8 Things To Consider Before Buying a Coffee Maker

things to consider before buy

The normal concern with coffee makers vary by person and the nice thing about these consumer differences is that manufacturers have successfully produced coffee makers with many different styles, features, and capabilities.

So, which coffee machine to buy?

There are adequate options available that anyone can find the best coffee maker that suits their needs. With proper planning and evaluation, you can find the best coffee maker and can achieve a success and glory of brewed cup of coffee.
These points will help you to evaluate the best machines out of the market straight to your place:

1. Type of coffee maker
The first consideration you must think is type of coffee maker. There are many types of version available in the market like: Drip models, specialty machines making espresso and cappuccino; regular coffee brewing machines, percolators and Thermal carafe’ coffee makers. They all have some or another differences between them some are well in espresso, where as some will grant a great black coffee to you. You must take a look over your need before going any further.

2. Capacity
coffee machines CapacityWhen you look upon the types the next big thing which you will come across is size or capacity. Capacity is the amount of storage and the fills. You must have to see the water capacity it can hold and how many cups it can make at a time if it’s a single cup then pod machines like CBTL are perfect but if not then you needs to see the quantity it derives. Many machines can make 12 cups on a go and some less so by knowing the perfect capacity you can have the best you want.

3. Chip smart
Technology is improving our daily life and is also making it fast and constant; between this, if you have a Coffee machine which can also rhyme with your lifestyle would be a best option. Markets have many machines with super technology but it’s upon your need to choose the eminent. Features such as:

  • Programmable clock which will enables daily start time,
  • Water level indicator so that you do not have to bother about water,
  • Auto clean because many seriously don’t time to perform such action of cleaning the machine
  • Auto Shutoff Machines If you always forget to turn the switch off of your appliances then you should prefer this function which can help you and save your electricity.

No doubt manual coffee makers are also the best choices of people, which brew admirable coffee but just to save time and manual labor, smart machines are useful.

4. User friendly
User Friendly optionsUsability means Convenience, which matters to lot of you. Everyone wants a machine which should be obvious and defined to use so that you need not to strive in the morning for a good cup of coffee. Buttons such as:

  • Maintain the strength of coffee according to taste,
  •  Brew Pause to have an adequate quantity makes effortless coffee.
  •  Heater plate adjustability so that you can adjust according to your apparatus.
  •  Easy cleaning drip tray help you avoid spills
  •  Water filling

These all nitty-gritty should be easily accessible.

Machine must be easy to maintain, it should not create ruckus of any form. For a better and efficient life of Coffee machine it must need to have maintenance time to time so before you choose, I prefer you to go for low maintenance machine so that you need not worry about your coffee maker time to time.

5. Speed and renewal
This point may not govern some of you but some have it as a first priority in their mind. Speed concerns many of you as some coffee makers takes time to prepare a favorable coffee and some takes seconds to deliver, among them to choose rely upon the taste and the quality of coffee it furnish. Along with it speed of brewing and steaming are also the factors to keep in mind. You should also notice the water tank fills and the coffee ground fills because some of us are always in hurry and just need a coffee before the time runs out. So in that case renewals of machine should also be targeted in mind.

6. Filters
There are three types of filters which you need to stake in mind: Paper filter/ Metal filter and Water filter. Some machine use Paper filters as it is said that paper filters offer a possible health benefits by removing cholesterol. Paper filter is for single use on a contrary of Metal filter is permanent filter which you need to be clean up and station it back. There are series of filters available in market if you like dark hard coffee then you should prefer gold plated or metal filters and if you need a calm and elite coffee then paper filter will help you in that.

7. Construction
Soon as you get the correct options you needed, another you look for a good machine body. Machine body defines the age and the durability. Some machines deliver good coffee but after some time fall in rust or breaks because of the fragile body. One must watch the exterior and interior body of the machine as stainless steel body is the best which we can recommend you the best to opt.

8. Money talk
After having a view of all the essential points the main point which is necessary for you to see is, price of coffee maker. We all know price differ according to the brand but some of the good brand with costly machine may not hit your satisfaction point, where as any best affordable coffee maker may amuse you and can satisfy your needs. So Never Think You will only get Perfect Coffee Maker (Which Brew good coffee) in only High price.
Like we discussed above, the price range is directly proportional to the features of coffee maker. The main point of difference between upper and lower range are integrated features; the more features more pricy and vice-versa.

There are Few more things to consider which effects on Price of Coffee Maker such as:

  •  Maintenance cost,
  •  Electrical usage,
  •  Accessories (Thermal Carafe, Pods and Filters etc).

Lastly, I am sure, now you will notice these points before finding a perfect coffee maker but if you are still confused, checkout our Detailed Coffee Maker Buying Guide. To be Honest, Many automated features in Coffee Maker don’t affect taste of coffee, so you can leave few features if they are going out of your pocket.