Aeropress Coffee Maker

Aeropress Coffee maker


Overall rating: 8 Stars (8 / 10)

Aeropress entered the market with a fresh and innovative idea of making coffee. There are no more words saying “coffee making is difficult” as Aeropress can make coffee in less time just by pressing. Its brewing technique might match with French press but the outcome is entirely different. This USA design is compatible of /single serve brewing and serves a great dark coffee with exact amount of essentials, which do not bitter your taste of coffee and provide richer taste.


  • Compact – Due to its neat and efficient design it can be carried anywhere and will just require grounded coffee and hot water to fill you a cup of java.
  • Control – easy to control the brewing process and to calculate the perfect ratio of water and coffee.
  • Lightweight – its flimsiness nature help to easily wash it and to carry around without any liability.

  • Need power – to jolt a cup of Joe from Aeropress Some strength is necessary to apply which may or may not be comfortable
  • Plastic Body – It’s not actually a plastic body which harms, as it is BPA free. Still there is a case of percolating chemical through plastic.

Price of Aeropress

Time is money and Aeropress value that.

Coffee is a unique beverage, which is consumed by many of you. We all have different techniques to fill our desires. Some drink espresso and some different. You all must be having a variety of elegant, comfortable and flair coffee makers, but each of them has their pros and cons. Some take time and some makes spills, but in these unfathomable designs there is one creation which helps creating spick and span coffee with a very less amount of time.

Aeropress is an apparatus which doesn’t look like one, in my first look it looked like a syringe which actually works on the simple procedure of the syringe. So, this plunger type coffee maker is the one which takes around 3 minutes to complete its task and is available at a severely lower price than what you can ever expect. This amazing yet affordable coffee maker serves /single cup brewing and is available in the market in low price which is easy pocket strength.



This unbelievable structure not just looks great, but also serves perfectly brewed coffee. Its cylindrical structure makes it easy to handle and conduct. Its amendable structure is made up of polypropylene which is durable and semi transparent, which is also FDA approved for direct contact with edibles, bringing it safe and wholesome for the use.

Aeropress Developed by Aerobie Company and It consists of 2 cylindrical chambers, one has a rubber seal in the end and another is enclosed with a filter cap in which the Aeropress paper filter is placed. You will not feel any confusion while handling this apparatus because of its easy and defined structure. With the tendency to travel and to jolt a cup of Joe without using any additional output, makes it trouble-free coffee maker. You just need hot water and grounded coffee and it’s done.



Width 3.5 inches
Height 10 inches
Depth 3.8 inches
Weight 1.15 lbs
*All Dimension of Aeropress Machine



If you want to use it for the /single serve brewing purpose, then I think aeropress is the best what you can get else you sincerely need multiple cup brewer, which are also available in the market and you can choose according to your needs.

Aeropress comprise a wide mouth which can save you from spills and mess. After using the aeropress for a while it became clear why they gave such a structure and polypropylene body. If the body would be of glass or stainless steel it directly would have affected the durability and the price. So by providing such body folks increased simplicity and the uniqueness of this coffee maker.

After all, one who is fond of brewing the coffee manually; aeropress is the best medium they can have. The small structure grants ease in washing and again brewing with in a less span of time. The ability to choose the volume and the grind size makes it favorite for me. I’ve been using paper filters, but metal filters are also available for the dark groomed coffee. The micro filter it uses offers an esthetic drop to drip brewed coffee, which helps to abandon the bitter taste and will please you with perfect drops of brewed coffee


Process and Performance:

Firstly, I was also in intense thought thinking about the brew it formulates, but when I saw the results; they were extraordinary. It brewed the same coffee as you get in such expensive machines and café’s just with these simple steps:

 Things to collect – Filter (paper of metal according to the need), Ground coffee beans, Hot water (maintaining a temperature of 170°F to 195°F) and Aeropress.


  • Place the filter on the bottom of Aeropress
  • Rest the aeropress on the top of your coffee mug.
  • Fill measured grinded coffee grounds (fine grind) into the brewing chamber.
  • Pour hot water as indications are marked on the aeropress.
  • Stir the mixture slightly, and wait for 3 minutes.
  • Place the plunger chamber on the top of brewing chamber.
  • Start pressing downwards gently (remember the gently you push the more accurate brew it make)
  • As the plunger reaches to bottom remove the Aeropress and shove off the leftover.
  • Your cup of Joe is ready for consumption.


The result may flabbergast your mind with the rich taste and wonderful aroma as it did to me. Whatever the procedure may be; what really matters is perfectly brewed coffee, which will never disappoint (if temperature and quantity are perfect). The ability to brew coffee anywhere and user-friendly nature makes it my favorite and soon it will become yours too. I have tried it many a times and now I am addicted to it (Why not when research shows coffee is good for health ). It gives perfect performance and stand by on my needs which is the most I want.


Conclusion:  If you really missing your perfect ounce of coffee and is also fed up with your coffee machine and thinking to change, then I recommend you Aeropress, it will seriously make you feel like a barista and will also provide you Joe within a less time. What all you need is to simply try and I am sure it will be yours and then you will have a /perfect coffee maker at your place on which you can depend on.