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Overall rating: 10 Stars (10 / 10)

Do you really visit each day to coffee shop struggling in cue to pick your hot cup of joe. No need to do it more; as Hamilton 2 way brewer is the top rated and the most favorable coffee brewer, which brews amazing coffee in 2 ways flavoring the same as you get in Barista.

This brewer is unique, and is a best rated coffee maker in Top 10 best rated coffee makers list, as its design is formatted to serve the best coffee always. This coffee machine has the capability to brew 12 cups of coffee in its own glass carafe and if you in a hurry and just need a cup of coffee, then that can also be sorted out as it brews single cup too. This coffee maker is also equipped with 24 hour programmable feature which delivers you coffee at your ideal time.

Hamilton 2 way brewer uses both grounded coffee beans and soft pods for brewing, as coffee lovers sometime like to brew their own coffee with their ideal quantity and roast of bean, therefore this coffee machine is efficient for both coffee lovers and drinkers.


  • Easy to use.
  • Two way brew single and carafe.
  • Can Brew with grounded coffee beans and soft pods both.
  • Strength selector.
  • Multiple Features setting.
  • Large pot.

  • No gold filter.
  • Take 3 mints to brew single shot.
  • I tried to find more cons but failed…
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Complete Review

 Key Feature – 2-way brewing process

2 way brewing is a unique feature which helps you to decide your brew. This coffee maker has two sides single serve side and carafe side. In single serve side, brewing is for coffee lovers as it opens up the option of brewing coffee with your own ground coffee beans, which is filtered by mesh fitted in the brew basket or you can use soft pods with pod holder, whereas at another side carafe is efficient enough to make 12 full cups of brewed coffee using your own ground coffee beans.


The Hamilton brewer is made with the stainless steel for better durability. This coffee maker is designed with two water reservoir one for full pot with the capacity of 96 ounces of water and another one for Single serve with the optimum capacity of 10 ounces of water. It has stainless drip tray dish washer safe and multilevel cup rest for adjusting your cup size. It also has a carafe holding hot plate which keeps your brew warm so that it could stay fresh.

As it has 2 way brewing option, so it also has 2 brew basket one with single serve and another for 12 cups. Single serve carries two basket one in which you can pour your own ground coffee bean and in another one you can place soft pod and start brewing. This coffee machine is equipped with small LED screen along with the buttons on the control panel. Buttons such as on/off, brew strength for setting the bold or light flavor, and a program which allows you to view the function and to set the timer according to your ideal time. It also has a knob which helps you by sliding to choose your favorable single serve side or Carafe side. It is designed to satisfy each any need of coffee drinkers and lovers.


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Height 13.7 inches
Width 11.4 inches
Depth 15.2 inches
Weight 2.2 Kg
*All Dimension of Hamilton 2-way brewer-499802 Machine



This machine is unique and best preferred so feature also vary according to the preference. This coffee machine offers plenty of features which may switch your mind from any other coffee machines to this coffee maker.

The main feature of this coffee maker is its 2 way brewing process which enables you to brew either single cup of coffee or 12 cup carafe. The water reservoir of both are separate for easy and one time filling. This machine carries two filter basket one, which has a mesh filter for brewing single served (also can be brewed by pod) and another in which you can use paper filters for brewing full pot. The drip tray of single serve have Multicup rest adjust which helps you to brew your cup of Joe in your favorite cup.

Are you always worried about your habit of not turning off your coffee maker well with this you need not too, as this programmable Coffee maker is set with 2 hour auto off option to save surplus power consumption which sometimes increase your bills. The programmable coffee machine helps us to set the timer to get coffee at your best time so this machine is also equipped with the same feature with two buttons of the hour and minute to set your best time of having a cup of coffee. It also has brew strength selector to select your favorite bold or regular strength. It also has a pause n brew feature which enables you to pour a cup of coffee between the brew process through the carafe which is placed on a hot plate to serve you best and hot always.


Process and Performance:

I know, what must be running in your mind. And the answer is, yes! after all such feature this machine is still easy to use and you can brew your style easily without any confusion or mess. It takes 3 minutes to brew at single side and less than 10 minutes to brew you 12 cups of coffee.

Things to collect:-

Single serve side – Water 10 ounces, soft pod or ground coffee, and Hamilton beach 2 way brewer (49980z), your favorite cup or travel mug

Carafe side – Water 12 cups, ground coffee beans, Paper filter and Hamilton beach 2 way brewer (49980z), Carafe.


Single Serve brewing process:

  1. Pour water in the water tank of single serve side reservoir (10Oz).
  2. Slide the knob towards the single serve side and set the amount of Strength you want to put in your brew.
  3. Slide the brew basket and add ground coffee in mess filter OR place a soft pod in pod holder.
  4. Slide back the brew basket and you are ready to brew.
  5. Push up the extraction head, sweep out the pod tray.
  6. Push the brew button for start brewing.
  7. Wait for 3 minutes.
  8. Your Joe is ready to devour.


Carafe side brewing process:

  1. Pour 12 cups of water in the carafe side reservoir.
  2. Slide the knob toward the Carafe side and it will work on your last brew strength or you can change it again.
  3. Open up the extraction head and take out the brew basket.
  4. Pour grounded coffee bean in it after placing paper filter in brew basket.
  5. Set back the brew basket and it is ready to brew.
  6. Push the brew button to start
  7. Wait for a few minutes.
  8. Your 12 cup is ready to serve.

Single serve and Carafe serve both performs well and delivers an excellent cup of coffee with all essential ingredients and aroma. This coffee maker serves amazing drip coffee at an accurate hot temperature, which some time varies from single serve side. Almost all coffee maker serves great coffee, but this coffee maker along with great coffee also opens up the way of doing it for getting the best.



Hamilton beach is oddly out of others because this coffee maker is equipped with the quality features and brewing technique, which no one can reject. The only thing which might divert your mind could be its brewing time as this coffee machine takes time and for those who need instant coffee its not the thing they want, but for those who are calm and counts quality; this coffee maker is perfect for them. You’ll surely feel no regret after owning this Coffee maker as it is efficient to fulfill your coffee craves.