Keurig K425 Coffee Maker Review

When you talk about the brand Keurig, the first word that pops in your mind is efficiency. We have talked about many Keurig coffee maker models previously, which you can check on this website, in case you missed it. Today we will be reviewing one of the lesser known Keurig coffee makers, which is Keurig K425 coffee maker. Keuirg K425 coffee maker was one of the first coffee makers to offer a single cup and a whole carafe at the same time.

Keurig k425

Many coffee lovers miss out on this coffee maker model and hence we shall throw some light on its performance. I have mentioned the detailed features, its pros and cons below for you to be clearly familiar with Keuirg K425 coffee maker.


Amazon’s Customer Rating :
3.5 Star Rating 3.5 Stars (35 customer reviews)



  • Easy on/off programming button.
  • Strength and temperature control help you to adjust the taste.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Compatible with a number of brew sizes.

  • The coffee maker is made up of plastic, which can create an ambiguity in its lifelong use.
  • The taste of plastic can mingle with the taste of coffee at the end.
  • No hot water on demand.


Performance and ease of use

You can brew either one cup or an entire carafe in less than a minute with Keurig K425 coffee maker. You can also brew a number of beverages using this coffee maker, which include coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

The 70 oz water reservoir ensures that it can brew several cups of coffee at one go, without having the need to refill it again and again.

This coffee maker is easy to use as well. It has simple programmable features that allow you to brew your beverage within a short period of time. You simply need to insert the K cup inside, adjust the quantity and strength required, and press the main button to brew a hot cup of your desired beverage.


Special features

A large touch screen panel in the front of the coffee maker helps you to select the various features it carries.

It has a strength button which helps you to select the required strength, a temperature selection button and a button which lets you choose the quantity required.

Apart from the programmable features, this coffee maker contains a removable drip tray, serving size selector and a removable water reservoir.

It also has a customizable user interface wallpaper feature. There are 9 brew sizes available, which are from 4-10 oz, 12-16 oz and 22-30 oz.


Design and Appearance

The overall body is made up of plastic, yet giving a modern look overall. The touch screen panel, with XL color touch display in the middle adds to the smart design of the coffee maker.

The machine is compact and can be easily fit on any kitchen counter. A black and metal combination speaks of the main design theme of the coffee maker. It is also available in a shade of white and red.

This coffee maker is quite durable and showcases a long term performance. With a warranty of 1 year, Keurig K425 coffee maker has seen a durable life amongst users.

Coffee taste
There is a strength setting incorporated in this coffee maker, which helps you to set the taste and strength of the brewed coffee. A mild strength setting produces a mild taste coffee, followed by a medium strength and strong strength.

Cleaning compatibility
Cleaning of this coffee machine is quite easy. The removable water reservoir and drip tray helps in easy cleaning. Since K cup pods are used, this machine does not create a mess and hence has minimal maintenance.


How to use Keurig K425 coffee maker


Compatible pods
The compatible pods with this coffee maker are K cup pods and K carafe pods with brew sizes of 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz and 12 oz.


Is there any better option?

If we are looking for a better option than Keurig K425 coffee maker then we have Keurig K525, which has a better water reservoir capacity of 80 oz and claims 10 brew sizes of 4-10 oz, 12-16 oz and 22-30 oz. Having strength and temperature controls, this coffee maker gives an extra feature of hot water on demand.

It possesses the feature of Auto-Brew as well. It also provides night light, which allows you to brew coffee at night with comfort.

How many people are satisfied?

This machine has a rating of 4 stars out of 5 in most of the websites and users are quite satisfied with the coffee maker. Most of the users recommend it to their friends and family, and many of them plan to gift it to fellow coffee lovers.

Our verdict

This coffee maker is definitely meant for coffee lovers, and also for those who drink coffee occasionally. Complete with all the necessary features, this machine provides one of the best coffees at the end. It possesses almost all requirements which are required to make a coffee machine functional, durable and efficient. We highly recommend the Keurig K425 coffee maker.

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