurities.
  • With a 3 year warranty, this machine brews up to 12 cups of coffee with a double wall insulated thermal carafe.
  • The automatic on and off button lets you control the process of brewing, shutting it off or turning it on automatically as required.
  • It has two types of filters which filters out residues as per needed.


Method of brewing coffee in grind and brew coffee maker

After talking about the specifications, let us take a look at how to prepare the much appreciated and talked about perfect cup of coffee using this machine. The steps are very simple and they take very less time.

  1. Pour the coffee beans in the hopper and seal it with the air tight lid.
  2. Next, pour water in the reservoir using the water window displayed at the side of the machine for easy measurement. It also has a charcoal water filter which easily filters out the impurities from the coffee as well as the water. Remember to replace the charcoal water filter quite often for clean coffee.
  3. Choose the number of cups and the strength of the coffee that you require using the selector button. Press the on button and the coffee beans will begin to grind.
  4. After the grinding process is over, the machine will shut off automatically. The machine also has a brewing process. When the coffee is been brewing and if you would want to pour a cup for yourself, the machine ceases the process for a while until the thermal carafe is back on the machine.



Note – Always remember to clean your machine time to time for same coffee taste every time.

With this innovative yet simple grinding and brewing method concerned with this machine, you can achieve the most flavorful coffee right at home.

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