5 Coffee Terms every coffee lover should know about

Coffee Terms You Know

Different terms are used to refer to different types of coffee. For a coffee lover who is not familiar with these terms, it can be a bit confusing. Below, we tell you the various types and the characteristics each coffee type displays:

Coffee Terms We will know

  1. Decaf Coffee
  2. Specialty Coffee
  3. Bulletproof Coffee
  4. Gourmet Coffee
  5. Fair Trade Coffee


Decaf Coffee

 What is Decaf Coffee  and why it’s healthy

Decaf coffee is defined as coffee brewed from beans containing only 3% caffeine. Up to 97% of caffeine is removed from the coffee using various methods including carbon dioxide, water and organic solvents. A direct process of decaffeinating coffee involves use of carbon dioxide as the solvent. Coffee beans are usually soaked in carbon dioxide that is compressed, effectively draining up to 97% of caffeine from the coffee. The solvent that contains extracted caffeine to vanish on the air as the temperature of the beans reduces.


Decaffeination is done on coffee beans prior to roasting and grounding. The nutrition found in decaffeinated coffee is almost the same as that found in regular coffee but with many health benefits. However, the smell and taste can be a bit milder and the color can change depending on the caffeinated method used. This makes decaffeinated coffee more appealing to coffee lovers who are sensitive to the smell and bitter taste of regular coffee.


Specialty Coffee

What is speciality coffee and why its best

What is speciality coffee – This term was used for the first time in 1974 by a man called Erna Knutsen. The specialty coffee term was used to refer to the best flavor that is generated in special microclimates.  The meaning of specialty coffee is associated with high quality green beans that are roasted to the best flavor potential by people who are best at the craft. The beans are then brewed properly to the highest standards developed by the Specialty Coffee Association America(SCAA).

The association uses a scale that grades coffee against 100 points. Coffee has to score at least 80 points to be termed as ‘specialty’. This type of coffee is grown in ideal, special climates and is distinctive due to its full taste. It has very little or no defects at all. Its special taste and flavor is a result of unique composition and characteristics of soils where it is grown. In the U.S, the specialty sector is the fastest growing in the coffee industry having grown in from 1 percent to 20 percent in market share over the last 25 years. This sector promotes as well as self regulates growers, industry, exporters, retailers and roasters.


Bulletproof Coffee

What is Bulletproof Coffee, How this will help in weight loss

What is Bulletproof Coffee – This type of coffee is branded as a beverage that contains upgraded black coffee that is blended with brain octane oil and grass fed butter. This recipe was produced by Dave Asprey who claimed that the coffee could boost weight loss and cognitive performance. As a result, bulletproof coffee has been taken by entrepreneurs in the Silicon Valley as well as sports people.




Gourmet Coffee

What is Gourmet coffee – Gourmet coffee is said to have no meaning. However, gourmet coffee is seen as a subjective definition that could refer to anything from a simple brew to a carefully timed, creative coffee brew. According to the Specialty Coffee Association of America, specialty coffee consists only 20 percent of all coffee produced across the world. Gourmet coffee may be defined by this top cream of crop. It is seen as a type of coffee that has characteristics of a superior flavor and growing methods, aspects that make is more costly compared to ordinary coffee.


This type of coffee makes a great treat for people who love coffee, but the term gourmet is not regulated. This means that any firm can add this title to its products irrespective of whether the claim is real or not.  The coffee can be roasted to medium, dark or light levels so that it acquires certain characteristics in terms of flavor or alter its caffeine content. Any roast can be termed as gourmet based on the bean quality and roasting process.  Mostly Programmable coffee machines prefer grounded gourmet coffee for better flavors.


Fair Trade Coffee

What is fair trade Coffee and how it help Farmers

The meaning of fair trade coffee is the coffee that has been certified as that which meets the standards stipulated by fair trade. Organizations that support fair trade develop trade partnerships based on transparency, dialogue and respect with the aim of promoting equity in the international trade. This type of trade supports better life directly for families that are engaged in coffee farming in developing countries.


This is done through environmental protection, fair prices as well community development. Farmers who support fair trade market their produce via long term, direct contracts to buyers internationally as they learn how to manage their coffee businesses and compete in a global market. The farmers get a fair price for their coffee, which enables them to take care of the education and health needs of their families as well as invest in quality coffee again. This form of empowerment makes trade a valuable tool for uplifting families from poverty and creates a sustainable and equitable international trade model for the benefit of consumers, producers and industries.

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