Procizion 34oz french press

Procizion 34oz french press
Overall rating: 10 Stars (10 / 10)

The Good – This french press contains 3 mesh filter specially to extract out all the sediments of the coffee for getting a perfect brew and the carafe is made up of borosilicate glass which very very temperature resistant and also helps in maintaining the temperature of the brew.

The Bad – As far the only bad thing about this french press is that you need to put on hands to brew your coffee, but that the only way french brew. If youlove to brew coffee manually,then it is the perfect press pot you can get.

Around the world frenchpress is known as the best way for professionals to brew a fresh cup of coffee. The French press is a manual coffee maker, which enhances the true taste of coffee when brewed in it. This is a very old technique and is still in consideration with the same concept. Earlier french press method only contradict by using different types of filter. Attilio Calimani who invented and patented french press used cheesecloth to filter coffee and now it is changed into metal filters but still the procedure remained the same.
Procizion is a new generation french press, which uses the same procedure, but stands alone when it comes in structure.

This french press is constructed with glass body with stainless steel housing covering the glass to protect it from the jerks as similar to the bodum french press; but when it comes about filtration then this machine has a triple filter to extract even the tiniest granules of coffee so that it doesn’t stick around your teeth which we are in habit off.


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In market there are many types of french presses available and each looks similar to one another, which makes us hard to choose the perfect one. Well, if we talk about this french press then one can call it a lone ranger as this french press uses nearly no plastic all its body is made up of either glass or stainless steel. Its has 34 Oz borocilicate carafe which holds the temperature of the coffee and can bear high temperature. Its plunger is made up of stainless steel with three mesh filters attached at the end of the plunger.

Just for better durability of the french press and to protect the glass carafe for any types of breaks the outer body is strapped with stainless steel bars attached with a perfect handle for easy lifting and pouring.
It is of light weight and the actual size measure around17.3 x 23.2 x 37.4 inches making it easy to carry and to brew any where you want.



Brew a litre: This coffee maker brew 34oz of coffee on a go which is adequate enough for 8 cups of perfectly brewed coffee. The carafe is made of durable, heat-resistant borosilicate glass with stainless steel lid covered inner lined with BPA free plastic so that the lid does not get hot.

Triple Brew Filters: As you know this French press is the only coffee maker, which has this unique quality of usinga triple filter system which helps in extracting your coffee smallest particle making it perfect for drinks and also helps in perfect extraction of subtle flavors.

Classic Design: The first look of this french press can make you to deal for it. Its chrome plated housing covering the glass with stainlesssteel lid give an amazing and shiny look. It looks great on the counter tops.

Easy to Clean: All the parts of the french press is easy to clean, so no need to worry about giving time in cleaning the coffee maker.

BPA free plastic Lid: The inner lid of the french press is covered with Plastic lid so that the outer part remains cold. The plastic used in the press pot does not contact with brewed coffee, even during or before the brewing process. But still if it does then no worries as the plastic is BPA free.


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Things to collect: Coarse grounded coffee, hot water, Procizion french press.

  1. Measure and add coarsly grounded coffee bean in the carafe.
  2. Add little hot water in it then stir it so that coffee grounds do not form lumps and result in more extraction of the flavor.
  3. After firm stir fill the carafe with the hot water and cover the lid.
  4. Leave the french press for 4 minutes for the perfect extraction.
  5. Slowly press the plunger to the end.
  6. This makes your perfect french press coffee.




This french pot is an amazing coffee brewer, generally people who love to drink bold and strong coffee, opt brewing with french press, but they all have the similar problem of small coffee granules in their cup of Joe. Keeping this in mind Procizion French press kept triple filters so that no granules can escape through it. This is a perfect manual coffee maker. It can be a perfect gift for your favorite coffee buddy and can also be used during the travel.