IS your Coffee maker Bacteria Free? How to Make it…

bacteria in coffee maker


For some people coffee maker is the best invention ever made by human. Coffee Lovers brew their coffee every morning to kick start their days and many of us brew coffee for our family so if you fall into any of these categories then it’s a time for some bad news for you.

Coffee makers when not cleaned at time to time, they start developing harmful bacteria which our body can deal with but at some point they grow in high level which is enough to create illness. As according to a Swab trail conducted by KDKA in different states of the U.S.;over millions of harmful bacteria and molds were found in the coffee machine’s water reservoir, drip trays, coffee drawers and spout. This test was performed in 8 coffee machines in Pittsburgh and 20 other in Chicago and Dallas.

The germs founded were the strains of bacteria like Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas and E. coli which are the well known prospects of creating sickness in the human body. Earlier an another test was conducted by the National coffee Association and they founded that about 27 percent of consumers prefer Single Serve coffee makers and many of them forget to clean their machines timely basis.
Many coffee maker companies such as Keurig and Bunn has stated in their user-manual that “ it is important to run several brews before brewing after several days”. This removes any internal storage of old lying water in the valves, helping you to get clean and tasty coffee.


There are some other precautions too which you need to care care if you own a coffee maker such as:

  • Wipe the machine after every use if possible this will help you to maintain the cleanness of your coffee machine.
  • Clean your machine regularly dog out some time, but do it regularly as it is necessary if you are looking for a bacteria free coffee.
  • Use filtered water as it do not any impurities and minerals, which could stay up and turn into molds and clogs.
  • If possible, try to change water every day this will help in removing the germs and always close the lid of the water tank.


By maintaining all these precautions you can stay healthy and can enjoy the great taste of coffee each day as cleaning from outside will just provide outer shine, but what about the internal components so If you are suffering from clogs and molds and don’t know how to clean your coffee machine here are the steps you need to follow for perfect cleaning your coffee machines.


Things you need to collect:

  1. White vinegar
  2. Water
  3. Hot soapy water
  4. Towel
  5. Sponge


Coffee Maker Cleaning Procedure:

clean coffee machine with vinageStart by preparing a solution by filling the carafe with 3 cups of vinegar and 6 cups of water (you can also increase the strength, if your coffee maker is not cleaned in many months) now pour the solution in the coffee maker till its maximum level. Now remove if any filter or coffee pod left in your brewer and start the brew cycle.

In between the half way pause the brewing process and switch off the machine and sit back and relax for about an hour. After an houragain start the machine and let the machine complete the brewing process. Now, as it is cleaned with cleaning solution you need to brew 2 to 3 times more with fresh water to remove the solution completely from the machine. This completes the internal cleaning process now you just need to clean coffee drawer, drip tray and the other exterior parts including carafe if any.

This ends your cleaning process now your machine is ready to brew amazing coffee without any germs or bacteria to make you sick. I hope you must have decided to clean your coffee makers, it’s not a thing which you need to do its a thing which keeps you to stay healthy and also helps in providing you amazing taste of coffee again and again without any bitter taste.


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