GE’s Keurig K-Cup Brewer in Refrigerator makes coffee brewing much easier

Brewer in Refrigerator

Early this month, General Electric Appliances launched the Café Series Refrigerator. This appliance comes with an in-build Keurig K-Cup coffee brewing system designed to give users a new, convenient and simple kitchen experience.

 According to General Electric, the Café Series Refrigerator comes with reservoir for hot water and in-built filtration systems with a mobile app that allows brewers to set the brewing time they desire.


 A unique innovation

The Café Series Refrigerator is an innovation designed to dispense hot water and brew coffee in a way that meets the ever growing coffee drinker’s interest. The Keurig K-Cup brewing system is likely to make brewing easier for 29% coffee drinkers who use single cup brewers according to the survey conducted by the National Coffee Association in 2014. The technology used in this appliance is likely to cause a shift in the coffee industry as it introduces a new level of user versatility and convenience. The Café Series Refrigerator has been launched at a time when General Electric Appliances has been looking for coffee developments that are more craft-based including exploring the integration of coffee bean roasting systems into standard General Electric convection ovens.


Versatile and Easy to use

The Keurig K-cup brewing system is both versatile and easy to use. The appliance can brew more than 400 Keurig K-Cup beverage varieties from over 60 major brands including the top 10 best coffee brands in the US including Starbucks, Eight O’Clock, Maxwell House and Fogers. The brewing system works relatively fast with water taking about one minute to get hot. The temperature and flow rate of dispensed water is good enough to make an optimal cup of coffee. Hot coffee then pours out at a gentle speed without splashing into the coffee mug. General Electric did a great job at ensuring that the filtering system isolates pharmaceuticals and other substances allowing for production of coffee with a smooth taste and texture.  Experts assuming, this machine will compete with best Single Serve coffee maker available in market.



According to General Electric, the unique filtration system fitted into Café Series Refrigerator has been confirmed to removes up to 98% of 5 trace pharmaceuticals from the water. It is a certified Energy Star appliance that meets minimum energy standards for freezers and refrigerators, consuming energy levels equivalent to that consumed by a cell phone charged overnight. The brewer is dishwasher safe and the mobile app allows users to schedule water heat up time. With the brewing system in-built into the refrigerator, users can now free their kitchen counter space.


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