Coffee & Coffee Makers History with Timeline

Timeline of Coffee Makers

History of coffee takes you back to the era when even technology word was not been existed. The certain time period shows the growth of coffee with the growth in technology.

C.E. 850 Ethiopia

DISCOVERY –  Goat Concocted coffee bean as cheery

Kaldi, The legend, the goatherd coined the term Coffee. It happened when he saw his goats rambling differently after eating a particular cherry which came out to be coffee tree which later been brewed with water by a monk making the first cup of coffee in a tin jar.

Kaldi - Goat Concocted coffee bean-

C.E. 850 – 1000

Beginning of the race

From the Ethiopia of East Africa cheery fruit became famous in Arabia and Islam. And a ritual began which implies that drinking coffee is a religious momentum for Muslims and this religious memorandum took no time to spread all over the world.


C.E. 1000 – 1600

Coffee revolved around the world

After the first cup, Coffee became famous in almost all part of world which made people to smuggle coffee beans to different countries for yielding. Countries like Arabia, Ottoman Empire, Egypt, Venice, Dutch and India started cultivation but some overturned Coffee then was called with different names such as Kavah Kanes and Dutch Koffie.

C.E. 1600 – 1616

Public started consuming coffee

As the spread of coffee was increasing side by side the Consumption of people was also increasing. Tea, Juice, Alcohol was no more meant for the people, what they needed was a beverage which can give energy to throttle the life. After the overturn taken by Ottoman Empire, Pope clement VIII again legalized it making the common people to engage in coffee culture.

C.E. 1637 – 1696

Coffee came on paper in Ethiopia

The spirit of Coffee raised in air around the world which concluded many coffee houses to each part of world for the public optimization. A written script also followed the way with growing Coffee consumption and coffee appeared on papers.

First Coffee House London

C.E. 1710 – 1790

France grabbed the way to brew coffee

The consumption started giving idea to the people so they initiated using Coffee bags similar to Tea bags for brewing coffee with water. As the time passed the brewing techniques took pace and, in 1780 first coffee brewer seen which included filters. The disadvantage came forward was the taste of paper used in filter so another invention caught up the flame in France named as French drip pot which started with the evolution of modern culture.


Coffee brewing techniques started clutching.

First Coffee MakerCoffee cultivation turned into mass cultivation. People started brewing through natural gases and hot air which turned out to be Percolator, obviously wasn’t successful so in 1865 Aluminum Percolator formulated by James Nason of Massachusetts which still exists was been used by the people. Between the time periods many creator designed coffee machines such as Espresso maker, Vacuum pot and Siphon coffee maker which pertain the same agenda of hot steam brewing with coffee grounds.


Maxwell house got ahead as a wholesaler in US

In Marshville of US, person named Joel Cheek a grocer became the largest producer of Coffee. People stated opting coffee bean and started consuming brewed coffee in large quantity.


Commercial Coffee Makers developed market.

Oldest french pressFrom France to Europe, Commercial Espresso machines to French press was creating and making customers. People started opting Coffee Machine for their personal use. French press pioneered by Attilio Caliamn was later redesigned in 1929 and was known by different names in different countries.

1908 – 1950

Fight for Modern era

After the Commercial sell of Coffee Maker necessity arrived for the filtered coffee and that brought Coffee filter paper in 1912 which do not spoil the taste and nestle also started providing Freeze dried coffee packets ready for brewing. Transformed and steam free techniques developed all around the world with bunch of new apparatus such as Electrical Drip coffee machine and Moka pot. Several coffee houses were opened and Maxwell house became the favorite spot for the soldiers fighting in World War II.

1956 – 2012

Urban Culture with technological advancement

Coffee shops became the urban necessity during which 1st star bucks opened at Seattle’s Pike Place in Washington making people’s favorite coffee till yet. Makers developed machines which are long lasting and of great endurance with the smart brain technology which just doesn’t prepare a cup of coffee but also uses appropriate quantity of brewing time for pleasing and splendid good taste known as Automatic Brewing coffee machine.


Welcome to the new world.

Along with the changes in human, technological advancements also developed. So, now we have ample amount of techniques and qualities of coffee and coffee Makers yet there are few more advancements left soon those will be done and a perfect Coffee Machine will change your sip of coffee.
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