The Spacex supply ship take groceries and the first espresso coffee maker to ISS

Coffee In Space - IISpresso

15th April the shipment for the ISS (international space station) left the earth in Dragon, the Space X Robotic spacecraft, which has successfully completed its journey on 17th April 2015 to deliver the 1800 kg of space food along with the space equipments and espresso machine for brewing coffee in space for the astronauts.


The espresso machine called as Isspresso has been the first ever coffee machine to reach into space for brewing coffee. This coffee machine is a joint effort of Italian coffee elephant Lavazza and the most popular space custom company Argotec. The capabilities which lead this machine to the space is its structure of stainless steel which is capable to handle 400 bars of pressure along with the ability to brew different hot beverages too.

isspresso working


Samantha Cristoforetti a first Italian space astronaut who successfully controlled the pick up will also be the first women to taste the hot shot of Joe in the outer space. The designer of this machine says that it contains extraterrestrial capsules, which can even work properly in zero gravity conditions making a hot shot of perfect espresso.

Cristoforetti will be travelling with Terry Virts (American), and Anton Shkaplerov (Russian) in a Soyuz rocket launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan and will stay there until May 2015. After it soon they will join American astronaut American Barry to end the journey by reaching back to earth.



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