U.S. govt. Sued Black and Decker for Using Low Quality material in it’s space coffee maker

U.S. govt. Sued Black and Decker

20th June, 2015—After many complaints by the consumers, the U.S, government on 17th June sue Spectrum brand Inc. for its Black and Decker Spacemaker coffee pot as many of the consumer complaints were filed reporting the same problem that the handle of the coffee maker cracks and detaches which causes burn and other related injuries to the customers.

Spectrum Brands is a Delaware corporation headquartered in Middleton, Wisconsin, that deals and distribute wide variety of small appliances, home and garden products and hardware.

The complaint is filed in the federal court in Madison, Wisconsin. Earlier, the complaint of the consumer related to sudden detach of the coffee pot waited until April 2012 to tell U.S. consumer product safety Commission.

Same consumer complaints was received in hundreds since 2009 still the company brought up the brand Applica’s parent Russell Hobbs in June 2010, a Florida based company Applica Consumer Products is the importer and distributor of coffee maker. It became a subsidiary of spectrum and also merged two more companies by 2014 and distributed coffee makers, which made them recall almost 159,000 of 12 cup coffeemakers, which were designed in China specially just to fit under cabinet as it came new in the market the public demanded it because of its specialty that it do not take any counter space and brews perfect coffee, which by the time reported as a spam coffee maker causing burns and injuries to roughly 60 people because of bad quality of handle. Around 1600 broken handles were reported by 2012, but the company rather than notifying the CPSC about the defect the company continued distributing a little stock of defected coffeemakers to the retailer and sold several more coffee makers which later also been called back.

Have a look complaints on Black and Decker at Consumer Affair here.

It appears that rather than taking security measure for the customer the company was more willing to sell its coffeemaker to make profit and continued sale which resulted in many burns and injuries. Currently the legal proceeding seeks penalties, improved proctoring and other remedies against the consumer complaints.

Spectrum brand spokesman said that “Wisconsin-based Company means to smartly protect itself against the lawsuit – which relates to an arbitrary civil penalty demand by the CPSC

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