Keurig re-launches its Refillable K-cups now for its 2.0 brewers

my kcup is back

16th may 2015 – Keurig the famous coffee maker company is now bringing back the old technique in its new machines, their refillable K-cups that were discontinued last year with the release of Keurig new model 2.0. This action also caused them a sudden drop down by 23% in coffee machines and its product causing plunged sale reports of the company. In between CEO of Keurig – Brain Kelly said, “We took it away because My K cup wasn’t going to work with our new system”.

Keurig as a business point of view took the correct decision as by taking this step they are making money other than from coffee machines which in the end is helping to increase their revenue as for brewing through Keurig machine K-cups are necessary; the machine technology reads the bar coding and brew according to your type of pod used that’s why you can not use other available pods, but according to the consumer perspective, it was a bad step as they took it as a mean monopoly, because all-time using new K-cups cost them more whereas refillable K-cups comes under their budget.

Actually, this problem begins from August 2014 when new Keurig 2.0 coffee machines came to market with new DRM (Digital Right Management) technology, which was only capable to understand pods/K-cups produced by green mountain Keurig, which blocked the blocked the coffee drinkers to use aged K-cups or unlicensed one; making them to change their coffee maker brand to one which accepts refillable pods.

The company explained the new DRM technology by justifying it’s work, according to them the new technology will work automatically just by inserting the particular flavor of the pod. The DRM is a technique which understands the proper unit to be used for the particular type of drink by reading the code and then brew it using the necessary measurement and coffee strength.

It may be a great technique, but some people doesn’t find it wealthy. They are still in a need of unlocked coffee maker, which can brew just by inserting a pod. As now Keurig has taken a step back in bringing the same re-refillable K-cups which will now allow its 2.0 models to brew out from the same pod.
It is truly a delightful news for the Keurig lovers as brewing with K-cup is the simplest and quickest way to brew your cup, but still some reporters say that maximum number of people voted for drip coffee maker as a best coffee technique between them.



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