Brewing Tasty and Cozy Flat White – Recipe

Flat White Recipe

The Flat White – have you ever heard of it before? Don’t worry if you haven’t, most of North America discovered it just this year. Although this espresso based drink reached this side of the waters late- the Flat White has been a popular drink for decades in New Zealand, Australia, and most of Europe. The origin of the Flat White takes place in either Australia or New Zealand- each country claims it to be their own- and it’s quite the sensitive subject (best to be avoided). The safest is to say that both countries aided in its well-appreciated identity.

Ok, lets cut to the chase. You may be wondering by now- what exactly is a flat white? Well for those of you eager to know, the drink is composed of a double shot of espresso combined with micro-foamed milk at which should be carefully warmed all the way through so as not to scald or bubble. As such- the Flat White is often served a little colder than a cappuccino. The milk is gracefully and freely poured in with the glorious espresso meaning the creamy texture of the drink remains consistent throughout, unlike a cappuccino or latte.

The result is slightly thick, velvety foam layered inside the espresso, rather than sitting on top.

Finally, the Flat White should be served in a 6 oz. cup, making it smaller than both a latté and cappuccino(but still just as delicious). The simplest way we can describe the Flat White is that it’s like a latte with a little less milk and more espresso.

Oh, and It may be abold to say, but we believe a cup of flat white can change lives. Or more precisely your daily routines. Its both silky and intensely caffeinated, allowing for that boost to help you reach those daily goals all while keeping that beautiful smile.

Flat White Recipe


  1. 60 ml espresso
  2. 120 ml steamed milk


To begin making your delicious Flat White- grab a small saucepan and pour 120 ml of steamed milk. Gently warm the milk on the stove top- being careful that the milk doesn’t bubble or scald. You just want to gently warm the milk- so keep a close eye on it!


Pour milk in Coffee

Next, br ew your espresso in your quick Single Serve machine or time consuming frenchpress and pour the steamed milk right in. Those little bubbles you see on the top of your Flat White- are called micro foam. Pretty neat, huh?


Flat White



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