Prisma Cold Brew coffee maker Launched – 50 Times Faster

Cold brewed coffee tops the list of favorites for coffee lovers. Brewed coffee is prepared by steeping coffee grounds in cold water or room temperature for a long period of time. Drinking cold brewed coffee over hot has a number of benefits like, it has low acidity and it does not go stale as quickly as hot brewed coffee. Many people prefer cold brewed coffee to balance the pH level of their bodies. It also contains more caffeine.

Prisma cold brew coffee maker



While it has many advantages, cold brewed coffee takes a long time to process, say more than 10 to 12 hours. It is not meant for the impatient. But not any longer!

FirstBuild introduces Prismaa machine that cold brews coffee in less than 10 minutes, keeping the term ‘fresh’ alive and happening.

This is an up surging boon for cold brewed coffee lovers. Imagine various flavors with this cold brew just popping on your taste buds!


About Prisma

Unlike traditional cold brewing machines which take up more than 10 to 12 hours to brew coffee, Prisma takes up only ten minutes to brew it. It goes through a specialized vacuum infusion process which releases after the coffee is brewed. Upon using fresh roasted ground coffee, Prisma releases and extracts the exact fresh flavor which is desired. Along with an ambrosial taste, this machine has an astounding speed too. It works 50 times faster than the old traditional cold brewers. Already prominent and in demand, Prisma not only showboats quality but taste too.


Method of Preparation

The machine works in a simple three- step process.

  1. Measure and add finely ground coffee to water as per the convenient ratio.
  2. The coffee extraction begins as soon as you press the button with the process of vacuum infusion.
  3. The carafe receives the cold brew which is drained in it.

Prepare your heavenly cup of cold brewed coffee with this simple process in less than 10 minutes.




Prisma was developed with a lot of efforts, including over a year of design challenges and late-night coffee tastings. The product has been sold on Indiegogo for more than $3 million. Prisma is now on Indiegogo in a bid to raise $150,000. People who back the campaign are eligible to receive the machine in just $229 instead of the retail price, which is $279.


Appended aspects

The use and result of the machine is entirely praiseworthy. In addition to that, it has an easy maintenance too. You can easily clean it after a brew cycle. Discard the used filter and ground coffee after sliding off the brew chamber. Rinse it properly along with the filter retainer ring. And voila! Your machine is ready to brew again.

If you need a new filter for Prisma, they can be found easily and are really inexpensive. It generally uses a standard basket filter.

Get ready for cold brewed coffee many times a day because you need not wait longer to taste a cup of heaven. Prisma makes it easy, faster, fresher and tastier!

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