Types of coffee makers

Coffee making is an elegant process where actual quantity and proper brewing techniques is used. Coffee machine entirely depends on the lifestyle and the type of coffee you like. We understand that choosing a right machine may become difficult for you; this article may help you out to find out your need.

As there are many types of coffee maker available in the market with different brewing procedure. So, let us take a closer look of the procedures followed behind the different coffee makers.


Top 7 Types of Coffee Machines

According to Brewing Techniques

1. Percolator

PercolatorAmong the group of coffee makers this was the mostly used coffee maker in 19th Century. Though percolators earlier mostly treated USA but now it is available in all parts of world.

Percolators are made according to your safety and convenience in mind. This is a typical piece of apparatus used for brewing coffee and can prepare anywhere from 4 to 12 cups of coffee. Mostly it is constructed with aluminum but is also available in copper and stainless steel. When you will see it simply have two sections; one is filled with water and another with coarsely ground coffee. It needs a heat source which could be stove or some have inbuilt heating devices attached, you just need to insert the plug and get it started, soon it will start boiling the water which passes through the channel, creating a gurgling noise and drips again back surpassing the coffee grounds and this process is repeated till the aroma didn’t pleases you and it is ready to serve.


2. Moka pot

Moka potThis technique receives excellence of creating the widest customers and becoming the most popular stove top espresso maker in the world. Moka pot is widely used in Italy and was founded in 1933. Moka pot merge the uniqueness of Espresso and percolator coffee. It mainly consists of three bedded chambers for water, grounded coffee and for finished brewed coffee.

The procedure is somehow similar to the old one; the water is filled in the bottom chamber and the fine grinded coffee in the middle one. When the heat source is applied the water travels through the chamber surpassing the coffee grounds to the final chamber which can satisfy your demand of espresso coffee in a minute.

Makers such as, Bialetti moka produce rich and authentic espresso in minutes.


3. French Press

French PressWhen you really need a super strong coffee in less time, this is the best to have. Though French press is also known as Press Pot, Coffee Press, Coffee Plunger, Cafetiere or Cafetiere a piston so there is no need to worry as they work on the same principle. According to WikiPedia French press was exposed in 1958 in France. This technique is widely used in Northern Europe and it is the best portable and self contained device which you can use to brew a perfect pleasurable coffee.

French press is the simplest way to get a good cup of coffee. Hot water is poured into it with the coarsely grounded coffee for brewing. Then the combination is stirred and marinated for 3 to 5 minutes before slowly stabbing the plunger affixed with wire mash which filters the residue. You will find small amount of sediment remaining as paper filter is not used in it but will fill you up with a great, dark coffee. I personally use it as it offers me a strong character of coffee.


4. Vacuum coffee maker

Vaccume Coffee MakerIt may look like an experiment machine but it derives true cup of coffee with exclusive preparation technique. Vacuum coffee maker is also known as Vac pot. It emerged in 1840 in France and commonly used in Japan. Vacuum brewers are generally made up of glass and have a tendency to provide great cup of coffee but can take a lot of patience and costly time of yours.

If you are making a guess by the name then it’s correct. Yes, it works on a simple process of suction created by vacuum. It generally consists of three parts lower chamber, upper chamber and a filter. The apparatus is accumulated by a tight seal which help to create vacuum inside. You need to pour the water in the lower chamber and coarsely grinded coffee into the filter placed in the middle. Then just apply the heat source which helps creating steam to travels through a funnel directly to upper chamber where it blend with the coffee grounds placed in the filter for brewing. So here the magic begins when you will see a small amount of water left behind in the lower bowl which keeps on steaming maintaining the temperature constant. You have to maintain it for 2 minutes. After it remove the heat source which will enable the lower filter to cool quickly making the vacuum, which again bring back the brewed coffee to the lower chamber removing all the sediments through filter, and is now ready to serve. It is an effective method to extract all the essential oils to get a great cup of coffee and it is also looks fantastic to watch.

Companies such as Hario of Japan, Cona of England Silex and Sunbeam of U.S. provide the best available vac pots in the market.


5.  Drip coffee maker

Drip Coffee MakerThis is a pretty simple machine to use. Drip coffee maker is ideal for those who drink filter coffee. Drip or filter coffee making method originated from Germany in 1954. This is the most common method of brewing coffee and is commonly used is USA. This machine consists of filter mainly of two types paper filter which needs to be changed every time you brew your coffee and metal or plastic filter which are permanent only need to be cleaned up. Mainly people go for paper filter but some say it gives papery taste. Actually paper filter absorb the extracted oil which helps to give a wonderful taste to coffee whereas metal filters do not.

This process starts when the hot water is poured over the medium or finely grinded coffee placed in a filter. In automatic machines water is been sprayed over the grounds whereas manually it will be great to slowly pour the water over the fine grinded coffee. Even Few Drip coffee makers comes with inbuilt grinder called combo makers. It is available in different sizes and features according to your needs.


6. Espresso Coffee maker

Espresso MachineEspresso machine may come across of being a mysterious and intimidating but what you just need to know is basics, after that it can pleasure you to feel like your own Barista. Espresso maker is invented in Italy in 19th century. It is the fastest growing method for earning a good cup of coffee. It got its great consumption from US and Italy. Espresso machines are commonly of 3 types; semi automatic, automatic, and fully automatic which varies on pump method and pressure method.

Pump method is used in semi automatic machine whereas pressure method is used in automatic machine. The Espresso machine basically forces boiling water through the finely grinded coffee directly into demitasse cup. The features present in machine also help in providing a great cup of Cappuccino and Latte which is simply done by adding espresso in nicely skimmed milk.

Some machines like Gaggia classic can give an amazing espresso you will surely like.

7. Thermal coffee maker

Thermal coffee brewerThermal coffee maker is directly related to the insulated carafe. The main difference between the Coffee maker and Thermal coffee maker is that the coffee is straightly directed in the Thermal carafe which helps to maintain the temperature of coffee for a long time without losing its aroma and taste whereas in normal Coffee Maker the coffee leaded directly to the cup or glass carafe which sooner or later will make your coffee cool and not eligible for drinking. It’s always better to choose thermal coffee makers. They will help to protect the aroma and bliss of your brewed coffee.


According to Different Coffee requirement

People tend to pressurize their mind while buying a Coffee machine but the main factor behind choosing the perfect requirement is to choose your favorite taste. Many of you like Espresso whereas some prefer black coffee. There are many machines available in the market which can seriously impress you with the coffee maker of your choice. Some coffee machines also provide functions of brewing different beverages. So just keep your eyes open for the best you buy.


According to Capacity

Capacity entirely depends upon your usage. If it is for commercial purpose size varies according to the people, there are maximum 12 cup machines available in market which can instantly fill you up with it but if you require a machine which can serve you a single cup than machines like single serve can dip you a hot cup of coffee. So before buying any machine it is prior to look upon your needs first.


Automatic (Electric) or Manual Coffee Maker

 I don’t want to mystify you by influencing which one to buy, but I can sort your nerve-racking problem by telling you there efficient usage. The main difference between automatic and manual machine is that on one you cannot control the procedure; once the button is pushed your coffee is out, but the advantage comes here when you use manual machine as you can control brewing method in your own style. So just choose the one which suits you. If you really are not bothered about the procedure and just need a great cup of coffee soon after you wake up in the morning then automatic is best for you and if you are anxious about your great cup then better to prefer manual machine.

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