Coffee and your Health: Benefits and Risks

coffee and health


Is it just about the coffee flavor or its caffeine which inherent the habit of drinking coffee in us? Many studies have suggested that coffee drinkers are mostly addicted to the caffeine present inside coffee bean, and categorize coffee as a drug.

In this blog we will know the real truth behind this mystery.

Well, if we talk about coffee and say it, as “drug” is not a wrong word to use. Coffee contains addictive content that leads us to habituation, but is it harmful? We all know the drug is harmful, but coffee is a unique category of drug, which if consumed in decent quantity helps in providing benefits to our body and health, but taking it in excessive amount can lead to risks too.

So, without any delay let’s look forward and check out the benefits and the risks involved in your coffee drink.


Benefits of coffee:

You can start counting your benefits of coffee from the day you start drinking it (not more than 4 cups a day). Coffee has a divisive property and act as a stimulant for our body. Here are a few benefits of coffee that states coffee as a healthy drink.


Help you to cut out weight:

There are several studies which show caffeine is a fat burner, thus it is always an ingredient of fat burning supplements. Caffeine helps in burning the body fat and also boost the metabolic rate by 4-11%, which also track us, to work out more each day helping you to lose weight and to be in shape.
Caffeine is known as a rare natural substance that can actually act as an aid to burn fat.


Improve physical performance

You revitalize yourself by drinking coffee well, everyone do it, coffee act as a central stimulant which effects on our physical and psychological body function making you active and more energetic from your normal lifestyle. Even athletes drink coffee before practice and performance all because coffee gives sudden boost by increasing the blood pressure and the rate of heart pump resulting in a sudden energy flow in your body.


Lower the risk of many diseases including diabetes and cancer.

If you see coffee as a health perspective, then it has bought more of a positive and less of a negative effect. Coffee when studied brought out many benefits, which can cure various types of diseases, especially those type two of diabetes that are more common among the people as coffee has a combination of chemicals present, which increases metabolism., it also protects from Alzheimer’s disease and act as a remedy from Parkinson’s disease. After the exposure of these remedies, later a few more health benefits came forward, which specified that- drinking coffee can also act as a possible cure for liver and colo-rectal cancer too.

Let’s See What Discovery Research Says about Coffee and its Effect on our Body:


Act as the biggest source of antioxidants

Our body needs stimulant to control the digestion and the effective working, around the world coffee is known as an antioxidant, which acts as a stimulant of our body, but conditions vary as coffee need to be consumed in regular amounts. For those who opt for standard diet coffee may act as a healthy part of their diet.


Improves energy level and make you smart

Gaining the lost energy is important during the load of work and duty. Human body consume food and gain energy, but as the work increases the energy loses its strength, making us lazy and tired, Coffee always acts as a stimulant for gaining energy, coffee contains caffeine one the best known stimulant also the most commonly consumed psychoactive compound preferred by many. Caffeine has a tendency to get absorbed in the bloodstream, raising our dopamine level leading to boosted energy flow in the body and also increases mental strength making you smart to perform easily your active day life.

Coffee may endure possible benefits which help in providing you protection and cure against many sorts of diseases, but some studies also suggest that drinking coffee can also be worse for your health as if coffee is consumed in excessive amount or in more amount than regular, it may create problems related to heart and stomach.



So, lets find out what can be the possible risks involved with drinking coffee.


Excessive Coffee Can make you Sick

Coffee as Heart Killer

As coffee act as a stimulant coffee can also create heartburn, if it is consumed in excessive amount. Many people are switching their coffee habit from caffeinated to decaffeinated so that they can consume less of caffeine, but problems are also seen in Decaf Coffee too, as they also contains some oils, acids and various compounds with laxatives and mineral blocking effect that create acid causing    heartburn problems.

Actually C affine create heart burn due to its tendency to relax the lower esophageal sphincter. When you absorb food this muscle tightens so that your food stays down, but caffeine relaxes these muscles resulting in uneven food movement causing inflammation and heartburn.


Kidney to coffee

Do you eat mineral rich food, but still couldn’t able to fulfill your body mineral needs, well this may be the other problem caused because of high amount of coffee drinking. Coffee affects the ability kidney and stomach to absorb minerals such as iron in the stomach and calcium, magnesium and other more minerals in kidney well these entire minerals act as a digestive minerals in our body, and also improves the health.

Minerals are very important for maintaining human body, almost every heavy coffee drinker lacks magnesium in body which later or sooner effects kidney.


H Cl- From coffee to body.

Drinking coffee just after you wake up in an empty stomach may not be the first correct thing to do in the morning, as Coffee stimulated Hydrochloric acid, which could lead to bad stomach as H Cl is only important for digestion but the increase in its quantity may cause problem in digesting large meals. Lack of hydrochloric acid may lead to improper digestion of proteins, which may lead to colon- cancer or gas and Diverticulitis.


Coffee as Laxative

Coffee can act as a laxative, means coffee when consumed stimulate peristalsis, which act as a laxative, as many of them drink it deliberately, but there is a problem with it. Coffee by stimulating peristalsis, which directly pass the stomach, food directly to the small intestine without the absorption of minerals and proper breakdown.

When such activities happen in your stomach it makes difficult for nutrients to be absorbed increases the chances of gastric problems and inflammation.


Acrylamide in Coffee

Do you know coffee can cause cancer if its beans are roasted darker. Acrylamide is a cancer causing substance that develops when the beans are roasted at high temperature. Acrylamide is prone in America as many people like to drink coffee with beans dark roasted for bold taste and darker coffee which proved to be dangerous. Actually Acrylamide is a possible carcinogen which is found in starchy foods that have been baked or roasted at high temperature. As it is found in other edible beverages and food too, but if you relate it with coffee, then just try to roast coffee a little less, so that you can be safe from health problems



In the world everything has its limit so do coffee, when Fresh coffee is consumed in proper quantity with proper roasting and brewing(by bean to cup machines), it act as a stimulant and cures various diseases in our body but if your coffee consumption is more than it’s the time to bring changes in your coffee habit, as an alternative you can also drink other caffeine drinks such as tea and energy drinks as they have low caffeine present inside them.

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