A Personal Mobile Coffee Maker – Yeah its True

Mobile Coffee Maker

Coffee addicts have a hard time when they are travelling at long distances and are void of access to coffee. They instantly recall the cup of freshly brewed coffee with the refreshing aroma that sits in their hands. But travelling can make it hard for coffee lovers with no access to coffee for a long period of time. To solve this problem, there is a new personal mobile coffee maker in the market which you can carry along to achieve the exhilarating experience after having the refreshing cup of coffee.



Carrying the looks of a standard thermos, this coffee maker known as Mojoe, extracts and brews coffee within using steam. It consists of a reusable filter which holds the ground coffee and the center chamber which holds the water. It also consists of a lithium ion battery that is located at the bottom of the mug which is rechargeable.
Additional components include an LED light which indicates the brewing process as well as an indication for when the brewing is done. A plastic body encloses a power button to start the brewing process along with a heat resistant silicone grip and a leak proof cap. To ease up the battery longetivity, you are provided with a pack of three rechargeable batteries that can be changed as per convenience to ease the flow of the brewing process.



With the normal brewing process being simple and less time consuming, this mobile coffee maker provides an easier process. You just need to pour the ground coffee in the filter and water at any temperature in the central chamber. There is a special principle called the ‘VacDrip’ process in which vacuum brewing and drip brewing is combined. Using this principle, the water is heated and the steam pushes the hot water towards the ground coffee. In about 10 minutes, you get the refreshing and perfectly brewed coffee.



One of the most important advantages of this mobile coffee maker is that it can operate without any outlet.

So you need not find any type of charging device time and again to obtain freshly brewed coffee on the go. You can however use the device from a home socket or a car socket.

This boon for coffee lovers is also suitable and easy to carry. Specially designed for travelling and cars, this thermos sized coffee maker fits in niches easily and in bags as well. This is a step forward in mobile technology, increasing the access and availability for necessities.

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