Extreme Coffee machine with completely new technology for brewing coffee will Cost $14k

bkon craft brewer

Many of us are satisfied by the market and do believe that the market is stuffed with all such machines which can just change our coffee experience in the most easy and fast way. But still the innovations and technology are rising. Starting from the manual coffee machines, this world has got many inventions either they are still successful or never known all just to make a perfect coffee. One of them, which really did covered the market with its admirable speed brew and taste and with the ability to brew many beverages Is Keurig but due to some failure related to environmental pollution people avoid it now.

The World is getting bigger and coffee is famous all over the world, Lou and Dean Vastardis brothers from Philly who recently invented a beverage maker by proficiently applying the old science in a new way. These brothers from Bkon Company   invented a brewing machine which works and brews out beverages using the algorithms, this may sound different, but it is true, this machine is known as RAIN (Rain Atmospheric Infusion).

Lou and Dean Vastardis have efficiently created this technological coffee brewer, which uses an infusion brewing process to extract the best and the top notch quality of brew out of the coffee beans or any beverage.
When the reason of this technology was asked they replied that “to transform and to bring the computer operated technology in machine brewing industry”

The machine worth almost $14000 which is a lot for a coffee machine, but what machine brew and what it looks like seriously doesn’t concern the price a lot. This brewer has nothing like the common coffee machine it has a huge body with a delicate curve shaping the machine to give a fantastic look. It uses pod and serve a single cup each time. It brews many beverages such as tea, coffee and in many flavors such strawberry mint and raspberry through is automatic algorithmic process.




The machine is equipped with an LED screen attached to it which have pre-designed recipes for you which uses its patent technology of vacuum brewing in step by step process. It uses correct vacuum pressure to open the cellular structure of the compound and infuses the hot water in to extract the best number of flavor.

The RAIN is completely versatile in nature and whatever you brew, it will just take a minute to extract out.
Both brothers got the idea of this technology while watching food recipe showing sous- vied method, they tried to work on it and after many failures they finally have it now available as a fully-automatic coffee brewer, earlier, the same machine was also chosen by SCAA as the product of the year when it was only capable of brewing tea but now it can brew a lot and is bringing in the new revolution in the coffee industry. Many peoples cant buy such high range of machine, so you guys stay with your drip coffee maker and wait for price reduction in this.




As infusion brewing method is a very old method used in France first time in 1710, which often become famous and till now is known as the best way to extract proper flavor and taste out of coffee. This method is similar to the old one, but just changed its way from manual to automatic driven. This machine cost may drive away a lot of people, but after watching its versatility and the brew they can come back. Vastardis brother says that they hope to bring out small machine for home brewing in a lot cheaper price using their patent technology of skillful brewing.

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