K-Cups pollute – “I wish I never have created them”, says John Sylvan

kill k-cup

Keurig is a famous company for its Coffee machines which brew coffee using its K- cup technology. This technology may provide convenience in brewing Coffee faster, but right now it is affecting nature.

Keurig K-Cups are basically designed by John Sylvan; that are constructed from plastic so as to store the fresh grounded coffee safe, but these plastic pods are polluting the nature by creating landfills.

Almost every third American use Keurig coffee pods daily either in office or at home that makes around more than 9 billion pods to be produced now every year. It is estimated that the total amount of discarded ones would wrap around the earth more than 10 times.

Keurig K-cups are viral and are also named as K-cup transformer in Washington because of the pollution created by it.
John Sylvan said that – “He never knew that his invention would feed universal coffee addiction.” And he also said that “he should never have sold his invention to Keurig” as Keurig purchased the patent of K-Cups from John in 1997 at an amount of $50,000 which he says, “he regrets doing that”.

As K-Cups are not recyclable, but still Keurig says that the company will recycle all the K-cups by 2020, and will now launch recyclable pods which will not harm the nature.

People are so scared of the landfills created by K cups that they have started creating awareness videos which help in promoting the less use of K-Cups for avoiding pollution created by it. Aiming the motto of KILL THE K-CUPS, which is also a robust campaign for saving the environment and to boycott the use of pods, people are calling the pods as hazardous and the most irresponsible way to brew coffee.

The main reason why so many people prefer K-Cups is its convenience. With the use of k-cups you can brew coffee within a minute without doing any work except placing the pod in the machine

It is also reported that John tried to share with Keurig about the idea he had to stop the use of these plastic pods but they showed him no interest. These K-cups are expensive, but just because of its convenient nature people prefer it.

Keurig should take this seriously as this can actually create problem because we all know pollution created by plastic directly affect the wildlife and the human life. So let’s try to use biodegradable product which could save the environment and the lives living in it.

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