Nescafe Dolce Gusto Genio Review

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Genio

Overall rating: 9.5 Stars (9.5 / 10)

Dolce gusto Genio flashed the market, which the authentic, compatible and speed brewing machine. With this machine it will be hard for you to say “I didn’t have a good coffee today” as everyday with Genio is a new day with the amazing taste of barista in each cup it brew. Nescafe loaded few more designs of Dolce Gusto but out of all Genio according to me makes what you always want to have. Brew quality, temperature maintenance and short time are the amazing qualities which can make you fall for it.


  • Compatible body structure providing less space consumption.
  • Lash out quick espresso or other beverage in less than a minute.
  • Easy brewing with no clutter or mess.
  • 19 beverages can be prepared
  • Coffee on a single press
  • No clean up required.

  • Brew single cup at a time.
  • Utilize its own pods
  • Small water tank 21oz.(3 cups)

Price of Dolce Gusto Genio

 An Art with Perfection

Human is consuming coffee for years using a variety of techniques and these techniques and advancements (coffee maker) have provided essential extraction of coffee. Along with the leading time the coffee makers also paced up their structure and technology. Nescafe a leading Coffee and Coffee product company exposed its best and unique product Dolce gusto Genio. Genio is a small machine but is capable of brewing different beverages in a short span of time.

Genio is a golden opportunity machine. This /single serve pod coffee maker is capable of delivering aesthetic coffee which will make you to feel like a barista. The machine is powerful, amazingly automatic and easy to operate, so no need to worry about the time and coffee anymore because just in a button press you will have your favorite coffee ready to consume in just $ 0.59.



Genio is a small structured /single serve coffee maker which is easily compatible with any of your privileged place. The structure is elegant looking, easy to handle, to lift and to control and also is eligible for brewing a perfect cup of coffee for you. The machine has quite plastic body which is also available according to your colour aptness. I didn’t find it rolling around as it has a quite circular head, which is stylish and funky looking and will surely charm out your kitchen.

Genio consist a drip tray which is adjustable according to your mug size. It is an easy and simply automatic machine which doesn’t have so much to do; a very straight forward machine you can say. On the top two buttons – red and blue denoting hot serves and cold serves, right side power button which blinks blue when the machine is ready to brew and red when water tank is empty. Water tank is small and compact according to the machine design which is the only think that needs a bit labour work to refill but that’s ignorable in front of the coffee it brew’s.



Height 11.8 inches
Width 9.09 inches
Depth 6.41 inches
Weight 2.5 Kg
*All Dimension of Dolce Gusto Machine



When you get up early in the morning the first thought you have in your mind is coffee and in that if you have Genio at your place then, it’s just a button distance; press it and have it. Dolce Gusto Genio has favorable features which can actually make you to melt for it.

The feature complies with multiple beverage function; an ability to serve different beverages with order and style just by a button press with an XL option for brewing large mug of coffee. It also have flow stop interface which help you to stop the flow of coffee with integrated two button system red and blue helps you to choose between hot brewing and cold brewing. The main feature which makes me to brew again and again is the LCD display, which have green bars showing the ability to indicate the cup size and beverage type and can be adjusted through the scroller which is natural to use. Also the Nescafe Dolce Gusto pods also have the designated bars drawn at the top of it to make it easy for you. The machine has Auto shut off technology which helps to save the machine from excessive heating and also saving energy. The machine turns itself off in 5 min in case of non-usage with that standby mode is also there helping you to keep machine warm and ready.


Dolce Gusto Features Demo 


With these feature, some other important features are also available in the machine such as: Magnetic capsule holder, Thermo block system which helps to save the heat inside the machine, Stainless steel drip tray, Preheating, and Easy control through scroll which have rubber coated wheel making quick and ductile to use.

The top varieties of Dolce gusto pods help us to make many beverages such as:

1. Espresso 2. Cappuccino 3. Cappuccino Ice 4. Latte Macchiato
5. Mocha 6. Chococino 7. Green Tea Latte 8. Vanilla Latte Macchiato
9. Americano 10. Lungo 11. Chai Tea Latte 12. Caramel Latte Macchiato
*12 Nescafe Dolce Gusto Capsules Flavours

Dolce Gusto pods Capsules



Process and Performance:

The question is “Is Genio easy to use?”And yes it is, it’s not just easy, it’s straight forward and it’s fast too. Genio is an automatic machine which is quick and creates less noise with the ability to brew your favorite drink in less than 30 seconds.

Things to collect: Water, Coffee Pod (19 variety) and Dolce gusto Genio


  • Pour water in the water tank of Genio (21 oz).
  • To initiate warm up turn the machine on and wait until the red light turns to green (approx – 30sec)
  • Select your favorite pod (19 varieties).
  • Scroll the wheel to set the amount of bars shown up on pod.
  • Push up the extraction head, sweep out the pod tray.
  • Place your favorite pod in tray.
  • Slide tray back and gently push down the lever to puncture the seal of pod.
  • Push the red or blue button (according to preference) to dial in the brew.
  • Wait 30 seconds.
  • Your Joe is ready to devour.

Remember**: Each time you brew coffee you need not to follow the same steps as Water tank is efficient for delivering 3 cups. Just insert the pod and press the button; the cup of Java is ready.

Impressive temperature with good thick Crème on the top is a quality of good coffee and you can observe the same crème over the top of coffee Genio serves. Genio has programmed temperature of 180°F and quality brew which automatically understand and brew your delicious coffee house beverage instantly. The capability to serve a great coffee is also with other coffee makers, but the quality matter which is the foremost specialty of Genio.



There is never “no” with this machine. Genio is safe, smart and fast even children can make their own drinks. Beverages and the flavor provided by Nescafe are good and rich in taste which also produces crème on the top for the perfect look and Joe.

Any of the beverages just take 30 second of time and is ready for consumption. The only disadvantage is that it can serve single Cup of Joe at a time, so if in case of gathering of friends you cannot have a cup of java together. Other than that if you are alone, I think it’s the best partner a coffee lover can have.