How to Roast Coffee Beans at Home

Coffee Beans Roasting at home

Coffee lovers always have a desire of preparing the perfect cup of coffee, and not just brewing it, but preparing it from the very beginning; that is coffee roasting. After selecting right coffee beans, Roasting of coffee helps it attain the perfect aroma, taste and freshness that are achieved in a reasonably superlative cup of coffee. It is possible to roast your coffee at home that matches the cup of heaven that you can buy at any high end coffee shop. Let us take a look at the benefits and method of roasting coffee beans at home.


Benefits of Roasting Coffee Beans at Home

There are a number of advantages of roasting coffee beans at home and you will definitely want to jump up and begin the process of roasting yourself the next moment after you take a look at them.

  1. The satisfaction: There is no cup of coffee better than the one you have prepared yourself. Right from the process of roasting till its brewing, you are utterly satisfied about the taste and blend of the coffee according to your requirement.
  2. Inexpensive and Easy: Another benefit of roasting coffee beans at home is that you have to spend less than half of the price you pay at the coffee shop. The cherry on the icing is that the process is pretty simple too. Within no time, you can get a perfectly roasted cup of coffee.
  3. Fresh and Invigorating: Home roasted coffee gives stimulation to your senses. Roasting coffee at home results in a fresher and smoother taste with full of nutrients and an exquisite aroma.


Methods of Roasting Coffee Beans at Home

The above listed benefits will surely conquer you to roast the coffee beans yourself. But how do we proceed with it? We have discussed the various methods through which you can roast coffee beans at home easily, with no additional cost at all.
To begin with, there are various factors you have to keep in mind regarding the coffee beans during the process.

  1. Coffee beans are green in color before you roast them. They will turn yellow initially and after some time, they will start smelling like coffee and turning into a fine dark brown color.
  2. The color of your coffee beans at the time of roasting will help you decide the taste you prefer. For example, a light- medium shade will contain absolute aroma with a mild sweetness and a nearly black shade of the beans will contain a mild aroma and a slight bitter taste.
  3. Look out for two crackling sounds when the coffee is being roasted.


different roasts of coffee beans


Method 1: Using a Pan

Lay your coffee beans on a pan and take cares that they do not overlap each other. Start the stove and keep stirring constantly. The color of the coffee beans will start changing color slowly. After around 4 to 6 minutes, the color will take a browner shade and start producing a crackling sound. Keep stirring and turn off the stove when you get your desired color and aroma. Spread the coffee beans on a plate and allow them to cool. Hence, you have successfully roasted your coffee beans.


Method 2: Oven Method

Before roasting your coffee beans in an oven, you need to preheat it at 232 °C. Spread the coffee beans on a baking sheet with holes and eventually on a pan which can be transferred into the oven. See to it that the coffee beans do not overlap. Place it into the preheated oven and let it roast for around 12 to 15 minutes. Stir them well in regular intervals and after the crackling sound is achieved, take them out of the oven. Let them cool.

These are simple and cost effective methods of roasting coffee beans at home. Now drool over the cup of perfect coffee summed up with the delight of roasting and preparing it on your own. After this you just need a burr coffee grinder to grind it and get the aroma & strongness you need.

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