Things to Consider Before Buying A Keurig Model

How To Choose Your Model From Huge Keurig Models List

Keuirg coffee machines have been in popular demand since quite a while now. With exceptional features and amazing results, this brand has been preferred over others many a times. When you hear about single serve coffee makers, Keuirg is the name which occurs in coffee lovers’ minds.

Keurig Models

But with an endless list of Keuirg coffee makers available today, it is really a daunting task to choose one. With each model having intimidating features and performance, you would get really confused if asked to buy one. So to ease out the task, we have compared and sorted down a guide which will help you to choose your Keuirg model.


First know – Why Should You Choose Only a Keurig Coffee Maker?

Before sorting out the best Keurig models, we shall firstly discuss about why you should prefer a Keurig model above others. There is no ambiguity of why this brand is the most renowned amongst the other brands available today. There are multiple reasons to it.

Firstly, Keurig coffee makers are instant on delivering fresh cups of beverages within no time. This machine also has a number of cup sizes to offer, from 4 oz to travel mugs. There are a number of settings to choose from, which is especially useful for beginners. You can select from the strength of the coffee that you desire to brew along with instant brewing. You can also pre-program the settings to brew coffee instantly even before you wake up. This saves time and is ideal for working people. K cups are a speciality of Keurig models, wherein they carry fresh coffee and are sealed.

Amongst a number of other reasons to prefer a Keuirg model, these are the prime ones. A Keuirg model is one of the most simplest and efficient coffee makers out there.

Features to Look Out For

Buying a coffee maker needs proper research and knowledge of the features it carries. There are a number of Keurig models with the same features, but they vary minutely in respect to one feature to more, that’s why Keurig designed many model. The below mentioned points should be considered before buying a coffee maker. Make sure that the model you choose carries all important features and is thoroughly efficient.

1. Purpose

It is important to note the purpose or the place where you want to install the coffee maker. All coffee makers are designed according to different purposes. For instance, you cannot buy a coffee maker designed for household purpose for your office or other commercial places. You need to look out for the apt models according to your location.

2. Cup size serving

Keurig is specially known for single serve coffee, but you get an option to choose from single serves to travel sizes in various models. Consider the number of people using the machine, your regular commute and requirement of cups per person. This will help you to choose from the coffee makers which have an option of cup sizes.

3. Compact and portability

Many people have small counter space in their kitchens and thus this aspect is necessary for them to consider. You need to look for a coffee maker that perfectly fits on your kitchen counter or your cabinet. Others also consider taking the coffee machine during long travel plans, which is why it is important for them to consider the portability factor and whether it is compact or not.

4. Programmable features

Some people who are in a hurry in the morning need their coffee straight up, without wasting any time. There are certain programmable features in some coffee makers which help in brewing the coffee before you even wake up, hence saving time.

Keurig programmable feature

5. Silent models

Some people hate the noise of coffee makers when they are under the brewing process. An intelligent feature known as Quiet Brew Technology brews the coffee in silence, hence keeping the entire process as quiet as possible. Only a few Keuirg models offer this feature.

6. Hot water brewing

Many Keuirg coffee makers have the option of hot water dispenser, which instantly produces hot water within to speed up your brewing process and have the coffee made in no time.

7. Cost

All Keurig models differ in one aspect or the other, and hence they are priced at different rates. Even if one coffee maker model has all the required features but is priced at an expensive rate, it is of no use. You should reconsider all the features and aspects of the Keuirg model, including its affordability.

keurig price list

8. Water reservoir capacity

Some models have a water reservoir capacity which can brew only one cup of coffee, while others have a larger capacity. If you require more than one cup at a time, it is advisable to go for a larger capacity model, which will save you the need of refilling it again and again and will become much efficient. Some models also have removable water reservoirs which can be refilled easily.

You can pitch in your important features and compare all the coffee makers to make sure that you buy the right one within your budget. And if you are totally new in buying coffee mchines, check our complete buying guide here.

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