New Organic K-cups up in market

Keurig organic kcups


Keurig recently came in the news for its non recyclable k-cups which were affecting the environment by creating pollution. Well, after listening so many critics Keurig didn’t step back, instead came forward with its new environmentally friendly K-cups, which are organic and will not produce waste.

These K cups are organic and Fair trade Certified and are named as Green Mountain Coffee Organic pods currently available at companies own website and will be available at retails by the end of July. Keurig in its new range of pod included three single origins of coffee- Peru Cajamarca, Ethopia Yirgacheffe, Sumatra Ace along with single out the founder’s blend.

Controversies which stated Keurig as a k-cup waste producer and environmental killer will soon now change as Keurig also added a twist initiating help for the support of the growing coffee communities with the each purchase of Green Mountain Coffee organic products and also will work on initiatives based on social, environmental and economical to let the people know that it care about the world and the suppliers.

Well the reason behind initiating Eco-friendly steps so quickly is that when lately company received a lot of criticism from people which also dropped the sales and the market of Keurig from the peak. Even the K-cup inventor John Sylvan said that it’s his biggest mistake to invent K-cups as they are a threat to the world.

So after all changes Keurig pledged to make all of its K-cup recyclable by 2020.

Well, there is no point left saying more for the pollution to Keurig as now with its recyclable k-cups it will again tryto bring back the goodwill he lost due to recent failures of its 2.0 brewer and environmental concerns. Seems Keurig is now more confident about its product and expects a quick gain in the market after such downfall.

Market always wait for a new product as now people are also waiting for its new K-cups so that they can again start brewing their everyday cups with their home Keurig makers.

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