6 ways to make Healthy Coffee

ways to make Healthy Coffee

“Coffee” also known as foremost antioxidant and act as a stimulant for our body.

We all know drinking adequate quantity of coffee cups in a day can help to reduce the risk of diabetes, prostate cancer and Alzheimer’s disease but for that you need to take certain precautions as having a cup of coffee daily with sugar and artificial cream may lead to negative health effects.

Since, coffee is consumed on every day basis; it grows in many big agricultural units some of them produce coffee beans organically that are best for human consumption whereas some use pesticides and herbicides which harms our body and damages the brain cell, so before selecting your perfect coffee bean always prefer lite brown roasted organic beans as it’s healthy.

Considering the fact that coffee is an addictive drink, some of the important circumspection is required to guarantee healthier coffee experience. I know some of these cautions are those which you already know but still there are a few more essential precautions you need to take care off.

Select quality beans : Organic

For drinking healthy coffee you must need to know how your coffee beans are produced. In many part coffee is grown using pesticides and toxins which are obviously not good for us, so buying selected quality of beans can save you from this. Organic farming are currently carrying the root to stay healthy and buying coffee beans grown organically can be the best for making your daily jolt of Joe healthy.


Prefer black coffee without adding sweeteners:

Sugar or artificial sweeteners may make your coffee sweet but they can actually harm. Adding a lot of sugar in your coffee may lead to obesity and diabetes and if you think you are safe with artificial sweeteners then, It’s not as artificial sweeteners may have low fats and must be calorie free but still there are studies to prove that artificial sweetening can cause health problems and other effects. Therefore try to drink coffee pure without adding any sweeteners and if you really can’t help it out then as an alternative you can use  maple juice or Stevia as they do not spoil the taste as well as will develop the sweetness you wanted.


Add antioxidants for better stimulation:

Coffee itself has many antioxidants but still some of us feel sensations in our stomach, which makes us feel like ill. Well the only solution for this is to add more antioxidants in your cup of spark. Antioxidants such as cinnamon powder and cocoa powder. These are the best and adds up extra healthy antioxidants in your cup which helps in controlling the blood pressure and leaves happy stomach.

healthy coffee cinnamon cocoa



Avoid artificial creamers:

Coffee has many taste, every person has his/her choice some like frappe, some mocha and furthermore. We all know they taste great but every thing that taste god is not healthy. Coffee itself is healthy but soon after add-on it may not be as it was. We use artificial creamers in frappe and mocha to sweeten it as almost every coffee creamer is made up with water, sugar and hydrogenated soybean and cotton seed oil which are truly dangerous for our body.
Well, do not worry you can still have your creamed frappe and mocha by using either coconut cream or real full fat cream or making home made creamer, as they will also add a great taste and will be great if we take it as a health perspective.

Avoid coffee late in day:

Its true coffee have many good stuff to talk about but there are some bad stuffs too. Some people are sensitive to caffeine and you are not and still feel problems during the sleep such as reduced quality or disturbed sleep. As coffee have different effects on different body (totally depends upon your regular consumption) some may feel nervines or anxiety therefore always try to consume in limited quantity so that it can stay good for you and if you do feel disturbed sleep then try avoiding coffee after 2 P.M. as an alternative can prefer tea.

Brew using filtered water and coffee filter.

charcoal water filter coffee makerDo you always take care of what water you are using in your coffee maker, well coffee has many minerals and true flavor which are sensitive to water, air and heat. If water will be impure(not filtered) the coffee may lose all of its healthy minerals giving you nothing but lost taste and unhealthy Joe. Filtered water is the best for gaining maximum out of the coffee beans.
Paper filter we use in machines comes in two variety bleached and unbleached, bleached are the best paper filter you can use to brew as unbleached paper filter carry chemicals which are proven as bad for human health.

Health is what makes us strong and immune, and taking care of each beverage we consuming is the most important thing to be taken care off. Coffee is a healthy drink and helps us to stay active but some little precautions can actually make it more better than it originally is.

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