Top 10 best coffee drinks in the World with Recipes (Most Consumed)

Top 10 coffee drinks


C offee is everyday dose for some people to initiate their day and is being consumed for many years. Around the world, there are many beverages to quench thirst, each person has its own need and want as some drink wine, some are satisfied with tea and most of them drink coffee. The reason behind maximum coffee drinkers is that, coffee is healthy and also provides acceleration to the body to stay active all day long. Coffee is varied in many different styles which are distinct in different part of the world. Some parts brew coffee by mixing it with water, some do it with milk and some mix both whereas most of them just need dark coffee.

Coffee is being characterized by humans after diving deep into the world of coffee or you can say by being addictive or passionate. If we look back at the history of coffee, it was first brewed with water soon this water changed to milk and now it is also brewed by adding alcohol in it. It may be a hot coffee or cold each and every different coffee drink is someone’s favorite, as in most of the case you step into a cafe and go over the menu again and again just to try understand which coffee drink will be perfect for you, so now let’s look into some of the most consumed, preferred and favorite coffee styles in world to help you decide which one is perfect for your great taste.

1st Espresso:

1 Espresso CoffeeIf you are still thinking of what coffee drink is the best in the world? Then, no need to think more because Espresso is the best and the most consumed drink around the globe also Espresso is the best Tasting Coffee for most of us and . This coffee style is unique and originates from Italy in early 18th Century. Espresso is a popular beverage in Europe and is now gripping over America. Currently, most of the Americans stop at the doors of coffee shops such as Starbucks to sip an espresso cup every day, it could be you too, but the main thing to understand is how to prepare rich hot espresso drinks.

Espresso is brewed by using boiling water and steam of about 185 to 203°F. This drink uses less amount of water and is prepared by Best Espresso coffee machine, which uses high pressure through darkly roasted coffee grounds making a denser cup of black coffee. Espresso is used as a base for many coffee varieties such as Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha, Macchiato, Americano and many more just by adding milk, whisky and water.
This is an Italian style drink nearly takes 7-8gm of coffee with less water, making a perfect cup of 2.5Oz and is ready to serve within 30 seconds. A perfect espresso cup has a thick brownish golden crème with amazing aroma lingering around you. Just try adding different beverages into the base of espresso and beating out every flavor you’ve tasted in any coffee shop.

Espresso Coffee Recipe:

  1. Place finely grounded coffee beans in filter basket of coffee maker
  2. Brew with small amount of water
  3. Espresso is ready

2nd Americano:

2nd Americano CoffeeAmericano is a proper American coffee, which can be defined as blending hot water and espresso together, looks similar as black coffee is, but with different flavor. Americano is actually originated during world war as said “The American soldiers use to mix hot water and espresso in Italy in order to get the same taste as they were accustomed of”. So the name was then accustomed as American coffee later been said as Americano or Café Americano.

Americano is a further step ahead of espresso. For making Americano you need to infuse hot water in a shot of espresso. Generally the ratio stands at 1:1 but mostly water is added according to the strength one needs. Different strengths produce different tastes. Select the best strength according to your choice and enjoy Americano at your own coffee shop.

Americano Coffee Recipe:

  1. Brew a perfect cup of espresso.
  2. Add hot water according to obtain your perfect strength.
  3. Your Americano is ready.

3rd Iced coffee:

3rd iced coffeeIced coffee is actually coffee over the ice cubes. Yes! It is a cool variant of coffee, which is one of the favorite beverages among the people during the spring off set. Iced coffee is originated back in the 17th century in Algeria; it was first prepared using coffee syrup with cold water.

Now days, Cold coffee is prepared in many ways and in many varieties by adding cappuccinos, cream, ice-cream and many more. Among these the most common way of making coffee is by soaking the coffee bean into the water over the night, then been filtered to finally mix with milk and sweetener and is then refrigerated for some time to be served with ice later.

Iced Coffee Recipe:

  1. Soak coffee bean in water over the night.
  2. Filter the water next day.
  3. Mix it with milk and sweetener.
  4. Refrigerate it some for time.
  5. Serve with ice.


4th Cappuccino:

4th Cappuccino coffeeIt is an Italian drink, which was originated in late 16th Century by the name “Kapuziner” and later actually coming into existence in 1930’s forming an Italian name from the color.

Now days, cappuccino is quick and simple to prepare with the help of certain espresso maker. Preparation of Cappuccino involves espresso shot which is later been added with steamed milk and milk foam with chocolate and cinnamon sprinkled on top of it. Cappuccino is famous in UK influenced by British of drinking coffee with milk.
Cappuccino being most difficult espresso based drink is prepared with the correct quantity of milk and milk foam which requires attention to make properly. Cappuccino is also prepared as iced cappuccino also known as “Ice Capps” which is prepared by refrigerating coffee beverage and is then blended with milk, chocolate, Cream, or Ice-cream upon the customer preference.

Cappuccino  Coffee Recipe:

  1. Brew a perfect cup of espresso
  2. Add hot milk with foam on it.
  3. Garnish with chocolate powder or cream according to your preference.
  4. Your Cappuccino is ready.

5th Red eye:

5 Red EyeAlso known as a shot in the dark and depth charge. If regular coffee is not perking you up try extra dark red eye coffee to shake you up. This coffee drink is a patent of Caribou coffee. This beverage is again an espresso based drink which is prepared by using drip coffee. It is a drink in which single shot of espresso is added in drip coffee to be known as red eye. If a double shot of espresso is added then it is called as black eye and similarly more is known as shot in the dark.
Red eye is basically for those people who are over with espresso and find no strength in drip coffee. So in order to attain the strength, the stronger coffee is discovered just by mixing shot of espresso in dark roasted drip coffee brew with drip coffee maker.

