Buying Guide Step 2 – Coffee maker Options You have

After recognizing your requirement completely, now let’s take a deep look on major coffee maker options, Check there benefits and see if they fits in your requirements completely. Also know more about your type of coffee maker along with drawbacks too, so that you know each and everything before you buy.


Drip coffee maker

Drip Coffee MakerDrip coffee maker makes coffee using ground coffee bean which is brewed by using hot water. This type of coffee maker brews from 1 to 14 cups of coffee at a time. These are automatic coffee makers, which will give you a perfect brew and also serves the best.

Price range:  The price starts with $30 but to get a good featured drip coffee machine the price stands at $100 and for the modern featured machine the price lift max at $1000.



Benefits –
  • Volume:  With automated drip coffee maker, you can brew a lot of coffee at a time. Other automated coffee brewer brew max 3 cups, but this coffee maker is efficient in brewing anywhere from 1 to 14 cups at a time.
  • Filter: You can use your own type of filter (Paper filter or gold filter). Filter vary according to the need of the people, if you need hard coffee than gold filter else prefer paper filter.
  • Cheap: These coffee machines are less expensive, the price only increases when the features are added i.e. more feature you like the more expensive coffee machine will become.
  • Consistency: This coffee maker is consistent as it can brew your coffee continuously without losing its taste for a long time.
Drawbacks – 

  • Maintenance:  Drip maker needs cleaning time to time for brewing the same taste again and again.
  • Strength:  Coffee brewed by Drip coffee maker may brew soft than that of manual drip coffee makers.
  • Devoted: Drip coffee makers cannot brew other beverages like espresso and cold coffee. They only brew plain hot coffee.

If that’s what you are looking for then check out the best drip coffee maker list here.


Espresso coffee makers

Espresso Coffee MakerEspresso coffee maker is a standard form of brewing coffee. This style makes dark and bold coffee, which also acts as a base to make other beverages too such as cappuccino, red eye, and more. Making espresso needs no time but proper measurements. This beverage needs finely grounded coffee beans which then is brewed by little amount of hot water. The brew uses either pump machines or by pressure machines to extract a great cup of coffee.

Price Range:  The price range starts at $40 with no basic features, the basic feature machine prices to $150 and the modern featured espresso machine Max at $2000


Benefits – 
  • True coffee:  Espresso maker pulls out each and every essential oil from the coffee making hard and bold coffee with pleasant crème over it.
  • Base:  Espresso acts as a base for many beverages such as latté and cappuccinos. You can try different flavors by adding milk and water in it.
  • Two cup:  Some machines such have dual spouts help us to brew a double cup at a time or to brew a double shot espresso for you.
Drawback – 
  • Expensive:  Espresso machines may come under low price but Good espresso machine will cost more than all.
  • Not easy to brew:  Espresso making is an art and one needs to practice for brewing a perfect cup of espresso.

You can view most popular Espresso machines in the world right now here.



Single serve or pod coffee maker

Single Serve Pod Coffee MakerTo brew a cup of coffee each time in these busy days is bit difficult. So, Single serve and pod coffee makers are made to quickly serve one cup at a time. This style of brewing a coffee is easy to operate and the most convenient source of brewing coffee instantly. It uses pre-packaged pod and brew your cup within a minute.

Price Range: These are cheap coffee makers that start your brew at $19 but the basic features are necessary so the price moves to $80 but if you need modern features then the price can lift up to $300.


Benefits –

  • Easy clean up: In Single serve coffee makers you just need to brew and throw away the pod.
  • Cheap: Single serve machine are cheap and are available in various colors and sizes.
  • Efficient: It is a perfect machine for office and for nuclear family as one can choose its styles of coffee and brew it at an ease.
  • Flavors: This machine offers various pod flavors to choose so you can change your taste every time you like.
  • Different beverages: Single serve coffee makers are capable of brewing different beverages at an ease. Like Tea, cold coffee and cappuccinos.
  • Very Quick: They are fast and brew perfect coffee within a minute.
Drawbacks – 

  • Expensive brew: Single serve uses pod which cost you more than drip or espresso coffee makers.
  • Pollution: Pods used in these coffee machines are made up of plastic which creates pollution.
  • Single cup: This coffee maker can only brew one cup at a time.

You can find more info about Perfect Single serve k Cup coffee maker here.



Manual coffee maker

Manual Coffee Machine French Press, Percolator, Aero press and Moka pot are the pure Manual Coffee Makers, people still use them in such an advance world because they have some unique benefits. These coffee makers are easy to brew machine. They use manual energy rather than electrical sources. These machines are the signature of coffee making. Earlier coffee used to brew in old manual maker, but today we are equipped with great manual coffee makers which brew amazing black and espresso coffee at an ease.

Price Range: They are low budget coffee makers and are available in the market at the maximum price of $50.

Benefits –

  • Low Price: Comes in Very low price and Brews Tasty Hard Coffee.
  • Bold Coffee: Want dark coffee, then manual coffee maker is best to serve you high caffeine coffee with sediments present in it.
  • Style: With this coffee maker you can brew coffee using your own technique of brewing.
  • Travel: You can brew anywhere as they do not need ant power source.
Drawbacks – 

  • Time: Manual coffee makers takes time to brew as it all depends upon your speed of brewing and also take hard work to brew but if you love making coffee then it’s a part of fun.
  • Mess: Brewing may create some mess and spills as you have to brew a perfect coffee with perfect amount of ingredients.


Have a look on Aero press; A Best Manual Coffee Maker review which brews Great Espresso Coffee…


After reading it, I am sure you must have selected your type of coffee maker. In market there are many features available in these coffee makers, which may increase the price but will also ease the use of these coffee makers for you to brew a perfect coffee. So before going any further let’s check out some of the important feature of these coffee makers.


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