Permanent Coffee Filter vs. Paper – which one is better and why

permanent coffee filter vs Paper

Apart from the type of coffee beans and taste you choose for a perfect cup of steaming hot coffee, other aspects such as choosing the best coffee filter matters too. Metal filters and paper filters are used on a regular basis but the taste of the coffee differs in both. Let us discuss the difference between the coffee filters, their use and the taste they give.


Permanent Coffee Filter/ Metal Filter/ Basket

Metal filters are reusable coffee filters and they alter the taste of the coffee on a large scale. When you are opting for a cheap way of having a great cup of coffee, a permanent coffee filter is a good one time investment option. There are several types of permanent and reusable filters which are used nowadays. The cheaper option is made of nylon and the other one is an expensive, gold- tone coffee filter which is in trend.


Paper Filter

Paper filters are disposable and do not need cleaning. It saves you from the hassle of cleaning after your coffee has brewed and hence saves a great deal of maintenance. Being biodegradable in nature, these can be thrown in compost. Since the paper filters do not allow the coffee oils to enter through them, it can alter the taste of the coffee to a great extent. Paper filters also come in two types, bleached and unbleached. Unbleached paper filters might change the taste more as compared to bleached filters.


Difference between Permanent Filters and Paper Filters

There are a number of differences between these two filters in terms of taste, use and advantages.

Permanent Filters

Cleaning and maintenance: Permanent filters need cleaning time to time. They need high maintenance and are harder to clean.

Taste: These filters are synthetic and can alter the taste of the coffee. It may also depend on the type of permanent filter used.

Effect on environment: Since permanent filters are reusable, these are environmental friendly as no trees are cut to manufacture them. They also do not add to a huge pile of waste.

Cost: The cost of permanent filters depend on the type of material used in its making. A nylon filter will be comparatively cheaper than a gold tone filter.

Freshness: The coffee brewed through a permanent filter has a richer and fresher taste. Again, it depends on the type of permanent filter used.


Paper Filters

Cleaning and maintenance: Since paper filters are disposed after each use, no type of cleaning is required and hence, maintenance is easy and low.

Taste: The taste of coffee can be altered at a huge scale through paper filters.

Effect on environment: They are not effectively environment friendly because they are disposed after each use and it creates a lot of waste. Trees are cut in the making of these filters.

Cost: These are comparatively cheaper than the permanent filters.

Freshness: No residues are left and thus the coffee prepared is quite fresh although its taste is altered a bit.




Which One is better?

If we discuss in terms of heath, paper filters are better than permanent metal filters because they trap coffee oil known as diterpenes which tend to increase blood cholesterol levels. Permanent filters let the substances pass easily into the cup and thus are risky as compared to paper filters. The coffee filtered through a paper filter is generally sweet and fruity as compared to a permanent filter.

So, as far as health and taste is concerned, paper filters are a win. But, if you are seeking cost, maintenance and durability, permanent filters is the best choice.


Why to Use Gold Coffee Filter?

Gold tone coffee filters are in demand nowadays and mostly used with ideal drip machines, view all of them here. When you consider a high quality gold filter with a 24- karat gold plated foil over stainless steel, your coffee is bound to retain its natural taste. Gold coffee filters do not allow the oily and harmful substances to pass through which makes the coffee healthy to drink. Gold coffee filters also retain the coffee’s antioxidant properties which help in giving a lot of health benefits.

The additional benefits are that gold filters remove the bitterness from the coffee and give a fresh and enhanced taste. They are easy to clean and a great one time investment option. Lastly, gold tone filters do not leave residues behind as the other permanent filters.


Two Best Permanent Filters

Out of the many permanent filters available today, it is hard to choose the best amongst them. We shall discuss two of the best permanent filters available in the market.

1. Medelco Cone Permanent Coffee Filter:

Made up of high duty surgical grade stainless steel, this permanent coffee filter is highly durable and enhances the taste of the brewed coffee. It is very easy to clean and maintain. Without disturbing its aroma and taste, the filter will not leave any residues and it will filter the coffee grounds thoroughly. Being high in quality, this is a highly efficient and durable coffee filter.

2. Cuisinart GTF Gold Tone Filter

This permanent gold coffee filter is designed to fit almost all types of basket- style coffee makers. Being very easy to clean, you just need to put it under running water and it will be thoroughly cleaned. It is also dishwasher friendly and gets cleaned efficiently. It enhances the truest taste of the brewed coffee with a brighter and fresher taste. It has a perfect grip with the handle and it filters the coffee perfectly leaving no gritty residue.


Two Best Paper Filters

Paper filters are in quite demand too due to the various advantages they offer. The two best paper filters are discussed below:

1. Hario V60 Misarashi Coffee Paper Filter:

This paper filter is quite durable and worth the bucks spent. It can filter over two to three cups of coffee and is thoroughly easy to use. Ideal for cone shaped drippers; this paper filter leaves no residue behind and gives the best taste and aroma from the brewed coffee. You can get a clean and flavorful cup of coffee in no time.

2. Chemex Bonded Unbleached Pre-folded Square Coffee Filters:

Suitable for almost all cone shaped drippers and coffee makers, this paper filter extracts the coffee grounds uniformly, leaving no residue behind. It does not allow the harmful oils and residues to pass through, keeping the coffee healthy and cholesterol free. It is made out of durable paper and infuses the coffee in a fine manner, making your coffee taste richer and smoother.

Permanent filters and paper filters have their own advantages and disadvantages depending on the criteria you choose to prioritize. It all sums up to smart selection and investment.

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