Red eye Coffee Recipe:

  1. Brew a perfect drip coffee( French press recommended)
  2. Then brew a single/ double/ triple shot of espresso.
  3. Add espresso in brewed coffee.
Red Eye Coffee Recipe

6th Latte macchiato

6 Latte macchiatoLatte macchiato is also known as stained milk drink. This Coffee style is popular from Italy. Latte Macchiato is a drink which is consumed by those who do not like hard coffee such as espresso and find no strength in cappuccino. So this style is marked with little amount of hot milk with a shot of espresso.
Most of the people in Italy drink cappuccino in the morning and as the afternoon rises they drink Latte Macchiato, just to add up some more taste and strength. Latte Macchiato is a drink which is prepared by frothing milk to obtain perfect temperature and foam. Then half a cup of espresso is added on to it in your latte glass. This brings up three layers, one of milk, another of espresso and with the top of the foam. You can add chocolate or cinnamon if needed.

 Latte macchiatoCoffe Recipe:

  1. Brew a half cup of espresso
  2. Add espresso in little amount of froth milk.
  3. Garnish it with chocolate powder or cinnamon.
  4. Your macchiato is ready.
Latte Macchiato Coffee Recipe

7th Turkish

7 Turkish coffeeTurk Kahvesi’ a Middle Eastern drink, which has its entire element different from all other coffee, Turkish coffee was mainly preferred during the time of World War 2 and then as the time proceeded more beverages came into existence. Turkish coffee was earlier known as coffee until Instant coffee was introduced.
Turkish coffee is brewed using a narrow-topped small boiling pot which is traditionally made of copper with a wooden handle known as ibrik (Kanaka), now days you can get it in aluminum and non stick coated boiling pots. The preparation needs finely ground coffee bean with sugar and a teaspoon and Ibrik (size according to the number of cups).

This is easy preparing coffee as you just need to boil the water (1.7Oz per cup) adding sweetener, soon when it starts to boil, add a teaspoon of coffee in it (one teaspoon for one cup) and re boil. After a minute, remove from heat wipe out the accumulated foam and stir appropriately. Then boil it again. This will bring you up a new taste and thick coffee with natural sweetness.

Turkish Coffee Recipe:

  1. Boil water (1.7oz per cup)
  2. Add sweetener according to taste.
  3. When boils turn off the stove.
  4. Add teaspoon of very finely grounded coffee.(1 spoon per cup)
  5. Stir it.
  6. Wipe out the foam and re-boil the brew.
  7. Your thick and dark Turkish is ready to enjoy.
Turkish Coffee Recipe

8th Yuan Yang

8 Yuan yang CoffeeConjugal love, named after pair of love birds as this combination is pretty much different than all the coffee styles this is a combination of two beverages which are unlike but works on same standards. This drink is proper and unique combination of Coffee and Hong Kong special milk tea, which earlier was only being served by the street vendors but is now available in most of the café.
Each vendor of this style of coffee has its own secret recipe behind it, but the main root of preparing this coffee is that you need to mix perfectly brewed coffee in Hong Kong style milk tea preparing a rich creamy Yuan Yang which can be served Hot or Cold according to your Taste of the like.

Yuan Yang Coffee Recipe:

  1. Brew a hot perfect drip coffee.
  2. Brew Hong Kong special milk tea.
  3. Mix both the beverages.
  4. Serve hot or cold.


9th Café frappe

9 Cafe FrappeFrappe may also be known as a hit, but in the context of coffee frappe changes its property meaning chilled and cold. So Café frappe is a cold coffee style which is prepared accidently first time in Greece. This coffee beverage is now popular in almost each part of the world and is know gaining popularity its increasing demand.

Café Frappe is actually instant cold coffee which is prepared using instant coffee as it has no oil. This coffee style has simple formula you need water, instant coffee and sugar. In a jar take 2-3 spoons of cold water, add coffee and sugar. Mix the combination till the foam appears. Pour out the foam in your favorite cup mixing with 7oz of cold water, milk to taste and ice.

Café frappe Coffee Recipe:

  1. Take cold water in jar(2-3 spoons)
  2. Add instant coffee (1 table spoon).
  3. Add sugar(1 table spoon)
  4. Shake the combination till the foam appears.
  5. Add chilled water (7oz) and milk to taste.
  6. Serve it with ice.


10th Irish coffee

10 Irish CoffeeThe word cocktail is derived from a drink in which alcohol is added to increase the strength and to apply a good taste. Irish coffee is a cocktail coffee, which is discovered near Ireland by an Irish man named as JOE.  This coffee is served hot and is also famous in Irish pub as a hot cocktail.

This style is now popular and is being adopted by many coffee lovers. Irish coffee can be simply prepared by using hot dark brewed coffee (4oz), mixing with Irish whiskey (1oz) and sugar (2 tablespoon). This is then served with double whipped cream floating on the top (1oz). This drink has cream, coffee, sugar and whisky making it Rich, Strong, Sweet and smooth to enrich your taste like never was.

Irish Coffee Recipe:

  1. Brew a hot perfect dark coffee (4oz).
  2. Add Irish whiskey in it(1 oz)
  3. Add sugar (2 table spoon)
  4. Stir it.
  5. Serve with cream on top.


All these above coffee styles are popular in almost each part of the world and are highly consumed by coffee drinkers each and every day. These drinks have many ways to be prepared as we have just depicted the original way to prepare it. You can turn on your taste by adding more or less in their recipes and can twist your everyday taste by switching a new style of coffee day by day.